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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 14 Recap

Wen Kexing spoke harshly to Ye Baiyi. Ye Baiyi insisted on checking Zhou Zishu’s injury and persuading Zhou Zishu to receive treatment, otherwise his meridians would die. Even if the old master of the magic doctor valley is still alive, there is nothing he can do. Wen Kexing is very nervous and is very nervous to Zhou Zi. Shu Xihan asked Nuan, Ye Baiyi couldn’t get used to Wen Kexing’s piety, and the two fought violently when they didn’t agree. Zhou Zishu hurriedly stood up to stop it.

Ye Baiyi didn’t want to see Zhou Zishu’s oil run out and the lamp dwindled. Wen Kexing also wanted to see Zhou Zishu’s injury. Zhou Zishu untied his shirt, revealing the scars left by the seven orifices and three autumn nails. Ye Baiyi and Wen Kexing was stunned. I don’t know who invented such a tragic punishment. Zhou Zishu admitted that he made it.

Ye Baiyi couldn’t care about it, so he hurriedly called him into the room to get his pulse. Ye Baiyi did a careful inspection for Zhou Zishu to ensure that it would help him extend his life span for another ten years. He just wanted to abolish his martial arts and internal strength, otherwise he would get confused during the treatment. Zhou Zishu politely declined his kindness.

Zhou Zishu came to the pavilion in the lake in the rain. Wen Kexing followed and learned that he had two years left. Wen Kexing was very distressed and persuaded Zhou Zishu to accept Ye Baiyi’s treatment. Zhou Zishu did not hesitate to accept this for freedom. Torture, not wanting to abolish martial arts, and stealing a life, Wen Kexing didn’t want to lose his confidant, and couldn’t help crying. Zhou Zishu Qiang reluctantly gave Wen Kexing a severe lesson, and then drove away. The more Wen Kexing thought about it, the more sad he became. Seeing that his vengeance would be avenged, Zhou Zishu was about to leave him. Wen Kexing sat alone on the bridge and played a flute, letting the cold rain hit his face and body wantonly.

Gu Xiang returned to the Bo Qingsi, who was happy to mourn the ghost Luo Fu Meng, and learned that Gao Chong had brought people to bloodbath here, not only killed 47 Guigu disciples, but also captured Luo Fu Meng. Gu Xiang learned more about the seriously injured Zi Sha After the incident, he went to Wen Kexing to report to Wen Kexing in the rain all night. Wen Kexing was drenched, he turned a deaf ear to Gu Xiang’s words, still immersed in Zhou Zishu’s injury, unable to extricate himself, he couldn’t help but sigh up to the sky, feeling the injustice of fate, and then drift away.

After Aolaizi was killed, Qingsong took over as the head of the Taishan faction. He brought his disciples to Huang He for help, and begged Huang He to seek justice for Aolaizi. Huang He promised to summon the beggars to help the disciples. After eradicating the evil, Qing Song took the disciples away. Tao Hong Po and Lu Liu Weng persuade Huang He to openly fight Gao Chong. Although Huang He has the handle of Gao Chong, he still doesn’t want to head-on.

Luo Fumeng was locked up in the Great Prison of the Five Lakes League. Zhao Jing came to see her and saw that the former lover had become a female ghost who killed all the saddlers in the world. She was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. Luo Fumeng had not known her anymore. He, Zhao Jing was very disappointed and had to leave angrily.

Wen Kexing concluded that Gao Chong would not kill Luo Fu Meng for the time being, and wanted to keep her until the day when the Heroes’ Conference was held. He sent Liu Qianqiao and Yi Rongcheng Yu Qiu Feng to find out the whereabouts of Luo Fu Meng. Cao Weining’s brother, Cao Weixu, came to Yueyang to participate in the hero meeting. He just heard about Cao Weining’s hard pursuit of Gu Xiang and advised him to focus on business. Cao Weining made it clear that he was sincere to Gu Xiang, and he didn’t want to be like that. My uncle was lonely all his life. Cao Weining learned that Gu Xiang was unwell, so he rushed to visit without saying a word, and Cao Weixu was helpless.

Shen Shen brought his disciples to set up the hero meeting venue, and suddenly heard the wind gusts, and a lot of yellow paper was floating in the sky. He guessed that the people from Guigu were making trouble and ordered the disciples to be on guard. Huang He took the disciples of the beggar gang, and Qing Song took the Taishan disciple Pi Ma Dai Xiao to the door to ask the teacher, and the venue was completely messed up.

Liu Qianqiao came to Shen Shen like Qiu Feng, and when he learned that Shen Shen was not there, he insisted on going in and begging for a cup of tea. When Yueyang sent his disciples to learn that someone was going to make trouble at the venue, he immediately rushed out to support him. Liu Qianqiao took the opportunity to find the place where Luofumeng was imprisoned. When he met the real Yu Qiufeng, Liu Qianqiao took out the glazed armor and gave it to Yu Qiufeng. , Begged him to help rescue Luo Fu Meng, Yu Qiufeng promised to go to prison to save people, and persuaded her to leave the Yueyang faction as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

Qingsong called on the disciples to seek revenge on Shen Shen. Shen Shen insisted that Aolaizi was killed by Guigu. Qinghua clearly remembered that when Master Aolaizi was killed, Wuchanggui repeatedly claimed that Shen Shen was entrusted to kill Ao. Laizi, he still had to cut all the disciples of the Taishan faction from the roots. Qinghua rushed up to fight the impermanence ghost and was severely injured. Qinghua escaped and returned to the Taishan faction to report.

Shen Shen defended in every possible way, Huang He stood up to testify against Shen Shen, Qingfeng elder Fan Huaikong defended Shen Shen, questioning Qinghua’s testimony is inaccurate, wanting to wait for Gao Chong to preside over justice, Wen Kexing sits in a nearby pavilion to watch the excitement, Zhou Zishu disguise Dress up and mix in the crowd. Gao Chong rushed over afterwards, first of all affirming that Ao Laizi gave up his life for justice, and was killed only to escort Zhang Chengling.

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