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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 7 Recap

Jiang Yuelou, the director and the others went to listen to the song. Boss Yu suddenly saw the watch that Director Bai was wearing. He concealed his emotions and stepped off the stage. Jiang Yuelou saw Chen Yuzhi go out for a stroll through the excuse that he was too bored and ran out. Jiang Yuelou stopped him and wanted to talk to him, but he didn’t pay much attention to Jiangyuelou.

Mayor Cai urged the police station to investigate the case. As soon as he hung up the phone, Jiang Yuelou came to see the director. The director asked Jiang Yuelou about the situation. He said that the enemy was secretive and we had to wait for the opportunity. Mayor Cai is not a patient person, and there is not much time left for Jiang Yuelou. Almost all of the information brought back from the casino was unrecognizable and there were no valuable clues.

Jiangyue Tower had already been placed under the net to stare at. All he can do now is to wait for Wang Meng to appear and find the new hiding place of Golden Horse Hall. Wu Shu is the evidence of contact with them. Jiang Yuelou felt that one more thing was even more difficult. The mysterious man who killed Wu Shuwei still didn’t know who it was. The director interrupted him very anxiously. The most important thing now is that the evidence of Wu Shuwei’s crime has passed Mayor Cai’s pass.

Director Bai found Keying, and he told Jiang Yuelou about the incident, but he could not confirm whether it was because she was crazy and had arranged for her No. 5 ship to return. He decided to confirm his identity as soon as possible and then tell Chen Yuzhi. If he was given hope, it would not be this kind of blow in the end, and he might not be able to bear it.

In the evening, Chen Yuzhi came to send cats to Jiangyuelou, and Jiangyuelou asked him to stay at home on the fifth no matter what he was doing. Chen Yuzhi was puzzled. Boss Yu remembered what happened when he was a child. It turned out that when his mother was killed, he saw the watch on the hand of the visitor. No wonder he would recognize it at a glance.

Because Director Bai listened to the play performed by Boss Yu that night, and gave him a good comment, and invited him to sing. Taking this opportunity, Boss Yu checked the watch. It was indeed the watch worn by the person who killed his mother. He learned from Director Bai that it was a birthday gift from Uncle Bai to Director Bai. , And then the two sang a song of Farewell My Concubine.

When the 5th arrived, Jiang Yuelou went to the dock to confirm Keying’s identity. Keying was afraid that strangers would not let him approach. Under the persuasion of the older sister who brought her back, Keying lifted the tulle covering Keying’s face. The little girl was indeed Keying. Ke Ying was disobedient, tried to escape, annoyed the person who bought her, was poured hot water, and her brain was broken. Her current mind is probably only a few years old.

Sun Yongren wanted to take a look at the reunion of Dr. Chen with his sister, and ran into Dr. Chen who wanted to go out. Sun Yongren couldn’t dissuade him and had to tell the reason why Jiang Yuelou asked him to wait at home. The two came to this small restaurant that they usually visit to eat Chaos. Doctor Chen looked around, hoping to see his sister.

Finally, Dr. Chen couldn’t sit still anymore, got up and ran away to have a look, and Sun Yongren also chased after him. Jiang Yuelou took Keying to Chen Yuzhi’s house by car. Keying still remembered some things about her brother, and remembered that there was a cat in vain. Chen Yuzhi braved the heavy rain to find Keying. Jiang Yuelou and others encountered an attacker on the way. Someone deliberately came out and pretended to be hit. Jiang Yuelou let people go down and have a look, and there was a gunfight.

Jiang Yuelou asked Keying not to go out in the car. She got out of the car and chased the enemy. After chasing for a certain distance, he shot at the car from above. The car caught fire instantly. The fire was too big. Jiangyuelou could not save Keying. Up. At this time, Doctor Chen arrived. He wanted to go to save his sister. Jiang Yuelou stopped him and the car exploded.

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