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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 9 Recap

After experiencing the rest of his life, Zeng Zhixiang suddenly figured out a lot, and his relationship with his family is gradually improving. Xing Yaoping came to supervise Zeng Zhixiang and Dong Chunxiang on the order of his father, but was moved by Dong Chunxiang’s feelings for the third child, so he supported them to go on bravely, regardless of any difficulties or setbacks.

Because of Xing Yaoping’s encouragement, Dong Chunxiang took the initiative to confess to Zeng Zhixiang, but he unexpectedly refused, claiming that their love can only be considered perfect when they are blessed by their elders. Recently, business in car repair shops has been bleak. Zeng Jianguo brought Lao Ni to the car shop to help, encouraging everyone not to get discouraged. As long as they get through this period of time, they will be able to get ahead, and promised to give bonus red envelopes to everyone at that time.

Lao Zeng wanted to promote Zeng Zhixiang and Fan Yuqing, but Zeng Zhiting hoped that she would not mess with the mandarin ducks. Fan Yuqing is a rich lady, and the two are wrong. Old Zeng was overjoyed and planned to make this good marriage, but Dong Chunxiang had a complicated expression. Zeng Zhixiang explained Ganga’s embarrassment when sending Dong Chunxiang. Dong Chunxiang thought he and Fan Yuqing were very suitable, and hoped that Zeng Zhixiang would find someone who understands him.

Zeng Zhiling sold her studio for money. Yaoping was very touched when she learned about it. Zeng Zhiling recalled how old Zenghan had worked so hard to raise everyone up, and she didn’t want him to worry about it now, because after the studio was sold, there was still a small amount of money. Zeng Zhiling decided Ask Zeng Zhixiang for help.

Yaoping delivered food to Zeng Zhiting, worried that Zeng Zhidong’s affairs would be discovered. Zeng Zhiting decided to take the old Zeng to live at home, but the divorce between the two could not be announced yet, so Yaoping wanted to move back home.

Lao Zeng packed up his luggage and prepared to return to his old house. Yaoping mentioned that the community should engage in a harmonious family appraisal. The requirement is that three generations live in the same house. When Lao Zeng heard this, he was very interested in the appraisal. He packed his luggage and lived in Zeng Zhiting’s house.

Zeng Zhiting finds Zeng Zhixiang to borrow money. Zeng Zhixiang is angry that her second brother is tit-for-tat to herself and asks him to borrow money by himself. Zeng Zhiting was angry and got up and left. Zeng Zhixiang didn’t dare to disobey her sister and immediately admitted to counseling and asked Zeng Zhidong the amount owed.

Zeng Zhiling and Zeng Zhidong were discussing about finding a job. Zeng Zhiling received the news that the money was credited. Zeng Zhidong knew that Zeng Zhiting had asked Zeng Zhixiang to borrow money for herself. Zeng Zhiling persuaded him to close the front.

Before being discharged from the hospital, Lao Zeng thanked Director Ping for his care, and then gave Lao Niu sunflowers. Lao Niu buried his head in the pillow and shed tears, reluctant to leave him.

Lao Zeng followed his children to Zeng Zhiting’s house, and immediately became angry when he saw the furnishings in the home, thinking that there was no life in the house, and decided to return to the old house to get something. As soon as the children heard this, they were immediately fooled, and everyone decided to start a family meeting.

Zeng Zhiting gave Lao Zeng three chapters. First, he can only drink twice a week. Second, go home before 8 o’clock every day and go to bed before 10 o’clock. Third, I can’t exercise vigorously and Yaoping walks with him. Lao Zeng asked about the remote control at home. Yaoping didn’t know the remote control if he didn’t live at home. Zeng Zhiting didn’t know either. Lao Zeng questioned the days of the couple. Zeng Zhiting and Yaoping directly fooled around. In the evening, Zeng Zhiting walked out of the bathroom in her pajamas as usual, and returned to the bathroom to change clothes after seeing Yaoping.

Lao Zeng was not used to using the smart toilet and made his clothes wet. Yaoping immediately went upstairs to help Lao Zeng. Zeng Zhiting was so scared that he immediately put away the sheets and quilts that Yaoping was about to lay on the floor. After a while, Zeng Zhiting and his wife laid out the floor. Old Zeng once again helped Yaoping, and Zeng Zhiting once again hurriedly cleaned up. In the evening, the two men mentioned about the car dealership. They suspected that Zeng Zhixiang and Dong Chunxiang were not simple. Although Zeng Zhiting was suspicious, they believed that they were very different in age and it should be impossible to be together.

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