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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 8 Recap

As the debt repayment date is approaching, however, Zeng Zhidong has not been able to get it together. Every day, Zeng Zhidong travels to various places with his fourth sister, returning empty-handed every time, feeling anxious and repenting of his previous impulse. Zeng Zhidong thought about going to jail to pay off his debts, but when he learned that the old house was inevitably lucky, he was upset in his heart and knew he was ashamed of everyone.

Professor Mao has been teaching and educating people throughout his life. Students are spread all over the world, and there are even many well-known doctors with extraordinary capabilities. However, she was even stressed by naming Zeng Zhiting to perform the operation. Considering that this operation cannot be lost, Zeng Zhiting decided to stay in the hospital temporarily and entrust her father to Xing Yaoping’s care in advance.

Zeng Jianguo repeated his old tricks and pretended to have a poor appetite in front of Xing Yaoping, but he sneaked into the kitchen to eat ham sausage shortly after he left. At the same time, Zeng Zhidong decided to borrow money from Dong Chunxiang in order to keep his old house, and even made a shameful plan. Unexpectedly, he and his younger sister were about to go to a car repair shop. Suddenly, he received a call from his older brother-in-law Xing Yaoping, claiming The remaining two hundred and fifty thousand had been prepared, and the brothers and sisters were shocked when they heard the news.

Lao Ni knew about the difficulties of the Zeng family, so he was willing to take the initiative to come to Xing Yaoping and send him 200,000 yuan in emergency. Xing Yaoping was overjoyed and took Zeng Zhidong’s brother and sister to the hotel to pay the compensation. Seeing that the money was made up, it meant that the old house did not need to be sold, and everyone was finally relieved.

Zeng Jianguo was very moved when he learned that Lao Ni had contributed money and efforts. Just as Zeng Jianguo repeatedly thanked Lao Ni for his rescue, he did not expect that Lao Niu had recovered and was discharged from the hospital, so he took the initiative to ask him to play with him. Xing Yaoping came to the square to convey the payment of compensation. He unexpectedly heard that the son-in-law was actually the head of the Xinke Group, so he agreed to go to the banquet without hesitation.

At the dinner table, Xing Yaoping and Zeng Jianguo cooperated tacitly, and the two took turns to toast President Wang. As a result, Lao Ni was self-defeating and directly knocked him out. In the end, Mr. Wang took the initiative to withdraw the lawsuit and refund all the debts. Zeng Zhidong couldn’t believe it. The long suppressed haze was finally wiped out. Zeng Jianguo immediately asked Xing Yaoping to have a drink to celebrate.

Because he had promised Brother Tiger at the beginning, Zeng Zhixiang needed to go to another place. Before leaving, he sent a message to Dong Chunxiang and apologized, hoping that she would first withdraw money from her account to her family. However, Zeng Zhixiang was the first to set out to explore the way, and he suffered a tragic accident because of his uncertainty.

A car on the opposite side ran into a rampage. Zeng Zhixiang caused the brakes to fail in order to dodge. He was about to roll down the hill and reverse the direction at a critical moment. However, it was due to a momentary negligence that the people led the car and turned down the road. Dong Chunxiang received the call from Brother Hu and rushed to the local area immediately, and by the way notified Zeng Zhiling to inform everyone.

At the same time, Zeng Zhidong, Zeng Zhiling, and Fan Yuqing all set off one after another. Although Zeng Zhiting also wanted to follow, considering that Zeng Jianguo did not know the matter, if they all left, they would definitely cause suspicion. Xing Yaodong told Zeng Zhiting to stay and see her father first, and he hurried to the place where the incident occurred.

Dong Chunxiang arrived one step earlier. Due to the limited medical conditions in the local area, he contacted his old classmates to arrange a transfer. On the way to the hospital, the three women gathered here because of Zeng Zhixiang. Even though the atmosphere was a little strange, their destinations were the same. In the ambulance, Zeng Zhixiang slowly opened his eyes, and was stunned to see his second brother by his side. Zeng Zhixiang sighed with emotion and instructed the second brother not to let his father know that Zeng Zhidong changed his normal state, calmed his emotions patiently, and showed the photos sent by Zeng Zhiling, alongside Dong Chunxiang and Fan Yuqing.

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