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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 7 Recap

Since the end of the family banquet, Zeng Jianguo’s life has not changed much. He still doesn’t hear things outside the window. He walks when he should bend, and even calms a little strangely. The truth makes Xing Yaoping mutter in his heart. Considering that the Zeng family could not accept himself and the car dealership was broken, Dong Chunxiang couldn’t bear to put Zeng Zhixiang in a dilemma, so he decided to quit and sent a text message to Zeng Zhiting, clearly stating that he would not become a destroyer of a harmonious family.

Zeng Zhiting replied to the message with thanks, and asked her about Zeng Zhixiang’s whereabouts, and then relayed it to her father. At this time, Zeng Zhixiang was like a tortoise with his head shrunk, hiding in the bar drunk, Fan Yuqing took the initiative to call, and it happened that the person who answered the call was the bar owner.

After asking for the specific address, Fan Yuqing instructed his assistant Xiaoyu to switch to the bar and bring the hangover Zeng Zhixiang back to the hotel to rest and take care of him all night. In the early morning of the next day, Fan Yuqing saw that Zeng Zhixiang was okay, so she was finally relieved and left the hotel early to return to the company. Before leaving, she left a post-it note. Zeng Zhixiang woke up and saw the content on the post-it note. She felt a little bit about her contribution. Helpless.

Although Zeng Zhiting and Xing Yaoping sleep in separate beds according to the agreement, the habit of getting along for many years has caused her to repeat her past behavior unconsciously. Especially when I got up in the middle of the night and got up in the bathroom, I went to bed in a daze and hugged Xing Yaoping. I slept very sweetly, but Xing Yaoping was awakened by her actions.

For the first time after the divorce, Xing Yaoping slept in the same bed, and Xing Yaoping felt a lot of emotion. He recalled the sweetness of the two when they first got married, and what made each other go further and further away. Zeng Zhiting woke up and realized that she was in bed, so she was shocked by force and sneaked back to the small bed to rest. Xing Yaoping opened her eyes calmly and let tears wet the pillow.

Zeng Jianguo asked Xing Yaoping to drive him back to his old house to pick up things, just in time to catch up with Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhiling to go out. The legal counsel of Zhuo Mina Hotel came to the door in person, wanted to come to deal with the pre-litigation property preservation matters, and explained the relevant terms to Zeng Jianguo with great patience, claiming that during the property preservation period, the old house cannot conduct any transfer transactions.

Zeng Zhidong suddenly thought of an important thing, that is, the ownership of the old house. It seems that he has never heard Zeng Jianguo personally mention it in recent years, so he felt a little bad, especially when he received a call from Lao Cui and learned of legal work. The personnel came to freeze the property and hurried back to the old house, but it was too late.

Seeing that things couldn’t be kept secret anymore, Zeng Zhidong took the initiative to admit his mistake. Zeng Jianguo asked Xing Yaoping to call everyone back for a meeting, specifically explaining that the old house belonged to the property of his deceased wife Fan Liping. After the divorce, he transferred the house to Zeng Zhidong’s name, hoping to keep it for a while miss you. As the voice fell, Zeng Jianguo took the initiative to take out the house book and instructed Zeng Zhiting and his wife to find a way to sell the old house. The money was divided into six parts to give to their children and grandchildren. From now on, they would never interfere in anything with them.

When everyone saw this, they were speechless and did not know how to respond. Zeng Jianguo threatened with a hunger strike. Unless he sold his house, he would never buy half a grain of rice. Zeng Zhiting’s persuasion was fruitless, so he could only hand over the heavy task to Xing Yaoping, who would come forward in person. However, Zeng Jianguo was stubborn and Xing Yaoping took the initiative to ask Lao Ni for help. Sure enough, Lao Ni’s long talk caused Zeng Jianguo to stop the hunger strike, and Xing Yaoping admired him so much.

As Zeng Zhiting’s postgraduate tutor, Professor Mao is now suffering from terminal cancer, so she was appointed to perform surgery on herself. Brother Tiger asked Zeng Zhixiang for help, and wanted him to be the leader of the outdoor self-driving activity. Zeng Zhixiang agreed without thinking. Then Brother Tiger called Dong Chunxiang to indicate that the matter was done.

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