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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 11 Recap

Although the operation was fairly smooth and there was no difference during the period, but because Professor Mao was old and she was in the terminal stage of cancer, she did not improve in the end, but worsened. Zeng Zhiting and Professor Mao’s relationship is extremely deep, and it is difficult to accept this fact. Zeng Jianguo brought his children to the hospital to visit. Taking into account the emotions of the elder daughter, he tried to take care of Professor Mao for her.

In the corridor of the hospital, Zeng Zhixiang saw his father’s figure, so he quickly turned his wheelchair to chase him, and called him from behind. Hearing the voice, Zheng Jianguo quickly turned around and came to the youngest third. This scene happened to be seen by Zeng Zhiting, and witnessed the father and son’s heart knot finally opened.

Dong Chunxiang asked Zeng Zhixiang to talk to Fan Yuqing about cooperation. Now the market is highly competitive, and if you relax, you will lose the market. Zeng Zhixiang is willing to talk to Fan Yuqing about official business, who knows that Fan Yuqing actually made an appointment at the hotel where Zeng Zhixiang works. After the two talked about their cooperation, Fan Yuqing wanted Zeng Zhixiang to be her boyfriend. Zeng Zhixiang stated that she had a girlfriend.

Although the other party did not agree, she believed her in her heart. At this time, Zeng Zhidong passed by with a gloomy face. Zeng Zhixiang was worried about Zeng Zhidong’s fundraising situation. He called Zeng Zhiling and explained that if the compensation was insufficient, he could still help.

Fan Yuqing gave Zeng Zhixiang’s phone album to open it. It turns out that Fan Yuqing has been paying attention to him since 2015. So far Zeng Zhixiang has participated in the self-driving tour, Fan Yuqing has also participated. Although she does not want other people to surround him, she has been paying attention to him silently. , Even Zeng Zhixiang’s family situation is very well understood. Zeng Zhixiang did not expect Fan Yuqing’s good intentions, and the sudden situation caught him off guard.

Zeng Zhiling found a job under the introduction of a friend, and called Zeng Zhidong to report the situation. She was so happy that she did not see Mr. Li who was delivering the food. Instead, Mr. Li put on a helmet when she saw her.

Zeng Zhiting and Yaoping discussed about Zeng Zhixiang and Fan Yuqing. Zeng Zhixiang graduated from a technical school, and Fan Yuqing studied abroad. No matter how popular the car dealership is, the family property of Fan Yuqing will not be as popular. The gap between the two will grow and the gap may fall. At the end of a divorce, Yaoping felt complicated when he heard these words, muttering that the situation of the two was different from them, because the two had children, the ocean.

Lao Zeng made a large table of food to make up for Zeng Zhiting’s birthday, and invited Dong Chunxiang and Fan Yuqing to attend. After the meal, Lao Zeng thanked Dong Chunxiang for taking care of Zeng Zhixiang by making up his birthday. Dong Chunxiang is Zeng Zhixiang’s wife and elder. Lao Zeng was happy with the growth of his children and brought together Zeng Zhixiang and Fan Yuqing. Unexpectedly, Zeng Zhixiang got up and introduced Dong Chunxiang as his girlfriend to everyone, and everyone was stunned. Lao Zeng called Zeng Zhixiang into the house to ask about the situation. Zeng Zhixiang vowed that Dong Chunxiang would not marry him. The angry Lao Zeng slapped him, and Zeng Zhixiang refused to recognize him.

Zeng Zhixiang and Dong Chunxiang returned to the car shop together, and Dong Chunxiang asked him to go back and apologize to Lao Zeng. At this time, the technician went upstairs and told Zeng Zhixiang to come down. Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhiling were waiting below. Zeng Zhixiang didn’t want to talk about dinner anymore. Zeng Zhiling was angry that Zeng Zhixiang broke up the house and pulled him back. Zeng Zhixiang missed Zeng Zhiling and slapped Zeng Zhiling. After seeing this, Zeng Zhidong rushed forward and beat Zeng Zhixiang. To prevent the two brothers from fighting, Zeng Zhiting stated that Zeng Zhixiang would not want to be home for a woman, and she would never agree to it.

Zeng Zhiting accompanied Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhiling back to the old house, hoping that they would not talk about Zeng Zhixiang and Dong Chunxiang’s affairs in the face of Lao Zeng. Zeng Zhiling was worried about Zeng Zhixiang’s situation, and when she saw Zeng Zhidong’s sullen face, she immediately changed her mind and worried about him. In the evening, Zeng Zhiling sat on the balcony to confess, thinking that she should not go to the car shop today, Zeng Zhidong comforted Zeng Zhiling.

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