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Use For My Talent (2021) 我亲爱的小洁癖

Use For My Talent (2021)
Other Title: 我亲爱的小洁癖, Cleaning, Clean with Passion For Now, Enthusiastic Cleaning, Cleaning Elve, 热情的扫扫吧, My Dear Neat Freak, Wo qin ai de xiao jie pi, Neat Freaks, Re Qing De Sao Sao Ba, 热情的清扫吧, My Dear Neat Freak

Genres: Friendship, Business, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Cai Cong
Mango TV
Release Date: 
Mar 10, 2021
Related Show:
Clean With Passion For Now (Korean adaptation)


  • Shen Yue as Shi Suangjiao
  • Jasper Liu as Gu Renqi
  • Dai Yun Fan as Lu Xian
  • Yan An as Shi Junjie
  • Su Meng Di as Zhu Yan
  • Lin Bai Rui as Li Dongxian
  • Huang Si Rui as Wang Jiejie
  • Tan Quan as Wu Wan
  • Xiao Ran as Hu Yu

Because of his incomplete family, Gu Renqi has a closed up personality and mysophobia. Shuang Jiao used to have a happy family, but later lost her mother in a car accident, and became a slovenly person. The two became acquainted when Shuang Jiao becomes an employee in Gu Renqi’s cleaning company. The two became closer as they get to know each other. Under each other’s influence, they began to heal from their wounds.

All is going well until Shuang Jiao finds out that her mother’s death is related to Gu Renqi’s grandfather. Because of guilt, Gu Renqi breaks up with Shen Jiao. However police investigation proved that the car accident is instigated by the driver employed by the Gu family, who framed Gu Renqi’s grandfather. With the misunderstanding resolved, Shuang Jiao and Gu Renqi get back together.

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