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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 22 Recap

Zhang Fengzai dressed up in disguise, said that his pen name was “Treading People” to deceive Liu Mei, and avoided Yannian and Xingang to interview the mutual aid agency on the grounds that he wanted to hide his identity as a reporter. He Mengxiong has no liking for Zhang Fengzai, but Zhang Fengzai pretended to be smiling and asked about the family background and motivation of the 13 members. The outspoken Yi Qunxian said that Liu Mei’s father was a business tycoon, and that Yannian was her boyfriend, which made Zhang Fengzai interested.

The Workers’ Night School officially opened at Peking University. Professors and scholars such as Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Lu Xun and others came here to teach the workers literacy. Yi Qunxian and Xie Wanying in front of the Peking Union Women’s College were selling movie tickets, and Yu Xiusong learned that two had been sold. Hundreds of tickets were grateful to invite them to dinner, but Xie Wanying smiled so brilliantly that she invited everyone to dinner after the movie.

Zhang Fengzai told Zhang Changli that Chen Duxiu’s two sons were working in a work-study mutual aid agency and wanted to achieve a communist wife. Zhang Changli brought Zhang Fengzai to Lin Shu late at night. Zhang Fengzai happily told Lin Shu about the work-study mutual aid agency, saying that it was an offensive behavior, and also told Lin Shu about Li Dazhao’s establishment of a propaganda group.

Lin Shuqi’s shooting arose, and he was very dissatisfied with Zhang Changli’s failure to impeach Cai Yuanpei. Zhang Changli comforted the teacher. Councillor Yi Kuilong’s daughter Yi Qunxian also joined the mutual aid agency. He would take the opportunity of Xu Shichang’s request to purge Beijing during the Paris Peace Conference to once again ask for the removal of Cai Yuanpei, Chen Duxiu and others.

Zhang Changli told Yi Kuilong about the fact that Yi Qun first joined the Mutual Aid Association. He also falsely accused the Mutual Aid Association as a means by Cai Yuanpei and Chen Duxiu to deceive young people, and asked Yi Kuilong to help him pass the proposal to dismiss Cai Yuanpei, for the sake of his daughter Yi Kuilong. promise.

When Cai Yuanpei came to see Xu Shichang, Xu Shichang’s face was serious, and he waved his hand to call Cai Yuanpei to the front, actually trying to tell him and Peking University. Xu Shichang said that the Republic of China was participating in the Paris event, and ordered him to manage the teachers and students of Peking University, not to make any extravagances, and to show him the table full of complaints.

Cai Yuanpei came to Wang Daxie’s place, and the two embraced and greeted cordially. Wang Daxie is very helpless at the position he has set up right now. Cai Yuanpei also tells of his tragic situation when he was called to speak with Xu Shichang early in the morning. Cai Yuanpei believes that China’s visit to Paris is the fruit of enjoying the victory, and why it has become a sensitive period. Wang Daxie’s four-nation meeting in the United States, Britain, France, and Italy can only send two representatives to the meeting when China’s interests are involved, but the Chinese side has not been able to attend the meeting at all in the past ten days.

Cai Yuanpei keenly felt that the problem of the Shandong Peninsula might be difficult to solve. In a hotel in Paris, France, Wang Zhengting reprimanded Wilson for speaking beautifully, but he didn’t show up, just trying to avoid the limelight. For several days after Lu Zhengxiang was not seen by ministers from various countries, Chinese people kept sending posts asking for the cancellation of 21 Articles. Lu Zhengxiang went to Switzerland on the excuse of being sick.

Cai Yuanpei returned to the office of Peking University, exhausted and distressed. As soon as he slowed his feet, the Congress’ notice of inquiry was sent over, saying that he would discuss the proposal to dismiss Cai Yuanpei next week. Cai Yuanpei patted the table angrily and walked out. “Shenzhou Daily” published an article about the new youth obsessed with Western cults and organized a mutual aid agency to implement communism, which shocked Yannian.

The colleagues in the liberal arts office of Peking University read Lin Shu’s articles that satirized Chen Duxiu, Qian Xuantong, and Hu Shi as Hu Shi, and they didn’t care about it. Cai Yuanpei came in with Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao, and sternly explained the slander and slander of Peking University by various newspapers and periodicals. Cai Yuanpei also told everyone the advice and questions he received today. At the same time, both the North and South governments were attacking Peking University back and forth. This was obviously a premeditated plan.

Cai Yuanpei sent a letter to Lin Shu and sincerely invited him to write an inscription for Liu Yingqiu’s poem, which meant to show that the dispute was only an academic discussion between the old and the new parties, and would not affect everyone’s personal relationships. But he also said that tolerance and kindness are not unlimited. He is very dissatisfied with Lin Shu’s murderous novel and the rude behavior of Zhang Changli and other members of Congress.

He knows that this is the time for a decisive battle. Lu Xun decided to write another novel, he must compare with Lin Shu. Chen Duxiu would never allow these people to stifle the New Culture Movement in the cradle. He was determined to start a tit-for-tat battle with the old forces in the four publications, and asked Li Dazhao to organize students to strengthen their speeches.

Lin Shu looked at Cai Yuanpei’s letter inviting the inscription, and felt that Cai Yuanpei was generous and wanted to withdraw the article “Demon Dream” that directly attacked Cai Yuanpei. Zhang Changli and Zhang Fengzai tried their best. Money matters little and personality is big. They cannot bear the reputation of complaining and rewarding morality, but his cultural stand will never change. He decided to go back to the novel and wrote another open letter to denounce Cai Yuanpei, Chen Duxiu and others. Zhang Fengzai stopped Zhang Changli, and Zhang Fengzai decided to write to Cai Yuanpei to tell him that “Demon Dream” could not be chased back, and then put some eyedrops on him to provoke him to completely break with Lin Shu.

Everyone in the mutual aid agency discussed this distorted article, and Liu Mei was already in tears. She did not know why such a report appeared. He Mengxiong was very unfavorable for the reporter who visited twice. He only stared at the content he liked, especially the personal questions asked by Yannian Liu Mei, but he didn’t care about the constructive points of his classmates. However, Yi Qunxian and Shi Cuntong felt that this article was so targeted and it happened to promote the name of the mutual aid agency, which also had a positive meaning.

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