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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 18 Recap

On Christmas Day, they got together to eat hot pot. Zhang Yang painted mangoes on his shirt in the dormitory ahead of time, with the big word “sorry” written underneath. He sat next to Zhou Jingmang while eating hot pot and turned around to let her see the word. Zhou Jingmang was stunned. In these few seconds, the hot pot restaurant tripped, the light suddenly went dark, and someone in the restaurant mustered the courage to confess. Zhang Yang quietly leaned in Zhou Jingmang’s ear and said an apology. Before Zhou Jingmang could react, Zhang Yang put another apple on her plate. After the lights came on, Zhou Jingmang lied that he had just picked up the apples from the self-service counter.

After eating, they played outside. Zhuang Jie told Zhang Yang that he was going to study abroad, and Zhang Yang said that he might have an art exam, but not an art university, but a comprehensive university. When he said this, he looked at Zhou Jingmang, maybe he wanted to share a school with Zhou Jingmang. This Christmas, Li Yuxiang realized that Zhou Jingmang did not like him, so he was willing to quit. One morning after Christmas, Zhang Yang and Zhou Jingmang had a morning study together. Teacher Zhou asked them to go to the office with him. Zhang Yang was worried that Zhou Jingmang was afraid and did not let her go in with him.

Teacher Zhou’s request was that he scored more than 100 points in English in the final exam, and Zhou Jingmang continued to maintain her score. Otherwise, he would call Zhou Jingmang’s parents and give him punishment. Zhang Yang agreed, and Zhou Jingmang went to Teacher Shi to change her seat after learning about it, because she wanted to help Zhang Yang with tuition. Teacher Shi said something to her and gave Zhou Jingmang a lollipop as a reward for her winning the first place in the class last time. Soon, the notice of the change of seats was delivered, and Yu Huitong was very angry when she saw that Zhang Yang was about to become Zhou Jingmang’s tablemate.

Last time Yu Huitong’s words made him a little worried. He was worried that he would not be able to enter the university and Zhou Jingmang would not be friends with him because of this, so he asked Zhou Jingmang about this. Zhou Jingmang did not answer directly, she said he would definitely enter the university. Every day after that, Zhou Jingmang helped Zhang Yang with tutoring. Zhang Yang made great progress and took the initiative to raise his hand in class to answer Teacher Zhou’s questions. After the tuition was over, Shen Weiwei suggested going to Zhang Yang’s rented house to make food. Zhou Jingmang, who was not a good cook, made some dishes with a bad hue. Taking into account her self-esteem, Zhang Yang insisted on eating the dishes she made. Finish.

That night, Zhang Yang had trouble with his stomach and got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. On the second day of school, Zhou Jingmang waited for the bus at the bus stop, bowing his head whether he wanted to wait for Zhang Yang, the car had already left. Zhang Yang came over. He said that he had something to do during the holiday, so he couldn’t call her. Zhou Jingmang was very disappointed and had nothing to say to him. Seeing this, Zhang Yang felt relieved, and said that he would call her during the Chinese New Year, and Zhou Jingmang smiled again. In 2015, when Yu Huitong left them alone, Zhang Yang wanted to get up and leave, Zhou Jingmang hugged him regardless.

Zhou Jingmang cried and said that she had been looking for him. After hesitating for a while, Zhang Yang also hugged her back. In the past five years, Zhou Jingmang has been doing only two things, one is writing novels, and the other is looking for him. Now it seems that both things are about to be completed. Zhou Jingmang took Zhang Yang to meet other people. The surprise they prepared for him was a ballet, but Zhang Yang told them that he would never be able to dance because of a broken ligament. Everyone was shocked.

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