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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 17 Recap

In the autumn of 2008, Zhang Yang arbitrarily helped Zhou Jingmang sign up for the 200m race. He also withdrew from the competition and wrote Li Yuxiang’s name. Zhou Jingmang said angrily that he would go to train with Li Yuxiang. After that, Zhou Jingmang began to train with Li Yuxiang, Zhang Yang shot himself in the foot with a rock, and suffered a bitter face. On the day of the match, Zhou Jingmang’s game started. At first, she rushed forward and the surrounding students were cheering for her.

When she saw Zhang Yang, she was relieved for a while and passed out directly in front of the finish line. Zhang Yang immediately ran over. Take her to the infirmary. Zhou Jingmang, who was already awake, pretended not to wake up, until she thought that Zhang Yang was going to do something to her, she jumped up in horror.

Zhang Yang gave her the novel and told her that the doctor said she was all right. There is a celebration party tonight. Shen Winghuan dressed Zhou Jingmang. Zhou Jingmang lent her skirt to wear and put on a red sweater on her upper body. When they finished their haircut, they realized that the haircut seemed not quite right to the one written in the book, but time was too late, so they went straight to the celebration party with curly hair.

The position next to Zhang Yang was reserved for Zhou Jingmang, and even Zhuang Jie didn’t let him sit, but Yu Huitong came and sat down directly. Zhang Yang got up and went next to Zhou Jingmang, but was boarded by Li Yuxiang quickly. Zhang Yang called Zhou Jingmang out and complained about her ugly hairstyle, but he gave Zhou Jingmang a hat and took pictures with her with his mobile phone because he noticed that Zhou Jingmang was also wearing a red sweater.

Zhou Jingmang and Shen Yanhuan had a party with Qin Zhen. It was ready for Christmas. Zhou Jingmang was unwilling to buy Zhang Yang apples, saying that he would at least wait for him to apologize to himself before buying them. Shen Winghuai and Zhou Jingmang came out, and when they encountered early morning, Shen Winghuai took Zhou Jingmang away without saying a word. Early morning gave Ping Anguo to Shen Yinghua, but she refused, and early morning mistakenly thought she looked down on herself. Zhou Jingmang was preparing to pack apples for Zhang Yang in the dormitory.

After Shen Wei came back, she felt embarrassed, pretending to be eating apples, and took a bite of the apples she was going to give to Zhang Yang. Seeing the book and wrapping paper on the table, Shen Yinghuan just smiled, seeing it through and not telling it. Li Yuxiang learned that Zhou Jingmang was going to clean the playground with Wei Chen, so he took the initiative to help Wei Chen on duty. Zhuang Jie accidentally heard it and immediately told Zhang Yang the news.

Early in the morning, Zhang Yang waited for Li Yuxiang and took away the duty armband in his hand. He silently followed Zhou Jingmang and saw that she was almost splashed by water, Zhang Yang pushed her away. Zhang Yang asked if she had prepared a gift for herself, Zhou Jingmang was going to buy it for him, and Zhang Yang didn’t need it. Zhou Jingmang didn’t know whether to send it or not for a while, so he asked Zhuang Jie, and Zhuang Jie said that he would send it if he wanted to.

Zhou Jingmang went to the stall outside the school to buy apples, but there were no more apples, only an extra apple pendant. Yu Huitong gave Zhang Yang a crystal apple. Zhang Yang seemed very happy when he heard Zhuang Jie said that Zhou Jingmang was going to give him a gift. He mistakenly thought that the crystal apple was given by Zhou Jingmang, and later learned that she was going to give it to him. Own is an apple pendant.

Shen Lili casually said to Zhou Jingmang that the quality of this pendant was not very good, so he was heard in the early morning, clenched his fists in the early morning, and seemed a little angry. In 2015, Zhang Yang returned home, remembering what Zhou Jingmang had just said in the karaoke hall, Zhang Yang took out the USB flash drive and looked at the contents. The next day, Yu Huitong went to school to work overtime, and by the way gave Zhang Yang’s parents a gift. Zhang Yang’s mother praised Huitong in front of Zhang Yang, and Zhang Yang took the initiative to find her at the school, but Zhou Jingmang was waiting for herself there.

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