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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 33 Recap

The city gate was knocked open, and the army rushed into Lin’an city, but at this time the bandits had been fortified for a whole night and were exhausted. When they reacted, all the city gates had been breached. Fang Tianlei stopped Chen Fan and asked him to deliver the watermelon. Out of town. Watermelon heard about the war and immediately rushed to find Fang Tianlei. Ning Yi couldn’t stop her at all. At this time, Fang Tianlei was planning to take out all the gunpowder and Dong Daofu desperately, who knew that some gunpowder was soaked in a heavy rain overnight.

The officers and soldiers have arrived. Fang Tianlei’s people have fought with Dong Daofu’s people. Chen Fan came to the Tyrant Camp. Watermelon was calling on the brothers to support him. Like Ning Yi, he wanted to persuade Liu Watermelon, so the two cooperated to knock the watermelon unconscious. , Chen Fan nodded to Ning Yi, and then took the person away. In the end, Fang Tianlei was detained. He sent his wife and sister away in advance and asked them to protect Liu Watermelon, but now he doesn’t know what the situation is.

Ning Yi took Chen Fan and the unconscious Liu Watermelon out of the city. In the carriage, although Chen Fan didn’t know what Ning Yi used, he was also a little puzzled to get out of the city so easily. On the other side, General Dong led a search in the gunpowder storehouse and found that it was protected and intact, which was a great thing for them. Lou Shuwan cleaned up her finances and was about to take a few victimized women away. Suddenly she thought that there might be a hidden compartment in the room. She looked around and found a large amount of silver. The group of them would definitely have a way out.

Watermelon also realized that Ning Yi had a problem at this time. She did not hesitate and walked up to Ning Yi and asked if he was a member of the Secret Investigator. Ning Yi did not avoid Liu Watermelon and slapped her every slap. Watermelon was still questioning Ning. Yi, Ning Yi stopped answering, and carefully advised her not to save Fang Tianlei, and taught her how to live. Liu Watermelon was very broken. Her father was killed by the Secret Investigator. She cried bitterly to let Ning Yi go, and never forgive Ning Yi again.

Ning Yi had been lost in front of Chen Fan and other brothers. He smiled stiffly, smiled and cried again, as if to miss the fond memories of being in the Badao Camp. Lou Shuwan buried her father, brother and Bowen Han together, and left Lin’an City with his brothers and sisters. The bandits in Lin’an City were all forced into prison, and the lives of the people were restored. The dream of rich businessmen that Su’s second room had spent the whole night ended in this way. General Dong praised Ning Yi again and again and asked about the whole process of their layout.

Ning Yi did not hide it. He had already guessed Fang Tianlei and others’ distrust of him when he was giving the marriage, so they simply used the trick. They found that Fang Tianlei and others had hidden gunpowder in the granary, so Ning Yi asked his wife Su Tan’er to do it. The tarps, and Li Peng and the others were there to decorate the scene. The second room of the Su family uncovered the tiles on the beams and finally used the wedding banquet to paralyze Fang Tianlei. Lu Hongti didn’t pursue Liu Watermelon to the end, but planned to confess the brothers in Badaoying.

Ning Yi went to jail and asked the person behind Fang Tianlei. Fang Tianlei did not answer, but praised him for taking rain as his command. It was wonderful. News of the victory in Lin’an city soon reached the emperor. Taishi He was not nervous, Fang Tianlei was not nervous. He is already an abandoned son. The battle in Lin’an City was successful, and Ning Yi and others could finally set off to Jiangning. The only regret was probably that the dead Genghu Hospital could not come back with them.

In Jiangning, Zhuji has already opened many branches. Unexpectedly, they stayed in Lin’an for so long this time. The four brothers Li Ping were deeply moved, and they cherished their current lives even more. In Su Mansion, the old lady and Su Tan’er’s mother had been waiting for a long time.

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