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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 32 Recap

Ning Yi planned to take advantage of the vacancy on the night of getting married and ordered Lu Hongti to prepare. At the same time, Fang Tianlei also took precautions and planned to use the watermelon wedding banquet to test Ning Yi’s identity. Fang Tianlei planted gunpowder at the gates of the four cities. If the wedding banquet changes, he will immediately dispose of Ning Yi. Ning Yi returns to the room. Su Tan’er pours tea for him and presents a copy of the leave. Although Su Tan’er knows This wedding banquet was fake, but she still decided to do it, which was considered as a way for Ning Yi to do what he was supposed to do with peace of mind.

She personally put on Ning Yi’s wedding gown. Ning Yi couldn’t bear to be separated from her. Now she feels that she owes Su Tan’er. He hugged Su Tan’er and promised her that he would do her best in the future. . Liu Watermelon is being dressed and dressed by her aunt to make her the most beautiful bride tonight. At the same time, Chen Fan has been detained for a long time. He still has a deep affection for watermelon. He is the first to oppose Liu Watermelon and Ning Yi’s marriage. He was locked up but helpless.

When the watermelon got married, Fang Tianlei prepared a lot of dowry for the watermelon and entered Lin’an City. They also followed the worship service. The aunt of the watermelon asked Ning Yi to agree to take care of the watermelon. Before Ning Yi could speak, the watermelon answered him. . The city was full of joy, and the guards on the city gates were standing in front of them. Even Fang Tianlei and the others sitting at the banquet were sitting in jeopardy. Ning Yi had been staying awake. They concluded that Ning Yi must have a ghost in his heart. As long as Ning Yi dares to do something, they will respond. Ning Yi started.

Su Taner was alone in the room. On the other side, Ning Yi shuttled between the brothers to celebrate the wedding banquet. After everyone fell to the ground, Ning Yi left the wedding banquet. Fang Tianlei returned to the banquet and called everyone on the ground. Go to the city gate to defend, the gunpowder and firecrackers are ready, ready to attack. At the same time, the four brothers of the Men’s Virtues College fascinated the four guards with the Mongolian sweat medicine given by Ning Yi, and put on their clothes. The father and son of Su’s second room followed closely behind them, pushing a small car to Lin’an Granary.

Ning Yi came to the wedding room half drunk and half awake, and lifted off the red hijab of the watermelon. Su Tan’er was sitting still in the room at this time. Seeing her so calm, Xiao Chan was not calm, wishing to beat Ning Yi for the young lady. Ning Yi changed into the wedding gown, he and the watermelon spoke in unison, letting each other meet, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled, and they all understood each other’s meaning. On the other side, the four of Li Ping were on the wrong side, and they said the secret signal of the thief’s change of defense, and successfully made the second room of the Su clan leave with the cart.

Ning Yi and Liu Watermelon were chatting in the wedding room. Liu Watermelon talked a lot about her childhood and felt that it was very worthwhile to exchange a marriage contract for Ning Yi’s life. Ning Yi hesitated for a moment and asked her if she believed Fang Tianlei was because of desperation. Against the court, Liu Watermelon quickly denied it. In fact, she didn’t believe it, but because of kindness, she must help. One night passed, and Dong Daofu didn’t make any offensive moves. Ning Yi succeeded in gaining Fang Tianlei’s trust, and Fang Tianlei finally released Chen Fan.

As soon as Chen Fan went out, he went to the watermelon wedding room, but was persuaded by his brother halfway, whether he killed Ning Yi or not, he had already married the watermelon wedding room. Ning Yi sat quietly in the room all night, and when he saw rain outside the door, he walked out, and the watermelon slept after him.

Fang Tianlei suddenly noticed that the water on the tabletop was shaking. At the same time, Chen Fan was walking in the rain. He came to the gate of the city unknowingly. He suddenly realized that something was wrong. The next moment, the gate was knocked open, and a group of officers and soldiers charged aggressively.

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