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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 31 Recap

It was Hu Ningyi who died in Genghuyuan. Ning Yi buried a mound of soil on his grave, sat at the edge of the grave, and took out the script written by Genghuyuan. It was a story between him and Mama Yang. Ning Yi could not be It is his eternal regret for Geng Huyuan to see his script. Back then, the Genghuyuan had been looking for Ms. Yang, and finally he saw Ms. Yang at the Xinmen Art Museum. At this time, she had become the mother Yang of the Xinmen Art Museum. I went to Xinmen Art Museum to listen to songs just to meet Miss Yang.

Even in the storybook, Geng Huyuan remembered that Ning Yi was good. He still imagined that he would be the shopkeeper in Lin’an in the future. After earning money, he would take Mama Yang as his wife. Ning Yi couldn’t read it anymore, Geng. All the beautiful dreams of the nursing home end in this script. Ning Yi threw the script into the fire to pay homage to the dead Geng Huyuan, planning to come back to see him after Lin Ancheng’s affairs were over.

At the same time, Fang Tianlei was discussing with his wife and sister that Liu Jiahua had never had such a fondness. They decided to use their tactics to marry Liu Jiahua and Ning Yi to test whether Ning Yi was a spy, and if someone took advantage of it on the day of the wedding. They also have measures to deal with it.

Ning Yi was brought to Fang Tianlei, never mentioning any punishment for him. Instead, he asked about his birth date and wanted him to marry Liu Huagua. Su Tan’er and Erfang and his son learned about it from others, but they don’t know why. They are very puzzled. Liu Watermelon was also very dissatisfied with Fang Tianlei and their marriage.

This was not the result she wanted. Ning Yi and Su Tan’er fell in love with each other. She did not want to separate the two, but she said that she liked Ning Yi in front of so many people. If you don’t marry Ning Yi, you will be punished for killing Bao Wenhan. In order to keep Ning Yi, Liu Jiagua had to accept Fang Tianlei and others’ arrangements.

Both Liu Watermelon and Chen Fan were so angry that they could not find a reason to refuse. Liu Watermelon approached Ning Yi. She trusted Ning Yi very much and was willing to treat him as a brother. What she said in the hall was to keep Ning Yi, too. In order to buy time to send them away from Lin’an, Ning Yi was also very uncomfortable seeing the watermelon like this, but Lin’an’s affairs could not be delayed. They had to find an opportunity to take back the gunpowder depot. When Ning Yi returned to the house, Su Tan’er had been waiting for a long time, pretending to be angry and asking Ning Yi, Ning Yi was frightened by the scissors in her hand, and quickly called her in a good voice.

The two conspired in the room, and Ning Yi had a plan to make a living. When Su Tan’er came out the next day, Su Tan’er was not worried at all. The second room of the Su clan secretly cheered, thinking that Ning Yi left Su’s house and they could get it. Everything in the Su family, but now they can’t even get out of Lin An. On the other side, Chen Fan took his men to the outside of the city and asked his men to build a house here to make trouble at Liu Watermelon’s wedding, but Fang Tianlei and others discovered that Chen Fan liked watermelons and detained him alone. Let him make trouble at the wedding.

The wedding invitation has been sent to Baying. Su Tan’er stopped the subordinates in Lou’s cloth shop and asked them to rush to work. Liu Watermelon was also urged by her aunt to prepare for the wedding. Liu Watermelon was also upset. She really liked it. Ning Yi, but this wedding was forced to arrange. The second room of Su’s family was not invited to the wedding of Liu Huagua and Ning Yi. The two of them thought they could go home and inherit the family property. They immediately gained confidence. They were arrogant and domineering in Lin’an City, like two fools, on the side of the road. The sellers of steamed buns were all dumbfounded.

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