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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 2 Recap

Chen Yuzhi treated Jiang Yuelou for a bandage. Jiang Yuelou was a little sorry for catching Chen Yuzhi by mistake before, but Chen Yuzhi gave him a bandage regardless of the previous complaint. Chen Yuzhi prescribed medicine to Jiang Yuelou. After taking the medicine, he saw the sister-hunting notice on the back of the paper. He learned that his sister was missing and asked him for a photo. Jiang Yuelou said that he would help find her sister. After Chen Yuzhi came out, the girl sitting outside asked him something about Jiangyue Tower. Chen Yuzhi told her something that needed attention.

Chen Yuzhi posted notices about finding sisters everywhere, while Jiang Yuelou stayed at the girl’s house all night, thanked her and left, but fainted on the stairs. Cheng Xiuzhi came to the hospital to find Dr. Chen and let him go and have a look. Jiang Yuelou woke up and heard the sound weakly sitting up and holding a gun at the door. He saw that Dr. Chen and Cheng Xiuzhi were coming, so he dropped his vigilance. The Jiangyue Tower asked Chen Yuzhi to leave a sign on the corner of Queen’s Avenue under the Autumn Department Store and downstairs of this apartment building.

Chen Yuzhiwan refused to get up and prepared to leave. Jiang Yuelou grabbed his hand and said his purpose of coming to Hong Kong. Jiang Yuelou came to Hong Kong to trace the source of Jingcheng’s opium. He said that he wanted to find his colleague and he had to get rid of the black hands here. Chen Yuzhi turned his head and looked at Jiang Yuelou and asked him if he could only control violence with violence in his world, and whether he felt that all his decisions were correct, including Miss Cheng. She would save him now. He is very likely. Push her into the abyss. If Jiang Yuelou hadn’t caught Chen Yuzhi at that time, his sister would have been rescued by him, and he would still refuse to help Jiang Yuelou.

Jiang Yuelou said that two years ago, there was a fire on the corner of Xicheng, which burned half a street and killed and injured 18 people. When a newly hired policeman arrested the prisoner, he heard the prisoner cry and wanted to go back and take a look at his pregnant wife before going to jail. The policeman relented and agreed to the prisoner’s request. Later, the prisoner waited for an opportunity to set fire to escape and ignited accidentally. In the end, the police prisoner and pregnant wife all died in the fire. None of the three neighboring families escaped alive. Jiang Yuelou said that he could not let go of any suspicious person. Chen Yuzhi was silent for a while, and he stretched out his palm to let Jiang Yuelou paint again.

The little fat man saw Chen Yuzhi appearing in Hong Kong. When they were in Jingcheng, Chen Yuzhi was there. Now they are in Hong Kong. Chen Yuzhi is still there. There is no such coincidence in the world. The little fat man suspects that Chen Yuzhi is Lucas’s. My accomplice, maybe it was Chen Yuzhi’s whistleblowing. The little fat man proposed to bring Chen Yuzhi back for interrogation. Several people agreed and decided to do it at night.

When Chen Yuzhi returned to the medical clinic, Dr. Qiu saw him back and said that he had been in the limelight recently, and everyone named him by name. Before Dr. Qiu saw Chen Yuzhi alone come to Hong Kong to find his sister, he made an exception to leave Chen Yuzhi, letting Chen Yuzhi not smash his job.

Doctor Qiu escorted the patient away, saw the sister-hunting notice on Chen Yuzhi’s desktop, and asked him if he had any news about his sister. Chen Yuzhi sighed and said not yet. Although Hong Kong is not big, finding someone is really not that simple. Dr. Qiu proposed to publish in the newspaper. After all, the circulation of this newspaper is much more than that of his hand-painted medicine list. It’s not that Chen Yuzhi has never thought about posting in the newspaper, but the newspaper’s posting fee is too high, and it’s only valid on the day. No one would read an expired newspaper to learn about the news. Come on, the poster and the medicine list last forever Longer, so that there will be enough time for people to notice this notice.

At night, the little fat man waited outside the hospital, and when Chen Yuzhi came out and closed the door, he took him away. The little fat man asked a series of questions, but Chen Yuzhi didn’t answer, but instead said that Jiang Yuelou was looking for them. As soon as they heard this, a few people came around and hurried to find a car, ready to find Jiangyuelou.

Sun Heming called to inform the secret, Xiaofeng sister brought someone to search, it turns out that Sun Heming deliberately did what happened that day. Jiang Yuelou had no choice but to come out to lead Xiaofeng and others away, and Chen Yuzhi took Cheng Xiuzhi and escaped. Little Fatty and Sun Heming grabbed guns and beat Sun Heming to death. Several people escaped smoothly.

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