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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 1 Recap

There was lightning and thunder in the sky, and it was about to rain. Two groups of people gathered in the warehouse and were trading something. One person checked the gold bars, the other checked the packs of black things in the box, and the other was knocking the melon seeds and the melon seeds in his hands were scattered. He picked up the axe beside him and threw it at the opposite person, hitting the opposite person. A black-clothed man, the battle was about to start, two groups of men and horses fought desperately. Chen Yuzhi passed by and came under the eaves outside to hide from the rain. He heard the sound inside, and a man who was chopped fell out from inside. The man who had eaten sunflower seeds walked out right behind him and saw the man hiding there. he.

Jingcheng Police Department Inspection Section Changjiang Yuelou told his men in the car what they should do, and after talking about the tactics, several people set off separately. Chen Yuzhi is a doctor. He went inside to see the injured and couldn’t help but want to heal them. Chen Yuzhi saw the black-clothed man lying on the ground trying to rescue him. Another leader put an axe against his neck to stop him from healing the wounded. Chen Yuzhi said that no matter whether the person is a good person or a bad person, he is just a patient in his eyes, and as a doctor, he will not abandon any patient and insist on treating the wounded regardless of threats.

Jiang Yuelou led people to surround the place, and the leader threw an axe to resist, causing a burst of chaos, and finally the leader escaped. Jiang Yuelou heard the leader run away, and turned to Chen Yuzhi, who was caught, saying that their boss had run away and left them alone. Chen Yuzhi looked at Jiang Yuelou firmly and said he was not his boss, he was just passing by to save people. Jiang Yuelou didn’t believe it, so let people take him back.

Chen Yuzhi was imprisoned. Facing Jiang Louyue’s interrogation, he still insisted on what he said at the beginning. Obviously no one believed him. Later, when his subordinates found out that what Chen Yuzhi said was true, Jiang Louyue let him go.

Jiang Yuelou’s staff asked him to say that there was a problem with his report. On the 10th of last month, 38 kilograms of smoke were found on the Olivia, but the total sales amounted to only 40. Are there still a few inspections left? Just two catties were found. He let his hands go down and check to see who has reached in. My subordinates said that it is certainly not ordinary people who can do things on this. I suggested that this time I warn it and forget it. Some things are not as good as opening your eyes and closing your eyes. Jiang Yuelou was very angry and threw the water glass in his hand on the table, and hot water was spilled on the table. Jiang Yuelou is determined not to compromise, he just wants to keep both eyes open, but also to open them wide.

Chen Yuzhi went back and found that his sister was missing. He was searching all over the street and learned from the crowds on the side of the road that his sister was in the backyard of Nianchun Pavilion. When Chen Yuzhi came to Nianchun Pavilion, he was stopped by someone and was dragged into a dark alley for a beating. A girl in Nianchun Pavilion saw him pitifully and gave him a handkerchief. Chen Yuzhi learned from her that his sister had been sold to a Hong Kong businessman.

Jiang Yuelou asked from the prisoners that their goods were collected from Nanyang, transited from Hong Kong, and then loaded on a cargo ship to the mainland. The opium transshipped in Hong Kong was called Lucas. After Jiang Yuelou came out, let his subordinates pack up and go to Hong Kong the next day.

Jiang Yuelou led the hand down to Hong Kong, while Chen Yuzhi came to Hong Kong alone. Those people were transporting opium in broad daylight. Jiang Yuelou decided to board the ship at night to check it. He looked up and saw Chen Yuzhi who was asking passers-by on the bridge.

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