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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 6 Recap

Although Zeng Jianguo stayed in the hospital for a few days, his popularity remained undiminished. When he returned to the community to play basketball, there were still a group of women fans frantically besieging him. Xing Yaoping stayed with Zeng Jianguo every day under Zeng Zhiting’s instructions. Ni Gossip, starting from the third girlfriend, had long heard that a rich lady wanted to be Zeng’s daughter-in-law.

Since Dong Chunxiang still has important clients to see, she asked Zeng Zhixiang to talk to Fan Yuqing about cooperation on her behalf. Even though Zeng Zhixiang is unwilling in all possible ways, the market is now highly competitive and there must be no slack. Zeng Zhixiang reluctantly accepted the job and came to the hotel where his second brother worked according to the address. After the two people talked about the specific cooperation, Fan Yuqing took the initiative to express her heart to Zeng Zhixiang. No matter who the other party likes, as long as she is single, she will spare no effort to pursue it.

Seeing Zeng Zhixiang’s face incomprehensible, Fan Yuqing opened the phone photo album on the spot and admitted that he had noticed him since 2015, and it has been several years since then. Fan Yuqing is not a person who is forcibly taken, so it is more of a silent concern. At the same time, he has a good understanding of Zeng Zhixiang’s family.

Zeng Zhixiang was obviously caught off guard by Fan Yuqing’s sudden confession. In addition to being moved, there was also a little unspeakable pressure. At the same time, Zeng Zhiling finally found a satisfactory job through a friend’s introduction, so while walking back, she called and reported the situation to Zeng Zhidong, but did not notice Li Qiwei who was delivering the food.

During the evening rest, Zeng Zhiting took the initiative to chat with Xing Yaoping about the youngest being pursued. Compared with Zeng Jianguo’s efforts to match, she could not agree with it. After all, my brother came from an ordinary background and graduated from a technical school. At any rate, Fan Yuqing is also a daughter of a returnee, even if the car repair shop’s business is not as popular as the Fan family’s industry.

Zeng Zhiting believes that to know each other, two people must have the same three perspectives and the right to each other. If only love maintains a temporary marriage, it will eventually break down due to the gap between the two and end in divorce. However, the speaker was unintentional, and the listener was intentional. Xing Yaoping’s heart was a little complicated, and he couldn’t help muttering that he was different from Zeng Zhiting, even if he was divorced, he had children.

The next morning, Zeng Jianguo invited Fan Yuqing to participate in a family gathering, actually tacitly acquiescing her identity as a daughter-in-law. However, the third son Zeng Zhixiang brought Dong Chunxiang, and took this opportunity to introduce her identity to everyone, and announced that Dong Chunxiang was his girlfriend.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone present had different reactions. Apart from Fan Yuqing’s embarrassment, Zeng Jianguo was furious at the table, and angrily prevented him from getting entangled with the widow. However, Zeng Zhixiang was stubborn and wanted to challenge his father. In a rage, Zeng Jianguo slapped Zeng Zhixiang on the spot. As a result, Zeng Zhixiang didn’t hesitate to say anything, and even pulled Dong Chunxiang to grab the door.

The gathering broke up unhappily, and the two returned to the car repair shop. Dong Chunxiang criticized Zeng Zhixiang for acting too impulsively. Zeng Zhiling came to question and insisted on taking him back. Unexpectedly, after a while, Zeng Zhixiang missed the little girl and beat her. Seeing this, Zeng Zhidong was furious and rushed to beat Zeng Zhixiang until Zeng Zhiting came to stop him.

Xing Yaoping learned from Zeng Zhidong that the third child had beaten the younger sister, and he did not expect that Zeng Zhiting would actually smash the third child’s car repair shop. Zeng Jianguo was sulking at home, Zeng Zhiting and his wife carefully persuaded them, but father became impatient without hearing a few words, and ordered no one to mention the name of the third child. Zeng Zhiling was dragged back to the old house by Zeng Zhidong, crying and expressing regret. She felt like a troublemaker since childhood, so she was the one who should leave. Zeng Zhidong felt sorry for her younger sister and said all the kind words to comfort her.

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