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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 5 Recap

Before Zeng Jianguo was discharged from the hospital, Fan Yuqing came to visit in person, and the youngest Zeng Zhixiang and Dong Chunxiang, a partner of the car dealership, were also accompanied. Seeing a young and beautiful girl appeared next to his son, Zeng Jianguo naturally refused to let go of such a good opportunity. He deliberately felt that if Fan Yuqing could be the girlfriend of the third child, he would completely fall into his long-cherished wish.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuqing agreed on the spot and made no secret of his love for Zeng Zhixiang. Even before leaving the hospital, he still showed his attitude that since a man is not married and a woman is not married, there is always a chance to make a couple. Zeng Jianguo was overwhelmed with joy and planned to promote this good marriage. Only Dong Chunxiang had a complicated expression. So when she faced Zeng Zhixiang’s love, she did not accept it on the spot, but persuaded him to consider Fan Yuqing.

Since Zeng Jianguo’s discharge date is approaching, he will soon be able to move back to his old house. However, considering that Zeng Zhidong’s business is in debt, Zeng Zhiling’s studio closed down. In order to prevent her father from worrying about it, Zeng Zhiting intends to hide this matter and let Zeng Jianguo live first. Go to your own home. The divorce of the couple had not been publicly disclosed before, so Xing Yaoping needed to prepare to go home to live and continue to play the loving couple in front of Zeng Jianguo, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Xing Yaodong came up with a reason for not allowing Zeng Jianguo to return to his old house. That is to lie that the community wants to conduct a five-good family evaluation, one of the conditions is to have three generations in the same family. As a fan of honor, Zeng Jianguo has been like a day for decades. Whenever he encounters a selection event, he is bound to win a place, so he just packed up and moved into the eldest daughter’s house without saying a word.

However, Zeng Jianguo lost his temper as soon as he walked in. The main reason was that after walking around, he found that apart from the furniture, he couldn’t see the basic life breath. The children thought that the father was too demanding. After all, the couple was busy working outside and had no time to fiddle with flowers. But when it was heard that Zeng Jianguo was going to take his eldest daughter and son-in-law to the old house to study and study, Zeng Zhidong hurriedly finished the game. Completely fooled the past.

That night, Zeng Jianguo had never used a smart toilet, and he didn’t know much about many functions, so that he repeatedly called Xing Yaoping for help. Every time Zeng Jianguo speaks, the couple must be in a rush. One goes downstairs to solve the problem, and the other puts the bedding on the floor in the cabinet.

After doing this several times, Xing Yaoping was so tired that he didn’t hear Zeng Jianguo’s call. Zeng Zhiting breathed a sigh of relief and discussed the rotation of sleeping floors, but Xing Yaoping thought that Zeng Zhiting was busy at work and did not agree. Seeing his wife reviewing homework for his son, Xing Yaoping was full of emotion. If he said that the two had no feelings, it would be a bit embarrassing to relive that relationship. At least for now, it should be natural.

The second child and younger sister in the family moved around to collect money, but the eldest sister Zeng Zhiling couldn’t stand it, so she went to the car dealer to borrow money from her third child. Even though Zeng Zhixiang has a bad relationship with Zeng Zhidong, he belongs to the kind of hard-talked and soft-hearted people, especially considering family affection, how could he choose to stand by. Just as Zeng Zhiling was comforting her second brother not to be discouraged, she did not expect that the account received a remittance of 200,000 yuan, and the sender wrote Dong Chunxiang’s name.

Zeng Zhidong knew that the eldest sister asked the third child for help. Even if he felt uncomfortable, he had no other choice but to promise to pay off the debt in the future and add interest. Zeng Zhiling didn’t want to see the second and third brothers having such a split, so she specially bought drinks to celebrate. As a result, Lao Cui suddenly called and claimed that the partner sent a letter from the lawyer asking for compensation to be increased to 1.5 million, which meant that Zeng Zhidong must collect another two hundred and fifty thousand.

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