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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 4 Recap

After a few sips of wine, Lao Niu proactively confided his inner dissatisfaction and grievance to Zeng Jianguo under the persuasive temptation of Zeng Jianguo. When he was young, Lao Niu always felt that quarreling between husband and wife was normal. He disagrees with this. But when he is old, he knows how to cherish, but he has to face the separation of life and death. He doesn’t expect much development of his children. He just wants to have a company at a critical moment.

Because of Zeng Jianguo’s deep experience, he preached based on his own experience and re-opened the mouth-cannon mode, which caused the old cow’s blood pressure to soar again. For several days, Lao Niu experienced two rescues, and each time the problem was with Zeng Jianguo. Director Ping couldn’t help but criticize the education. By the way, he reminded Zeng Zhiting to take care of her old man.

Under Zeng Zhiting’s warning and pressure, Zeng Jianguo reluctantly agreed to cooperate with the treatment. Xing Yaoping saw Zeng Jianguo’s behavior in his eyes. Perhaps he did nothing before without regard to the consequences, but after all, he had a reason for what happened, and he still hopes that Zeng Zhiting can understand more. Waiting for people to leave one after another, there are only one old and one young left in the ward. Those are Zeng Zhidong, who talks about the eldest sister, and Zeng Jianguo, who protects the eldest daughter everywhere.

Even though Zeng Zhidong was cautious everywhere, he still couldn’t escape his father’s eyes. So before Zeng Jianguo took the initiative to dismantle, Zeng Zhidong hurriedly used words to prevaricate over, and then went to the eldest brother-in-law and even frankly said that no one was convinced since childhood. The high consciousness of the eldest brother-in-law alone.

Through Zeng Zhixiang’s narration, Lao Deng learned about the sibling relationship between him and Dong Chunxiang. Considering the age disparity, he looked at Zeng Jianguo’s acceptance of this incident from the eyes of people who passed by. At the end of the analysis, it is inevitable to touch Dong Chunxiang’s age problem and the status of a widow.

Zeng Zhixiang couldn’t bear the insults to Dong Chunxiang by others, even if he didn’t do this business, he shot the table on the spot and got angry, and even had a big fight with Lao Deng. Little did he know that not long after he left, Lao Deng looked through a few old photos on his mobile phone, which were photos of himself and his lover, and it was also a love that crossed age and status.

In the end, Zeng Zhixiang’s persistence impressed Lao Deng and successfully obtained auto parts. After meeting with Dong Chunxiang and others, he began intense repair work. After receiving the news, Fan Yuqing finally breathed a sigh of relief. Apart from expressing his gratitude, he also agreed to hold a birthday party on time tomorrow.

However, at a critical moment, the classic car was transported outside the banquet venue, but there was a problem when starting the engine. From anticipation to surprise, and then to confusion, only Zeng Zhixiang is still making adjustments in an orderly manner. The birthday party was coming to an end. Lao Fan, accompanied by everyone, sat in a wheelchair to receive the blessings of the guests. The assistant reminded Fan Yuqing that it was time to end the banquet, so that the old man would not be overwhelmed.

Just as Fan Yuqing saw the gradual passing of time and couldn’t help being disappointed, he didn’t expect Dong Chunxiang to call. Outside the banquet hall, I saw a few mechanics standing on both sides, and then lifted the red silk, revealing the old car inside that familiar to Lao Fan. Seeing that the classic car was intact, Lao Fan walked to the front with red eyes, stroking the long-warming “buddy” with excitement and emotion.

Fan Yuqing drove the old Fan around the venue, listening to him telling the story of his youth, telling how he and his grandmother met and fell in love, and how he fettered with this classic car. Now Lao Fan has no regrets anymore. He tremblingly got out of the car and bowed to Dong Chunxiang and others personally. Dong Chunxiang took out his mobile phone to play Zeng Zhixiang’s video. The first communication between two generations came from a master. car.

Zeng Zhiling met Xiaoqiang on the street, and accidentally learned that her second brother was carrying a debt of 500,000 yuan for her compensation, so she cried and called her elder sister for help. Zeng Zhiting found Zeng Zhidong and learned from him the origins of the coming and going, so she asked Xing Yaoping to help collect the money, and went to all her relatives and friends to borrow a total of 100,000. Zeng Zhiling recalculated and found that there was still an amount of 170,000 that hadn’t been made up, so she planned to go to the third brother for help, but Zeng Zhidong refused.

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