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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 3 Recap

Zeng Jianguo didn’t want to stay in the hospital anymore, so he wanted to pack his things and return to the old house immediately, but among the juniors, except for Zeng Zhidong, no one agreed. The important task of enlightening his own father fell on Zeng Zhidong. As a result, he didn’t say a few words. Instead, Zeng Jianguo noticed the strangeness and almost saw that he was suspended by the hotel.

Just as Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhiling were trying to make excuses to fool them, fortunately, Zeng Jianguo took the tranquilizing drugs and fell asleep instantly. The siblings were in charge of accompany the bed care, and Zeng Zhiting and her husband couldn’t help but talk about what happened afterwards on their way home. Zeng Zhiting thanked Xing Yaoping for taking care of Zeng Jianguo, but she had planned to wait for the end of her son Xing Haiyang High School to confess the truth of the divorce to everyone, so she hoped that Xing Yaoping would conceal it for the time being.

Early the next morning, Zeng Jianguo deliberately left the brothers and sisters to buy breakfast, and wanted to secretly leave the hospital when there was no one around. He happened to ran into Zeng Zhiting who was coming for the rounds and bumped into her. Knowing that Zeng Jianguo insisted on leaving the hospital, Zeng Zhiting retreated and claimed that she could let him go, but she would personally apply to the dean for her resignation.

Perhaps because the future of his daughter is more important, Zeng Jianguo immediately corrected his attitude and promised to cooperate with the doctor’s request for hospitalization, and he would never cause trouble for everyone. When Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhiling reacted and rushed to the ward, Zeng Jianguo was already sitting next to him. Zeng Zhiting taught his younger siblings as the eldest sister, and colleague Tony came over to join in the fun, and swept away Zeng Jianguo’s double breakfast.

Entrusted by Zeng Zhixiang, Dong Chunxiang came to the hospital to visit Zeng Jianguo in person. However, Zeng Jianguo didn’t know the relationship between the two, so she asked her to help build a bridge. It would be best to introduce a girl to Zeng Zhixiang to solve the life-long event as soon as possible. Facing Zeng Jianguo’s request, Dong Chunxiang smiled awkwardly and agreed casually.

After unremitting efforts, Zeng Zhixiang finally found Lao Deng’s residence, but the security around it was strict, and there was no way to enter through the main entrance, so he had to climb the wall and enter. After a thrilling pursuit, Zeng Zhixiang met Lao Deng as he wished, and frankly confessed his intention.

At first, Lao Deng categorically rejected Zeng Zhixiang, but when he heard of his determination to buy parts, he gave him another chance to repair a car that had been damaged for a long time. As a result, Zeng Zhixiang repaired the car, and it was even more powerful than before. He didn’t expect that Lao Deng turned it back.

Zeng Zhiting asked Xing Yaoping to take her son out for dinner, and decided to call Zeng Jianguo, Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhiling together. Xing Yaoping reminded Zeng Zhiting to call her son in person, and he contacted the dining room to arrange a place near the hospital. At this time, Lao Cui informed Zeng Zhidong to go to the hotel, and then took out the compensation form that was only shown.

Due to the large damage at the site, Xinke Group pursued the hotel for one million yuan. Although the hotel would bear half of the cost, Zeng Zhidong needed to bear the remaining 500,000 yuan. Faced with this huge sum of money, Zeng Zhidong was at a loss. Old Cui put out 50,000 yuan as a collection. Considering the various hotel affairs recently, he informed him to continue to return to work, and by the way, think of ways to raise money as soon as possible.

That night, Zeng Zhidong called to borrow money. Unexpectedly, Zeng Zhiling received a call from Li Qiwei, a liar. The other party borrowed 20,000 yuan and took the initiative to repay the money. Seeing Li Qiwei’s polite apology and the two bundles of cash he brought, Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhiling were shocked.

Xing Yaoping met an old cow who had passed out on the road, so he sent him directly to the hospital. However, Lao Niu wants his daughter to take care of himself, so he always tries his best to drive away the caregiver. Accompanied by Xing Yaoping, Zeng Jianguo went to return the shopping card in person. He happened to see the old bull scolding the caregiver and couldn’t help but stop it. Then he started the criticism and education mode, and the old bull was so angry that his blood pressure soared.

As the alarm sounded loudly, the nurses hurried to rescue. Zeng Jianguo contacted Lao Ni, and the two discussed how to deal with the old stubborn cow. Until the next morning, Zeng Jianguo walked into the ward again, his attitude changed instantly, and he took the initiative to bow and apologize to Lao Niu. Originally, the old cow didn’t eat this set at all, but couldn’t bear the temptation of a bottle of wine. He shook hands decisively. Zeng Jianguo took the opportunity to persuade the old cow to let the nanny take care of him, and he should not cause trouble to his daughter.

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