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Exquisite Wolf Heart 玲珑狼心 Episode 21 Recap

After reading the private messages of the Nanchu royal family and Mia, Linglong flatly refused Lingyu’s plan to go with the wolf warrior. Even if someone asks for help in the name of her and Yanqing, she must not be trusted, and she must immediately hide in with her tribe. Deep mountain. Yan Qing missed Linglong’s mind like dust, and didn’t want to grow branches out of the way, so that he could comfort Lingyu.

After finally getting down, Nan Chu was also in front of him, Yan Qing began to discuss with Wolf Wei what gifts should be given to his mother-in-law for the first time to see her mother-in-law. Linglong frowned while listening to the vulgar objects discussed by Yan Qing and the others in the room. Obviously, there was nothing her mother liked.

Linglong had a thin face and couldn’t say it, so she asked Xiao Chan to convey it to Tong Er in a verse, and then Tong Yi to relay Yan Qing. Unexpectedly, a group of rough masters didn’t understand the meaning of the verse at all, Linglong had to remind him again to be more simple, but it was painful for Brother Tong to pass back and forth, and really did not understand the “interest” between the two.

These days, Yan Qing and Linglong get closer and closer, and Yan Yu sees it in his eyes. Although he has no intrigue for the time being, his jealousy is getting more and more prosperous. As soon as he left, Yan Yu ordered the Leopard Cavalry Camp to lurch outside the palace and act on orders.

Brother Yanqing entered the palace with the Massa. Without seeing the lord, he first met with Linglong’s mother. Yan Yu was taken care of by his mother in the Southern Chu Palace and Linglong’s childhood sweetheart, and his love is naturally deep. On the contrary, Yan Qing tried his best to find many gifts, but they were too expensive for Linglong’s mother to like. Different from Yan Qing, Yan Yu’s gift is a simple cut, and a hanging pot makes Linglong’s mother smile.

Having dinner at the same table, Yan Qing was indifferent, and his mood fell to the bottom. Seeing this, Linglong deliberately taught Yan Qing to make tea secretly, which caused her mother’s attitude to change instantly. When Yanyu tasted the tea, he knew that it was from Linglong’s hand and that it was an expression of Linglong’s intentions. It was precisely because of this that Linglong’s mother knew of her daughter’s intentions that she would look at Yanqing in a different way.

Linglong hoped to learn the truth about the death of the Wolf King from her mother, even if the truth brought a devastating blow to the relationship between her and Yan Qing. Linglong’s mother is limited to seven days. After the deadline, if Linglong’s mind does not change, she will be informed of the truth.

During this period, Linglong’s heart was uncertain, thinking that the secret words of Nanchu’s secret letter would soon be deciphered, and it was even more difficult to calm her heart. Linglong finally showed signs of accepting Yanqing, but now she is keeping her distance from him again, let alone admitting that this marriage is the result of love.

Linglong stayed up all night, and finally did not want to succumb to fate. At this moment, a life case occurred in the city. Missa accidentally found three weird corpses outside the city. The blood of the corpses was drained, but unfortunately they were taken away by the officers and soldiers without further investigation. After investigation by the people, no one reported to the official, and they had to visit secretly.

The noise of the two beggars attracted everyone’s attention. They were envious when they learned that two beggars were called to do work. Misa pretended to be a beggar and mixed in with it, and he discovered that there were also bloodletting and alchemy, and there was a wolf tribe’s spirit grass in the tank, and he did nothing different from Mia. The few people who were left behind for the abuse also died instantly in a whistle.

It is impossible for Mia to be resurrected from the dead. The only explanation is that Mia is just acting on orders. Now, the behind-the-scenes man behind Mia couldn’t help showing up.

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