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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 21 Recap

The United States, Britain, France and Italy expressed their willingness to safeguard China’s sovereignty and guarantee the territorial integrity and political independence of large and small countries. Wang Daxie and the Qingdao petition group present both held an optimistic attitude and shouted “Long live China” and looked forward to the return of Qingdao.

Zhang Changli was very troubled by Cai Yuanpei’s support of the petition group at this time. The Congress had already accepted the proposal to dismiss Cai Yuanpei, but now the national patriotism is very high. Cai Yuanpei’s move fits the current situation and the removal has to be shelved. Come down. Zhang Fengzai told him that Cai Yuanpei and Chen Duxiu took the lead in setting up a work-study mutual aid agency in Peking University, and there were still many outsiders coming to sign up. Zhang Changli immediately understood that this was a sign of communism, and he asked Zhang Fengzai to keep an eye on this mutual aid agency. This kind of depravity must be exposed to the world.

The first experimental group of the mutual aid agency led by Yannian was established. There are 13 members in total. They call each other comrades, and they all believe in anarchism. The students Yu Xiusong and Shi Cuntong of Zhejiang Provincial First Normal University came to Beijing to participate in the mutual aid agency. He Mengxiong, an observer student at Peking University in Hunan, also came to participate.

The girl Yi Qun first came to participate in the mutual aid agency because of her opposition to her parents’ forced marriage. Live a free and open life. Part-time work, public ownership of property is the purpose of their mutual aid agency, and Liu Yipin also rode a bicycle to eavesdrop on the situation of the mutual aid agency at the window. After finishing the assignment of the three tasks of washing, cooking, cooking, and filming, everyone began to look forward to their beautiful life happily.

There is always a big gap between ideas and reality. On the first day of the work-study cafeteria, the food will be sold at 6:30, and the people like Yannian have not got up yet. Guo Xingang rushed into the room angrily and called out a group of gay men. The lesbians all got up early to help. Haiwei, who had been busy all night, reminded Yannian to hang up the sign of “Frugal Canteen”.

Hu Shichen ran past the entrance of the cafeteria, tasted the pancakes made by his classmates, and Hu Shi shouted. Li Dazhao happily came to the cafeteria for breakfast, ate oil cakes and porridge, and invited Hu Shi to eat with him. Because Hu Shi had to abide by the house rules, he had no choice but to go back and ask his wife to come with him and his wife tomorrow.

Chen Duxiu refused to let Junman go to the cafeteria to buy breakfast, but she found an excuse to wander around to see her son. The students’ business was not good. Chen Duxiu was the third guest to come to the cafeteria today. Seeing the children’s warm invitation, Chen Duxiu, who had already had breakfast, had to order breakfast again, but he was dissatisfied with Yannian because he did not bring the money. Yannian asked Chen Duxiu to pay for his work, so Chen Duxiu had no choice but to wash the dishes in silence.

Junman knew that Chen Duxiu would come here and brought the money to the cafeteria. She pretended not to care and hinted Chen Duxiu’s love for his son to Yannian. Yannian knew that her father cared about her, and she would just leave. The pan’s oil cake was quietly brought to Chen Duxiu, and there were some things between father and son that didn’t need to be expressed in words.

Yu Xiusong and Yi Qun first quarreled in the house and caused everyone to rush to the house. This Yi Qun first thought that since it was a communist, then personal supplies and clothing should also be shared, but Yu Xiusong is a child of the rich family, and he has no idea I was very dissatisfied with being allowed to flip through my luggage at will, let alone taking out my new pants and sharing it with gay men. Yannian told them that it is okay to have this idea, but everything must be maintained before the general assembly vote.

Acting Director-General of Foreign Affairs Chen Lu handed a document bag to Wang Daxie, which contained Qingdao’s petition and Wanminzie. The Japanese government proposed that the Qingdao issue is an issue of Japan and Germany’s interests, and asked Wu Bingxiang to take measures to stop relevant slogans and leaflets from appearing in Beijing. Xu Shichang only wanted to swallow his anger to achieve a lasting peace. Weak countries have no diplomacy.

Wang Daxie knows that the Paris peace will not be easy. In fact, the trouble has already begun. When the delegation received the ranking list, individual members had chosen because they were dissatisfied with the ranking. Wang Daxie had been prepared long ago. He put Gu Weijun in charge of daily work, while important issues were dealt with by Lu Zhengxiang. Wang Daxie knows that the biggest trouble lies in the country. Domestic regimes restrict each other. China’s diplomacy still depends on the faces of foreigners, which is really useless.

Zhang Fengzai followed Liu Mei all the way on the street. Liu Mei came to the newspaper and hoped that they could sponsor the cafeteria. The editor told her that sponsoring the board of directors would not agree, but they could come and write a press release on the contents of their mutual aid association. Conduct interviews and reports, so that you can have a good publicity effect.

But Liu Mei didn’t know where to find the reporter. Zhang Fengzai walked in and greeted the editor intimately. As a reporter, he got on line with Liu Mei through the editor’s introduction. In order to better publicize the Mutual Aid, Liu Mei gave a lot of details, and the unknowing comrades of the Mutual Aid are also looking forward to the publication of the report.

Yannian and others promoted washing clothes and cooking in Peking University, but Yu Xiusong’s movie tickets were not popular among the group of male students at Peking University. Guo Xingang reminded him to let the lesbians go. As expected, Yi Qun first brought her friend Xie Wanying, who was in a girls’ school, to Peking University. The beautiful Xie Wanying suddenly became the focus of everyone, vying to ask her questions. .

Deng Zhongxia and Mao Zedong reported to Li Dazhao on the establishment of the workers’ night school and the civilian education lecture group. With the support of Cai Yuanpei and Chen Duxiu, these two things will soon be formally implemented. Li Dazhao proposed to recruit more people to join so that the workers can learn. To more knowledge. Fu Sinian chased the sweeping Master Li to promote the night school for workers. He heard that it was the best teacher and the teaching was free. Master Li wanted his son to participate, but Fu Sinian had no choice but to agree.

Mao Zedong also came to the workers in the gardening house to make publicity. Young people are very interested in night school, but the older ones have little interest. Mao Zedong told them that the teacher would teach them things that they actually use in daily life, such as bookkeeping and letter writing. They learned that they can go back and teach them to their families again. He promised more generously that if they encounter any charges in this evening school, Just come to him Mao Zedong.

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