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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 16 Recap

Zhang Yang helped Zhou Jingmang finish the work ahead of schedule and let Zhou Jingmang finish the work ahead of schedule. However, Zhang Yang said that he had learned that her parents had been “distributed” here because of her declining grades, so he wanted to see how miserable she was. Accustomed to Zhang Yang’s tone, Zhou Jingmang was a little happy at this time. Not long afterwards, Zhang Yang said that he was leaving, and see you tomorrow. So the next day, Zhou Jingmang got up early and told her grandmother that she was going to work at the beach, but in fact she was working while looking forward to Zhang Yang’s unconsciousness and coming to her like yesterday. By your side.

Zhang Yang did come, but Zhuang Jie and Qin Zhen also came, and Shen Weihuan, they worked together to help Zhou Jingmang, and they finished the work soon. On the way back, Shen Lili and Qin Zhen told Zhou Jingmang two things about Zhang Yang. One was that Zhang Yang ran out of the hospital to find her at school, and the other was that Zhang Yang learned that she had gone. The grandmother of the fishing village just came to ask from house to house and finally found her. Looking at the figure of Zhang Yang in front, Zhou Jingmang couldn’t help but smile. Later, Zhou Jingmang took everyone home. Grandma saw so many children, she couldn’t close her mouth happily, and she cooked delicious food for them.

A group of people accompanied Zhou Jingmang’s grandma, talking and laughing at the dinner table, not to mention how happy Zhou Jingmang was. She thought, perhaps this is the best form of friendship. There is someone to accompany you when you are happy, and someone to help you when you are helpless, you will not deliberately embarrass the other party, and will not be diluted by time. After dinner, they took a nap in the yard. Qin Zhen and Shen Xianhuan talked about confession, Zhou Jingmang was very embarrassed, saying that they and Zhang Yang were just ordinary classmates. Zhang Yang heard this, and he felt a little sad. When they woke up, Zhang Yang left a note and disappeared. After school started, Zhou Jingmang finally saw Zhang Yang, but Zhang Yang’s attitude was very cold.

Zhang Yang also said that they were just ordinary classmates. Zhou Jingmang couldn’t help thinking of what she had said to Qin Zhen. She suspected that Zhang Yang was angry when she heard these words. Zhou Jingmang followed Zhang Yang to the science class, and later learned that he had chosen science, the loss on Zhou Jingmang’s face was obvious. Shen Wei said that there are now two liberal arts classes. Their head teacher is still Teacher Shi, and Teacher Xiao Ma and Teacher Zhou remain unchanged. Unexpectedly, Li Yuxiang was also in the same class with them. He walked in and sat beside Zhou Jingmang and chatted with her eagerly. This scene was seen by Zhang Yang and Yu Huitong who walked in.

Zhou Jingmang then realized that Zhang Yang was duplicity, and he did not choose science. On the first night of school, Qin Zhen bought a lot of snacks and came back, telling them that they would transfer to school to study nursing. The formalities have been completed, and I will enroll next week. In class the next day, Zhou Jingmang was in the stairwell endorsing her book. Zhang Yang followed behind her. Zhou Jingmang almost fell accidentally. Fortunately, Zhang Yang caught her. Zhang Yang told her that Zhou Jingmang would cry. Zhang Yang was at a loss and ran to Zhuang Jie to ask how to apologize. After Zhuang Jie’s suggestion, Zhang Yang bought a few novels.

Teacher Shi announced the results of this mid-term exam. Zhou Jingmang made the most progress. She won the first place in the grade beyond the early morning. She smiled happily. Li Yuxiang wanted Zhou Jingmang to participate in the competition. Zhou Jingmang was unwilling, but he couldn’t directly refuse. Zhang Yang was a little angry when seeing her like this, and helped Zhou Jingmang participate in the 200m competition the next day without authorization. Pointing back to 2015, Zhou Jingmang and Zhang Yang sang together. After singing, she plucked up the courage to tell Zhang Yang her heart, and put all her experiences over the past few years on a USB flash drive. The pan was stuffed into his hand.

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