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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 15 Recap

In the summer of 2008, Zhang Yang sent Zhou Jingmang back to school. Zhou Jingmang gave him a novel she had recently written. She said that the novel she had written was not finished yet, but the part about him was very complete. At night, while Qin Zhen and Shen Yan were asleep, Zhou Jingmang secretly got up and posted Zhang Yang’s name on the back of the girl group’s human form, and then fell asleep with a sweet smile. Zhang Yang and his classmate injured his arm after playing basketball. After being sent to the hospital, Shen Winghuai’s mother said that there was no major problem with his bones. He is about to face an exam. Zhang Yang estimates that he will not be able to take a normal exam, but he hopes that others can work hard to prepare for the exam next week.

Qin Zhen and Zhuang Jie sent Zhou Jingmang away. Qin Zhen said that she had something on her face. When asked, Qin Zhen said that she wanted to transfer to another school and that she wanted to study as a nurse. Zhuang Jie asked if she had discussed with her parents. Qin Zhen denied it, but she knew that she was not passionate for a while, but decided that she wanted to study this major. Shen Lingwei told Zhou Jingmang that Zhang Yang had a fever in the early morning. Zhou Jingmang was very worried about these words. She had been searching the Internet that night, and then waiting for Shen Yonghua’s call. On Shen Winghuan, the nurse asked her to return the fruit to Wee Morning, and Shen Winghuan returned the fruit to Wee Morning, saying that nursing was their job and did not need his courtesy.

Knowing that she came to the hospital to see Zhang Yang, she left in the early morning. On the day of the exam, Zhou Jingmang had half an hour left to finish answering the papers. She turned in the papers in advance and ran to the hospital to see Zhang Yang. Coincidentally, Zhang Yang also hid the bag to avoid the nurse and ran out of the hospital secretly. When he arrived in the classroom, the ringtone at the end of the exam sounded, but Zhang Yang did not see Zhou Jingmang. At this time, Zhou Jingmang was brought to the ward by the nurse and found that Zhang Yang was not here. The two missed it perfectly. After the results came out, her parents looked a little angry when she was ranked ninth in the class, and Teacher Zhou even went to her father alone, which made him feel ashamed.

The parents decided to let her go to grandma’s house during the holiday, and besides studying, they also had to help grandma with some housework. Father gave her the mobile phone, but also said that he would check her internet and call records every month from now on. Thinking of what his father said, Zhou Jingmang dismissed the idea of ​​calling Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was going out to perform. Zhuang Jie asked if she should tell Zhou Jingmang. Considering that Zhou Jingmang’s parents were too strict with her, Zhang Yang did not let Zhuang Jie tell her in order not to cause trouble to her. When Zhou Jingmang went to her grandma’s house, her grandma was very enthusiastic, making her feel like she was back in her childhood. Zhuang Jie and Qin Zhen had a meal. When Zhou Jingmang went to the hospital to find Zhang Yang during the last exam, Zhuang Jie realized that they had missed that time, so he told Zhang Yang about it.

Zhang Yang came looking for her when she was helping her grandma by the sea. Seeing Zhang Yang’s arrival, she looked incredible. The two of them played and played on the beach, making Zhou Jingmang, who had been frowning, smile, and the previous haze seemed to disappear with Zhang Yang’s arrival. Turning her gaze back to 2015, Zhou Jingmang burned her foot and walked out of the toilet. She talked about her plan in the ear of a colleague, hoping that she could ask someone from the law firm to go to the karaoke bar. She took the opportunity to get Zhang Yang drunk. , And then took him to the campus they were familiar with, and asked him what happened in the past five years, hoping to untie his knot. Zhou Jingmang talked about the plan with Qin Zhen, Shen Lanhuan, and Yu Huitong, but he didn’t expect Yu Huitong to tell Zhang Yang about the plan. On the day of singing, Zhang Yang really arrived.

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