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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 34 Recap

Lu Yiming didn’t return last night, and Qiao was a little worried about him, and couldn’t help but want to send a message to inquire. As a result, the written message was hesitantly deleted at the moment of sending it. Lu Yiming was eating breakfast at Meng Yan’s house. Speaking of what happened to him, Meng Yan suddenly remembered that he should change the studio password because of Lu Yiming’s words, because the previous password represented unpleasantness, and he could only start again if he let go of the past.

The password was changed to Li Tianzhen and today’s date. Lu Yiming told Li Tianzhen about the matter. Unexpectedly, after Li Tianzhen put down his mobile phone, he scolded Wen Li and accused him of contacting Lu Yiming and Meng Yan. According to the previous agreement, Wen Li brought Li Tianzhen to Meng Yan’s studio, intending to meet with Jin Jiayao to discuss cooperation.

However, as soon as Li Tianzhen arrived at the office, Meng Yan immediately came over to show his favor, and gave Wen Li a wink, asking him to wait outside, so as not to hinder the opportunity for them to get along alone. Jin Jiayao is very interested in Li Tianzhen. Unexpectedly, Kuandi’s heir was so young. Meng Yan was a little jealous when she saw it. Jin Jiayao was not allowed to approach Li Tianzhen outside of work.

Regarding the cooperation in this project, Li Tianzhen made it clear that he was willing to share the benefits of Yunxia Village with Jin Jiayao, but the premise was that Jinyu Real Estate acquired ten projects in Kuandi. Meng Yan and Wen Li cooperated with each other and helped Li Tianzhen to turn the negotiation situation to a high level, which made Jin Jiayao quite novel, so they promised to seriously consider it. After they leave, Li Tianzhen and Wen Li will also return to the company. Before leaving, Wen Li gave the roll to Meng Yan as a gift of thanks. When they opened it, it was Li Tianzhen splashed with ink. Portrait sketch of the past.

Cao Yu came uninvited, wanting to care about Qiao Ke’s current situation and persuade her to punish herself in this way. After all, all the mistakes were caused by Li Jun and shouldn’t hurt others at all. However, Qiao Ke still couldn’t face it calmly. She was grateful for Cao Yu’s kindness, and at the same time refused to meet, because she was afraid that after meeting she could not help but hurt others.

Qiao could respond to Cao Yu with a decisive attitude and dispel the hope in her heart, but when Cao Yu left, she couldn’t help but feel sad, so she went to worship at his brother’s grave alone and told him about his inner distress. It is precisely because Qiao can treat Cao Yu and the others as relatives, it is difficult to accept the behavior of their relatives hurting their relatives.

Lu Yiming went home and didn’t see Qiao Ke. Instead, he found half a box of instant noodles in the rice cooker that he hadn’t finished eating. It was both guilt and distress. He made a special meal at home until Qiao Ke appeared. Qiao Ke agreed to Lu Yiming’s invitation, spent some time outside with him, and mentioned by the way that he had lied to go to the bar before.

The two came to the convenience store. Lu Yiming helped Qiao Ke choose what she usually likes to eat, but Lu Yiming’s comprehensive and considerate nature made Qiao Ke very uncomfortable. Whether it was in the past or now, Lu Yiming always pays a lot inadvertently, hides his emotions from everyone, and feels sad because others are sad, and others are happy and happy. Only this kind of getting along will make Qiao Ke double. Feel the pressure and dare not vent their emotions.

So far, Lu Yiming still hasn’t understood what he did wrong. His unconditional sacrifices are just hoping to make the loved ones happy. He can only take care of Qiao Ke, Li Tianzhen and Cao Yu into a carefree utopia. It is my greatest satisfaction. Qiao Ke realized the difference between her and Lu Yiming on this matter, and even how to argue was useless, so he simply told Lu Yiming about the annual leave and asked him to allow him to go out to relax.

The dispute ended in unhappiness. Lu Yiming left home sad and sat alone by the river drinking. Then he called and scolded Meng Yan, blaming him for not knowing the blessing in the blessing, and always making all kinds of things to break his love. And peace. Meng Yan guessed from his voice that Lu Yiming was drunk, so he asked him to tell himself the address. Early the next morning, Lu Yiming got up and found his upper body naked. Meng Yan changed his pants but ignored his clothes, and simply went to the locker room to put on Meng Yan’s coat.

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