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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 33 Recap

Although Meng Yan has undergone great changes and helped graciously recover a lot of losses, Li Tianzhen is still heartbroken when he thinks of what Meng Yan once said, especially when he broke up, and I don’t know what reason to use. Accept each other. Looking at the portrait of Meng Yan painted by herself, Li Tianzhen hated that she had no spine to abandon this relationship, so in a rage, she poured ink on the portrait of Meng Yan.

Meng Yan’s mobile phone number was blocked by Li Tianzhen, and there was no way to contact the other party directly, so she sent a message to let her lift the access control and allow herself to enter the land. At the same time, Lu Yiming thought that Joe had no sense of gender for him, so he had no other feelings except for his relatives. As a result, Qiao Ke came out wrapped in a bath towel and pretended that the hair dryer was broken.

Lu Yiming couldn’t stand the temptation, and simply put on the blindfold. Unexpectedly, Qiao could get into his feet. He even sat next to Lu Yiming, so scared that he put on his coat and ran to Meng Yan. As soon as he walked in, he cursed the scumbag. Meng Yan was confused. Meng Yan wanted to use Lu Yiming’s cell phone to call Li Tianzhen, but when Li Tianzhen heard his voice, he immediately hung up.

Early the next morning, Li Tianzhen learned from Wen Li that Meng Yan would not hesitate to transfer patents and copyrights in order to help Kuandi, and even negotiate cooperation with Jin Jiayao. Li Tianzhen couldn’t let Meng Yan leave alone, so he took the initiative to come to the studio and solemnly warned Meng Yan not to continue to intervene in the wide-ranging projects. Even if the project is difficult to sell, it has nothing to do with him.

Knowing that she was still angry, Meng Yan immediately stepped forward to hug her and apologized sincerely, hoping that Li Tianzhen could accept her help, and was willing to wait for her to change her mind in the following days. However, Li Tianzhen couldn’t convince herself. Whenever she remembered the past of the two, except for the little bit of sweetness, what was left was endless bitterness, so she frankly didn’t hate Meng Yan, nor did she love Meng Yan.

After these days of hard work, the relationship between Qiao Ke and Li Tianzhen is still at a stage of opposition, and there is no sign of relaxation at all. Lu Yiming didn’t want the two to become enemies completely because of this incident, so he thought of a way and took the initiative to invite Qiao Ke to dinner, and took her to the restaurant where the three of them used to go, but Qiao Ke immediately saw through Lu Yiming’s intentions. , To accuse him of deliberately arranging all this, just to remind himself of Li Tianzhen.

But for Qiao Ke, whether it is Li Tianzhen or Cao Yu, as long as she has a relationship with Li Jun, it is a knot that she cannot forgive. Even if Lu Yiming couldn’t let go of his original feelings, his thoughts did not represent Qiao Ke, let alone make Qiao Ke change his mind, and he was not rare in that little bit of position in Lu Yiming’s heart.

Seeing Qiao Ke’s departure, Lu Yiming was crying bitterly in the corner. He didn’t want any side to be hurt, nor did he want each other to hurt each other. Although Li Tianzhen rejected Meng Yan, she still couldn’t let go, and simply went out to talk with Wen Li when she got off work.

Because Wen Li saw Li Tianzhen’s thoughts, she advised her not to think that she could push Meng Yan away as long as she refused. After all, he was a wonderful work that was more courageous than ever. Meng Yan called Wen Li and asked him to find a way to get Li Tianzhen to the studio. At this time, Lu Yiming came back from the outside in despair, facing Meng Yan’s inquiry, but still did not reveal a word. Qiao Ke discovered that Lu Yiming hadn’t come back last night, so he sent him a message.

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