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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 6 Recap

Wen Ruxue deliberately made a mess of the rental house where Dai Xixi and Liu Ke once lived, and asked Dai Xixi to call Liu Ke to catch her. She could see Liu Ke and Ding Huiqiao would not allow Wen Ruxue to mess around. Wen Xiaoyang carried a mobile phone and searched the room for a serious reason, claiming that the house was not well feng shui, and advised Wen Ruxue to move as soon as possible. Ding Huiqiao immediately decided to cancel the contract with the landlord. She ignored Dai Xixi’s block and packed her luggage and moved. Dai Xixi was very unhappy. She, Wen Ruxue persuaded her to discard all the unhappiness in the past as rubbish.

Ding Huiqiao finally agreed to lend the multimedia room to Sa Sa. Sa Sa did not appreciate it at all and complained to Li Wensen, deliberately revealing that Ding Huiqiao would accompany Terry to the resort to attend the party on the weekend. Li Wensen was worried and wanted to accompany Ding Huiqiao to the resort. Ding Huiqiao politely declined. Li Wensen urged Ding Huiqiao to drink less.

Wen Ruxue asked Ding Huiqiao about Bai Xiangwen’s situation, and Ding Huiqiao made excuses to shirk her, but she couldn’t stand Wen Ruxue’s entanglement. Duan Xu quickly found Liu Ke, and the two went to the game hall to play together. Duan Xu persuaded Liu Ke and Dai Xixi to reconcile. Liu Ke didn’t want to go back to the old days and hoped that Dai Xixi would find true love. Dai Xixi hid behind and heard Duan Xu’s conversation with Liu Ke. She gave up completely and left the ring Liu Ke gave her at the front desk, and then left silently.

In fact, Duan Xu deliberately called Dai Xixi to let her hear what Liu Ke was saying. Dai Xixi couldn’t help but burst into tears when she learned that Liu Ke was irretrievable. Wen Ruxue asked Bai Xiangwen’s address from Ding Huiqiao, and deliberately asked the courier to deliver the matsutake he ordered to Bai Xiangwen’s home. Bai Xiangwen called to inform Wen Ruxue, and Wen Ruxue lied to live in his home. Downstairs, promised to come to pick it up after get off work. Wen Ruxue dressed up carefully and came to Bai Xiangwen’s house. She lied that Matsutake was a birthday gift from a friend, but she didn’t know how to cook. Bai Xiangwen offered to cook it for her. Wen Ruxue was overjoyed in her heart. The home of Bai Xiangwen.

Ding Huiqiao accompanied Terry to the resort to participate in a dinner with President Lin. She gave out the contract at the dinner table. President Lin didn’t want to talk about work. He pulled Ding Huiqiao for a drink. Ding Huiqiao made it clear that she had stopped drinking, President Lin. With an angry expression on his face, Terry was also very embarrassed, Ding Huiqiao had to bite the bullet and accompany Lin to drink, and Lin immediately began to smile. After drinking and eating, Terry deliberately hid aside and called. Mr. Lin invited Ding Huiqiao to spend a good night. Ding Huiqiao refused, and Mr. Lin went away disappointed.

Bai Xiangwen quickly made the matsutake soup. Wen Ruxue showed his charm and seduce him in every possible way. Bai Xiangwen dismantled Wen Ruxue in person and planned the meeting carefully, but he was going to disappoint Wen Ruxue this time. As soon as Bai Xiangwen’s words fell, Nan Nan opened the door and went home. He was charming and gentle, and he and Bai Xiangwen hooked up his shoulders. Wen Ruxue immediately understood that Bai Xiangwen was gay, and hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

It turned out that Bai Xiangwen had long seen through Wen Ruxue’s lying. She reported the house number of Nan Nan’s house. Bai Xiangwen had to find Nan Nan to act, just to scare away Wen Ruxue. Nan Nan persuaded Bai Xiangwen to accept Wen. Ruxue, he is determined not to do it, wanting that kind of sentiment that goes with the flow instead of this kind of deliberate romance, Nan Nan is helpless.

Ding Huiqiao asked for a driver to take her to the gym. The gym was closed. She came in full of alcohol and ran into the new coach. Ding Huiqiao repeatedly claimed that she was a VVIP customer and insisted on going in and venting. Coach Desperately blocking, Ding Huiqiao had a drunkenness and threw up the coach.

When Dai Xixi’s parents learned that Liu Ke had proposed a breakup, they rushed to Shanghai. Dai’s mother tried to persuade Dai Xixi to return to her hometown. Dai Xixi was unwilling to leave. Dai’s father learned that Dai Xixi was back in the company and felt very distressed for her. Dai Xixi vowed to start again. She must find a better man than Liu Ke. Her father encouraged her to stand up and live a good life, and promised to help her find a good man. Dai Xixi didn’t want to rely on her parents anymore. This time she wanted to choose by herself and begged her father to give her three months. .

Liu Keyue Chen Jiaqian met and admitted that he had broken up with Dai Xixi, and wanted to pursue Chen Jiaqian when his work stabilized. Chen Jiaqian admitted that he had a good impression of him, but he did not dare to accept his feelings. Liu Ke struggled with her. Ding Huiqiao took the team members to the hotel where Lin was staying early in the morning and learned that Lin had checked out and left. Ding Huiqiao reported to Terry after the regular meeting. Terry asked her to talk to Mr. Lin for an explanation, but Ding Huiqiao refused to continue. Follow up with President Lin’s case and ask Terry to find someone else.

Sa Sa and Sammy discovered that Ding Huiqiao’s attitude towards Terry changed drastically. They suspected that they had spent the night at the resort. Li Wensen stood up to testify for Ding Huiqiao and lied that he sent Ding Huiqiao home. Sasha and Sammy were suddenly dumb. . Dai Xixi asked Wen Xiaoyang about the secrets of dating. Wen Xiaoyang asked her to find it on the Internet, or from a crowd that she had never thought of. Dai Xixi felt unreliable, and Wen Xiaoyang persuaded her to find a job before her boyfriend.

Dai Xixi decided to help Duan Xu complete the project left by Liu Ke. She followed Duan Xu to meet the investor Mr. Chen. As soon as Mr. Chen saw Dai Xixi, he enthusiastically chatted with her about the daily routine. Mr. Chen was curious about what happened to Liu Ke this time. When he did not come, Dai Xixi explained that Liu Ke had something to ask for leave, and Duan Xu would be responsible for this project in the future.

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