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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 5 Recap

Wen Xiaoyang and Wen Ruxue refused to give in. Wen Xiaoyang set up a posture to fight with Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue was forced to be helpless and had to agree to take her in temporarily. Wen Ruxue was struggling, so she discussed with Ding Huiqiao to postpone the rent payment until next month, and also to add Wen Xiaoyang’s share. Wen Xiaoyang went to look for a job early in the morning, but she was penniless and borrowed three hundred yuan from Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue saw that Wen Xiaoyang’s cartoons were very professional, and she was more confident in her.

Dai Xixi was puzzled. She sorted out the timeline of her interaction with Liu Ke early in the morning. It was analyzed that the key to their breakup was that Liu Ke read the content of Wen Ruxue’s phone, and she came to look for it the first time. Wen Ruxue negotiates. Wen Ruxue didn’t want Chen Jiaqian to hear it, so she brought Dai Xixi to the beauty salon and lied that she had handed the marriage bill to Liu Ke. Liu Ke was discouraged from the marriage and Dai Xixi believed it was true.

The more Dai Xixi thought about it, the more annoyed she became. She wanted to get married with all her heart, but destiny made a big joke on her, and Wen Ruxue could only persuade her kindly. Dai Xixi went to eat steak in the western restaurant of the hotel where Ding Huiqiao was located. When she remembered that she and Liu Ke had eaten exactly the same in France, she couldn’t help crying in sorrow. After hearing the news, the chef Bai Xiangwen came out to persuade her. Wen Ruxue came to the hotel to look for Ding Huiqiao. From the window, she recognized Bai Xiangwen as the one who saved her. He asked the waiter that Bai Xiangwen was the chef who had just returned from France. Quietly go to the basement and wait for Dinghui Bridge.

Today is Ding Huiqiao’s birthday. Li Wensen took the initiative to invite Ding Huiqiao to have a meal, specially ordered her favorite dishes before, and prepared a birthday cake. Li Wensen gave Ding Huiqiao a beautiful necklace and put it on by himself. He took the opportunity to express his heart to Ding Huiqiao. Li Wensen did not expect the two of them to reconcile as before. He just wanted to start again with Ding Huiqiao. Ding Huiqiao was very moved. After the meal, Li Wensen sent Ding Huiqiao home. Ding Huiqiao recovered her former calm and thanked Li Wensen. Li Wensen obviously felt that she was deliberately keeping her distance and watched Ding Huiqiao’s decisive back, and felt very disappointed.

Ding Huiqiao came home and received another surprise. Dai Xixi filled her room with candles. Wen Ruxue gave her a sexy pajamas. Ding Huiqiao changed into that pajamas and walked out, warm as snow. Feeling bright in front of her, she repeatedly praised her as beautiful as an immortal and was shocked as a heavenly person. Ding Huiqiao excused that it had already passed twelve o’clock and was about to start a new day’s work, so Wen Ruxue had to hide away with interest. Ding Huiqiao looked at herself still beautiful and sexy in the mirror, thinking of Li Wensen’s affectionate confession, with mixed feelings in her heart, she forced herself to calm down and took the necklace off and put it in the jewelry box.

Sa Sa consulted with Ding Huiqiao before the regular meeting and wanted to requisition the multimedia hall at the end of the month. Ding Huiqiao refused to give in and insisted on leaving it to Ku Yi to hold a press conference. Li Wensen interceded for Sa Sa. Ding Huiqiao just didn’t let go, Sam Meiye. Advise Dinghuiqiao to relax. General manager Terry came to the meeting on time, Sa Sa took the opportunity to apply to him, Terry persuaded Ding Huiqiao to give in, Ding Huiqiao resolutely refused. After the meeting, Ding Huiqiao came to Terry to explain. Terry had long heard that she was vigorous and resolute. Today, she finally learned how good she is. Terry is about to be transferred and determined that Ding Huiqiao wants to take his place.

Wen Ruxue fell in love with Bai Xiangwen at first sight, and searched the Internet for information about him whenever she had time. She was determined to win the dialogue with Xiangwen. Dai Xixi was depressed all day long, Ding Huiqiao looked anxious in her eyes, Dai Xixi could not fall asleep tossing and turning, she told the love blogger “Love Youde” about her experience in detail, hoping to get her help.

Because Liu Ke resigned and left, Mr. Hu was worried that investors would go back and the company’s capital chain would fall into crisis. Duan Xu suggested to tell the investors the truth. Mr. Hu resolutely refused to do it. He also asked Duan Xu to invite Dai Xixi back and ask her to come forward. Investors talked about cooperation, Duan Xu looked for various excuses to evade, but he couldn’t stand Mr. Hu’s entanglement, he could only bite the bullet and agree to it.

Ding Huiqiao bought dinner and went home. Wen Xiaoyang went to call Dai Xixi to come out for dinner, only to find that she was not at home and didn’t bring her mobile phone. Wen Ruxue was furious at Wen Xiaoyang. She went out in the afternoon to make Wen Xiaoyang stare at Dai Xixi. Vanished, Wen Ruxue counted Luo Wen Xiaoyang severely. Ding Huiqiao was worried that Dai Xixi couldn’t think about it, so he took Wen Ruxue and Wen Xiaoyang out to find someone.

Duan Xu was ordered to come to Dai Xixi. He knocked on the door for a long time, but no one responded. Duan Xu dialed Dai Xixi’s phone and found out that she was missing. Ding Huiqiao asked Duan Xu to enter the house according to the password. When Duan Xu entered the room, he saw Dai Xixi fainted behind the sofa with a small medicine bottle beside him. Duan Xu mistakenly thought that Dai Xixi committed suicide by drinking the medicine. While calling Ding Huiqiao, he rescued Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi finally woke up, cruelly. After giving Duan Xu a severe lesson, she just fell asleep extremely sleepy.

Wen Ruxue, Ding Huiqiao and Wen Xiaoyang hurried home. They saw that Dai Xixi was safe and sound, only to realize that this was a misunderstanding. Wen Ruxue interrogated Duan Xu in detail. Finally, Duan Xu explained his intentions. Dai Xixi considered repeatedly agreeing to help deal with the investors, provided that Duan Xu had to find Liu Ke back. She only wanted to see Liu Ke to clarify the matter.

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