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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 20 Recap

Chen Duxiu agreed with Wilson’s thoughts and planned to publish them in the next article. Then he turned around and talked to Li Dazhao about Hu Shi’s house rules that he must sleep at ten o’clock every day. Yannian Qiaonian, Liu Mei and Zhao Shiyan, pushed a cart full of newspapers and magazines back. During the period, they talked about the October Revolution in Russia. Zhao Shiyan recognized Marxism very much and believed that the replacement of the old and the new system required revolution, but Yannian is obsessed with anarchism and is very resistant to violent revolution.

Xu Shichang called Wang Daxie, hoping that he, the Foreign Affairs Committee, would take up the important task of negotiating the Paris Peace Conference, but Wang Daxie believed that Cao Rulin could not even interfere in diplomatic matters. The Paris Peace Conference only gave China two representative seats and the ability of the delegation. It is not feasible to take turns attending unevenly. Wang Daxie proposed to rank Gu Weijun as the second negotiator. However, in order to prevent troubles in the south, Xu Shichang, the big president, must come forward and let the south take care of the overall situation. After thinking about it, Xu Shichang agreed, but still frowned.

In the Red Mansion Library, Yannian and others were sorting out the newspapers. Li Dazhao hurried over after finishing his work. Liu Mei looked at him with a smile and said that he was really busy. Mao Zedong and Deng Zhongxia came to Li Dazhao. Mao Zedong received a letter from Hunan member Xiong Guangchu, suggesting that universities should promote the establishment of reading and newspaper rooms in all China’s towns, but this is not an easy task.

Mao Zedong suggested that Peking University should take the lead in such a sensational thing. . Li Dazhao expressed his support for the popularization of education and culture, but Cai Yuanpei’s consent is needed for this matter. Chen Yannian suggested at the book club that he wanted to conduct an experiment in the book club and the French training hall, and set up a part-work and part-study mutual-aid communist group. Zhao Shiyan also proposed to pay attention to and mobilize the workers and peasants.

This group not only suffers from oppression, but also has a high illiteracy rate. The students proposed that in order to allow these illiterate people to accept new ideas and cultures, more publicity should be made through speeches. Mao Zedong met a lot of working people in Hunan, and he very much agreed with both proposals. Li Dazhao told the students that the New Culture Movement has reached a turning point, and what we need to do now is to let the new culture reach the masses.

Only at the grassroots level can practical problems be solved. Li Dazhao took Zhao Shiyan, Deng Zhongxia and Mao Zedong to Changxindian for special investigations. This is their practice of Marxist research. In the dormitory of Changxindian, workers are waiting for their arrival. The main reason that China can become a victorious nation in World War I this time is that it sent hundreds of thousands of laborers. The Changxindian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Factory is an early stage in China.

In modern industry, after the October Revolution in Russia, Chinese advanced elements realized the importance of the working class. Deng Zhongxia and others conducted lectures and often went to the workers to promote new culture and Marxist ideas. Some workers such as Ge Yushu were influenced by Marxism. He also raised his consciousness to become an advanced member of the working class.

Inspired by this trip, Mao Zedong believed that the Chinese workers and peasants are actually the same. Most European revolutions are dominated by the working class, but China’s national conditions are special and the level of industrialization is low. Many workers are still bankrupt farmers. If you want a real revolution, you must start with the farmers.

Deng Zhongxia also proposed to literacy literacy for workers as soon as possible. Li Dazhao suggested that night schools for workers could be established, and some publications of Peking University would take the lead in propaganda for the working class. Cai Yuanpei agreed with Li Dazhao’s popular education promotion. Not only did he personally go out to raise funds, he also asked Chen Duxiu and Hu Shi to help if there were any difficulties.

Chen Yannian put forward several requirements for mutual aid groups. Not only should the students’ tuition and other expenses be paid together, but also the rule that the unemployed must not eat, and they can no longer accept the family’s financial supply, nor can they eat at home or school. They want to eat big pot of rice and wear big clothes. When Yannian and Qiao Nian returned home, they saw many insulting and slanderous notes on Chen Duxiu on the wall.

Qiao Nian hurriedly stepped forward to help Junman deal with these foul language. Yannian was angry that things had developed into such a way that his father still didn’t care. . Junman rebuked him for self-cleansing, he must remember this truth.

Yannian returned home and gave Chen Duxiu a letter to “cut off the relationship” with his family. Chen Duxiu was not angry, but called the two brothers to sit down and talk to them seriously. Chen Duxiu reminded Yannian that he could experiment more but be prepared for failure. Anarchism has a good side, but it may not be in line with China’s national conditions. He also reminded Yannian that Wu Zhihui is an empty talker and should pay more attention to not believing it too much.

However, Yannian has studied the theory of mutual aid for many years and admires Wu Zhihui deeply. His unbridled insult to his father is a person with a fake face, but he still has nothing to do with his family. A person without moral responsibility. Chen Duxiu slapped him angrily, and Yannian left home again.

Guo Xingang’s fellow Qingdao villagers came to Beijing to petition the government to return the German-occupied Qingdao, and they lived in a mutual aid agency at night. But they were all students, and they didn’t know where to send the Wanmin petition they brought. Yannian called Deng Zhongxia and Mao Zedong to discuss one night, and decided to come to Li Dazhao. Li Dazhao decided to explain the matter at the school affairs meeting, so as to gather everyone’s thoughts and think of more solutions.

Chen Duxiu blocked Hu Shi in his office and demanded that his article for “Weekly Review” be written today. Hu Shi excuses that he can’t be too busy with so many things, but he has nothing to do with Chen Duxiu’s rogue behavior. Liu Mei happened to come in and gave Hu Shi a letter of appeal to the four embassies and consulates in the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Japan to return to Qingdao, and relayed Li Dazhao’s instructions that Hu Shi must translate into English today.

Hu Shi thought about shirking the manuscript. Chen Duxiu actually asked him to translate the manuscript during the day and write at night, and he had to finish the manuscript by ten o’clock in the evening, so as not to delay the sleeping time set by his wife, Hu Shi watched and stopped in front of him. Liu Mei and Chen Duxiu are funny and helpless.

Li Dazhao brought good news. Peking University will definitely support the petition of Qingdao students. Cai Yuanpei personally called Wang Dase. Wang Dazhao immediately agreed to meet the petition representatives in the office in the afternoon. Li Dazhao believes that with the support of Wang Dazhao, Qingdao’s petition will achieve a good result. The government of the Republic of China has agreed to accept the Qingdao petition, and hereby held a press conference for the delivery ceremony. Wang Daxie accepted the petition and Wan Minzhe and told reporters that the delegation had arrived in Paris. They would actively negotiate the interests of China and Germany after the war.

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