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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 22 Recap

At the banquet, Erniang sat next to Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang noticed the bruises on Er Niang’s hand. Er Niang was unwilling to tell Eleven Niang, but after the questioning of Eleven Niang, she said that Wang Yi beat her. She did not need the false Niang.

Eleven Niang knew Erniang’s misunderstanding of her, and she also frankly told Erniang that if Erniang hadn’t designed it first, she would have run away from marriage that day, and her mother would not have died in Ci’an Temple.

Everything in the past has passed. In the future, she only hopes that the three sisters can do well and take their fate in her own hands. After listening to what Eleven Niang said, Erniang came home and wanted to live a good life with Wang Yi. She took the initiative to be soft to Wang Yi, but Wang Yi was unwilling to accept Er Niang’s affection. Er Niang’s heart was very painful. Everything had long been a foregone conclusion, and she could change it?

Xu Lingyi was drunk and sent back to the west cross-court by photos. Eleven Niang had no choice but to take care of Xu Lingyi. Photo and Holly listened to their movements at the door. Eleven Niang opened a door and interrupted the two. Xu Lingyi wanted to drink Longjing.

Eleven Niang had to let Holly go and make a cup of Longjing. After the drunkenness, Xu Lingyi fell asleep quietly. Before long, Xu Lingyi had a nightmare and slept unsteadily. Eleven Niang quickly came to comfort Xu Lingyi. She gently stroked Xu Lingyi’s frown, hoping to let Xu Lingyi sleep soundly.

Mrs. Xu took Eleven Niang to the banquet. She was afraid that Qiao Lianfang would feel uncomfortable, so she came to visit Qiaolianfang, but she didn’t expect to hear the malicious remarks made by Qiaolianfang.

Mrs. Mrs. Xu did not favor Qiaolianfang remember her identity for the first time. Since ancient times, she has been respectful and orderly. Eleven Niang has been the Marquis of Yongping, not Qiaolianfang. What can be slandered. Mrs. Xu obviously no longer believes in Qiaolianfang.

Qiao lian fang decided not to wait for death. She must find a way to replace the position of Eleven Niang. Xu Lingyi woke up in the middle of the night. He couldn’t help but move when he saw Eleven Niang falling asleep by the bed. Xu Lingyi went back to bed with his arms to 11 Niang.

He couldn’t help kissing 11 Niang and went to sleep with him in his arms. The next day, Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi woke up. Xu Lingyi deliberately played a trick on Eleven Niang and let Eleven Niang not play tricks on her and admit it. The group went to the flower hall to ask Mrs. Xu. Mrs. Xu changed her old attitude. She was gratified by the feelings between the eleventh mother Xu Lingyi, and gradually accepted the eleventh mother.

Xu Lingyi broke the window by himself. He moved to the west cross-yard to sleep on this reason. Even holly could see Xu Lingyi’s clumsy tricks. How could Eleven Niang not know it? But Xu Lingyi wanted to rely on the west cross-court, but she could do nothing. Xu Lingyi slept on the warm pavilion. He opened his heart to Eleven Niang. In the past, he ignored that Eleven Niang was his fault. In the future, he would treat Eleven Niang well.

At night, Xu Lingyi and Eleven Niang couldn’t sleep together. After the two talked about the book, Xu Lingyi asked Eleven Niang to rest first. He gently covered the quilt for Eleven Niang, which moved the bottom of her heart. Xu Lingyi had a nightmare in the middle of the night.

Eleven Niang accompanied Xu Lingyi, and was also very worried in her heart. Therefore, Eleven Niang was in the first place. Two days later, Linbo inquired about Xu Lingyi’s heart knot. Linbo said that Xu Lingyi had never let go of the tragedy of the Xu family. In those years, the old prince and his son were killed in the battlefield because of the tricks of the district family.

The district family pressed the Xu family step by step, and everyone fell into the well. Xu Lingyi had to join the army with Linbo, from a hairy soldier to Today’s Yongping Marquis is also because of this experience that Xu Lingyi has been grinded into this majestic and cold appearance from the prince who flew freely in the past.

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