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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 21 Recap

Lin Bo reported the mold rice to Xu Lingyi. He found out that the moldy rice came from the army from the rice store. A large number of mold rice in the army was inseparable from the district family. Xu Lingyi was furious when he knew it, and he was ready to write a memorial to impeach the district family.

Jingyuan Marquis House, Jingyuan Marquis asked about the moldy rice of the district, and he blamed the district. Once the matter was investigated by Xu Lingyi, they could only give up the chessman Wang Zichuan in the household. After that, Jingyuan Marquis asked District Lixing to pay more attention to the whereabouts of District Yanxing, and if he returned to Beijing, he would report it in time.

Au Lixing returned to the room in frustration. Mrs. Au was concerned about Au Lixing. She learned that Xu Lingyi had mixed with Eleven Niang about mold rice, and she was ready to meet the Xu family for a while. After that, Mrs. Au was very angry when she heard that Jingyuan Marquis was paying attention to Au Yanxing again. Au Yanxing was just a bastard of the district family, but Jingyuan Marquis had been paying attention to him.

Xu Lingyi met with Eleven Niang in the hospital. Xu Lingyi told Eleven Niang about moldy rice. He knew that Eleven Niang had gone out frequently recently, so he hoped that Eleven Niang would take Wan Daxian to protect him well. The intimate conversation between the two fell into Qiao Lianfang.

Qiao Lianfang came forward and interrupted the two. She told Xu Lingyi that today was her birthday. Mrs. Mrs. asked her to invite Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi was unwilling to open a Lilian room, but when she thought that Mrs. Xu said she wanted to treat the people in the backyard well, she promised the lotus room to go to her room tonight.

Xu Lingyi’s trip to Qiaolian’s room made Tao’s mother have a grudge. She reported to Mrs. Luo that Eleven Niang could not be spoiled. Mrs. Luo asked Tao’s mother to give Amber’s sachet embroidered by her sister, hoping that Amber could help the Luo family hold Xu Lingyi’s heart. Amber was unwilling to do something wrong to Eleven Niang, but Dr. Luo It’s not easy for Amber to refuse. If Amber wants to find her sister, she must listen to her.

Amber came to the Fairy Pavilion. Master Jane took out the embroidered shoes embroidered by Eleven Niang for Amber. Amber was very moved by what Eleven Niang had done for her, but her sister was a close relative, and she cried in a dilemma. It happened that Lin Shixian came to the Xianyu Pavilion. He bumped into the appearance of Amber crying and couldn’t help but be concerned. Amber told Lin Shixian that he cried because of his sister whose whereabouts were unknown. Lin Shixian comforted Amber and gave Amber the jade beads he asked for, hoping to bring good luck to Amber.

In order to find her sister, Amber had to break her heart in a dilemma. She sent soup to Xu Lingyi in the name of Eleven Niang, and deliberately wanted Xu Lingyi to spoil her. Xu Lingyi was not a lecherous person. When he knew Amber’s mind, he was furious and ordered that the photo take out the amber and give it to Eleven Niang for handling.

At this time, Eleven Niang came to the study. She protected Amber, saying that the soup was sent by Amber and let Amber go first. After handling Xu Lingyi’s incident, Eleven Niang returned to the West Cross-court, and Amber confessed everything. She was threatened by Madame Luo, but she was unwilling to do something that hurt Eleven Niang.

So she dressed plainly today to find Xu Lingyi, in order to make Xu Lingyi drive her out of the Xu family angrily, so that she would not violate Luo. The lady’s meaning will not hurt the Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang understood the difficulty of amber, and she left it behind. Anyway, she has been treating Amber and Holly like sisters.

Three days later, Mrs. Sun Yat-sen held a banquet and invited all the daughters to go to the banquet. Mrs. Xu asked the 11th Niang to prepare, and then she would accompany her as the mother of the Xu family. After learning the news, Eleven Niang was neither panicked nor proud, which made Mrs. Xu look at her with new eyes.

On the day of the banquet, Eleven Niang was generous and decent, which made Mrs. Xu quite reassured. Mrs. Xu went to catch up with her old sisters. Before she left, she told Eleven Niang to be more careful of the young lady of the area.

Mrs. Au came to talk to Eleven Niang, and Er Niang also came to the house to have a banquet. She deliberately flattered Mrs. Au, so she talked about flowers and plants with Mrs. Au. Mrs. Au did not know the flowers and plants in front of her.

Instead, she threw the problem to Eleven Niang. Before Eleven Niang answered, Er Niang laughed at the ignorance of Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang smiled at the corners of her mouth. Her words sharply and machine ironed Mrs. Au and Er Niang, and also came out the names of the flowers and plants together.

The reply of Eleven Niang satisfied Mrs. Xu Taibei. She also came to Eleven Niang’s side and deliberately satirized the district family in her words. Just at this time, Eleven Niang’s eyes sharply noticed the embroidery on the clothes of the young lady of the district.

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