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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 20 Recap

Mrs. Xu asked Xu Lingyi about the person who took care of Fengqing. Xu Lingyi wanted to let Eleven Niang raise her, but the second lady came to the hall in time. She was willing to raise Fengqing. Mrs. Xu was relieved to see that the second lady put down her heart knot. Previously, Qiao Lianfang and Qin Yinniang were competing to take care of Fengqing together.

Now they are raised by the second wife. Qiao Lianfang immediately provoked discord with Qin Yinniang. Qin Yinniang was half disappointed and half sad.

Xu Lingkuan came to thank Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang saw Danyang embroidered the sachet for Xu Lingkuan on the reason of embroidery. There was no clue to the embroidery on the sachet. She asked Xu Lingkuan about the murder of Ci’an Temple. Although Xu Lingkuan did not see anything on that day, he promised Eleven Niang that he would help Eleven Niang inquire about the day in private.

Entourage. Fengqing recognized his ancestors and recorded it in the name of the second lady. Eleven Niang received a letter from Luo’s house. Mrs. Luo was seriously ill. She hurried back to visit Mrs. Luo. Luo thought that Fengqing’s matter was handled very well, but the next important task of eleven Niang was to win Xu Lingyi’s favor and have sex with Xu Lingyi as soon as possible.

Eleven Niang answered her voice and knew that this was Amber’s ventilation letter. Amber felt guilty. In order to find her sister as soon as possible, she had to listen to Mrs. Luo. Eleven Niang believes in Amber’s human being. She also knows that Amber has a handle in Madame Luo’s hands. She is willing to help Amber and not let Amber be subject to others. However, Amber refused Eleven Niang, believing that Eleven Niang could not help her in this matter.

Xu Lingyi came to the West Cross-court and saw that Eleven Niang was painting, so he couldn’t help but appreciate Eleven Niang’s paintings. Subsequently, Xu Lingyi sent Eleven Niang a jade dong, which was almost the same as what she had lost before. While Xu Lingyi was helping Eleven Niang wear it, the crying of the dongge interrupted the warmth of the two.

Brother Yu cried loudly because the wooden sword was broken. Eleven Niang was spoiled in her eyes. She asked Xu Lingyi to help Brother Yu make a wooden sword again. The relationship between the father and son became deeper, and Brother Yu’s character became more and more manly.
Qiao Lianfang went to ask Mrs. Xu. Danyang sat aside and satirized Qiao Lianfang.

Qiao Lianfang sat beside him unhappyly. At this time, Brother Yi also came to the hall with a new wooden sword made by Xu Lingyi. He acted coquettish to Mrs. Xu and also said that this wooden sword was made by Eleven Niang. Xu Lingyi was very obedient to Eleven Niang. Words.

This surprised Mrs. Xu and her party. What’s more surprising is that Xu Lingkuan was teaching Brother Yi to sing. After Xu Lingyi bumped into him, he did not criticize Xu Lingkuan, but was more inclusive. Danyang knew that Xu Lingyi’s change was due to Eleven Niang. She praised Eleven Niang again, and Qiao Lian’s house was even more unhappy.

Xu Lingyi did not go to the West Crossing Hospital, and Eleven Niang was also happy and leisurely. She should eat and drink in the room. Looking at half a month, Xu Lingyi sensed his change to Eleven Niang. He was a little depressed and even a little scared. He shouldered the important responsibility of the Xu family.

Linbo thought that Xu Lingyi’s change was related to Eleven Niang, but Xu Lingyi was not a rock. He also had his own seven emotions and six desires, which should be accepted calmly. Eleven Niang has been going to visit Mrs. Luofu frequently in recent days. Xu Lingyi found the abnormality of Eleven Niang. He followed Eleven Niang and found that Eleven Niang had come to Xianyu Pavilion.

Looking at Eleven Niang teaching embroidery in the room, Xu Lingyi couldn’t help but have a little taste in his heart. Xu Lingyi originally wanted Linbo to take out the 11th Niang out, but when he heard the people in the Xianyu Pavilion say that 11th Niang had been teaching the disaster victims embroidery here, then she was very concerned about the disaster victims, so she asked Linbo to send some people to secretly protect the 11th Niang.

Qiao Lianfang is suing Mrs. Xu for the 11 Niang. Soon after her marriage, she ran to Luofu. Although Mrs. Xu has some opinions, Xu Lingyi came forward to protect the 11 Niang. Mrs. Xu can’t say anything more.

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