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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 19 Recap

The next day, Eleven Niang opened her eyes and saw Xu Lingyi, who was close to her. She pushed Xu Lingyi away, but Xu Lingyi woke up at this time. Eleven Niang saw that Xu Lingyi had no intention of getting up. She crept to leave the bed, but Xu Lingyi deliberately played a trick on Eleven Niang and asked Eleven Niang to dress for him.

Eleven Niang asked Fengqing’s question. Although Qin Auntie loved Fengqing, she was a maid. Xu Lingyi was afraid that Qin Auntie could not teach Fengqing well, and the second lady also liked Fengqing, but she was afraid that she could not accept Fengqing. At the beginning, Brother Qian’s death always made the second lady think it was her responsibility and had never solved the happy knot.

Xu Lingkuan’s father-in-law Dingnanhou already knew about Fengqing. Xu Lingyi asked Xu Lingkuan to plead guilty, but Xu Lingkuan did not dare to face it. The two brothers quarreled because of this. Xu Lingyi ordered Xu Lingkuan to be put under house arrest and reflective.

Subsequently, Eleven Niang came to see Xu Lingyi. She knew the contradictions between the two brothers and only persuaded Xu Lingyi to calmly and have a good chat with Xu Lingkuan. Although the two could not return to the same close as before, they could also know what Xu Lingkuan thought.

Danyang never knew about Fengqing. She knew that Xu Lingkuan was under house arrest, and immediately asked people to prepare food to comfort Xu Lingkuan. At this time, Zhaoying came to ask Xu Lingkuan to go to the half moon, Xu Lingkuan came to the half moon, and the two brothers finally sat down and had a good talk. Xu Lingyi knew that he was too strict with Xu Lingkuan, and Xu Lingkuan also admitted his mistake to Xu Lingyi. He knew Xu Lingkuan’s painstaking efforts, so he decided to personally Go to Dingnanhoufu to plead guilty, and he did what he did wrong himself to bear.

In the fairy pavilion, the eleven mothers came to teach embroidery. Lin Shi seemed to know that the eleven mothers were in the fairy pavilion, so they came to see the eleven women. Amber saw Lin Shixian, Lin Shixian sent Amber a hand ointment, amber smiled at the corners of his mouth, and there was a little shyness in his eyes. Little did Lin Shixian know that he didn’t mean anything about amber. He also gave 11 Niang amber’s hand ointment. He loved 11 Niang in his heart.

In the backyard of the Xu family, Danyang was walking in the courtyard. Qiao Lianfang came to tell Danyang that Fengqing was the illegitimate son of Xu Lingkuan. She had already got the news from Mrs. Qiao. The reason why she told Danyang was that the steps of the west cross-yard had just been rebuilt the day before, and if Danyang had a good or bad thing in the west cross-yard, I’m afraid that Eleven Niang could not eat and walk.

Qiao Lianfang’s wishful thinking was well played. Danyang also saw Fengqing in the west cross-court. She accidentally stepped on the steps while chasing Fengqing. Fortunately, Eleven Niang arrived in time. Eleven Niang pulled Fengqing and fell to the ground.

Xu Lingkuan came to Dingnan Houfu to plead guilty to Dingnan Marquis. He was sincere to Danyang. Fengqing was the matter before he married Danyang. Now he only asks Dingnan Hou to give him some time. When Danyang gives birth to a child, he will confess to Danyang and forgiveness. He will never live up to Danyang in this life. Danyang is pregnant with six armors. Even if the Southern Marquis rejuvenates, it can only be seen on Danyang’s face. He can only spare Xu Lingkuan and let Xu Lingkuan wait for Danyang.

Danyang thanked Eleven Niang for saving her, but she had been upset when she looked at Fengqing. Eleven Niang knew that Danyang had heard the rumors, and couldn’t help deliberately telling Danyang that she should choose what was most important to herself, rather than let the rumors outside hurt herself.

Fengqing would only be Xu Lingyi’s child, and her steps were quickly built, only through. Knowing Xu Lingyi and several aunts in the house, she believed that Danyang would understand the wishes of the rumor-monger. Danyang suddenly realized from the reminder of Eleven Niang that she was angry and came to Qiaolianfang. She not only slapped Qiaolianfang, but also warned Qiaolianfang.

Back to the room, Danyang also saw the difference between Eleven Niang and Qiao Lianfang. Eleven Niang’s heart was not bad, and she was also kind. She decided to walk with Eleven Niang more in the future. Xu Lingkuan returned to his room. He heard that Danyang almost fell. He couldn’t help worrying and decided to thank Eleven Niang more in the future.

Dan Niang deliberately mentioned Feng Qing to Eleven Niang. She heard that Feng Qing had been abused since childhood, so Xu Lingkuan could take time to see Feng Qing later. Xu Lingkuan knew Danyang’s intentions and couldn’t help but deeply thank Danyang for his understanding. He also assured Danyang that Danyang and his children were the people he care most about in his life.

Eleven Niang came to find the second lady. She asked if the second lady was interested in taking care of Fengqing. The second lady refused because Qian Ge passed away from the cold. Eleven Niang persuaded her. The second lady was moved and only said that she would think more.

The second lady did not agree for a long time, and Xu Lingyi was in a dilemma. Eleven Niang said that she was willing to take care of Fengqing. Xu Lingyi did not want to let Eleven Niang suffer aggriegry. Fengqing could be taken care of by Eleven Niang, but it could not be recorded in the name of Eleven Niang, but in the name of Yuan Niang’s aunt.

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