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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 18 Recap

When Eleven Niang came to Xianling Pavilion, she learned from Master Jian that the embroiderers of Embroidery Pavilion were short of manpower, so she decided to stay in Embroidery Pavilion as embroiderers and teach women who were affected by the disaster to embroider. Now the identity of the eleven mother is not the same as before, but the eleven mother has no scruples. She dressed up as a girl in Xufu, and went to Xianling Pavilion to teach women embroidery skills after a few days. After that, Lin Shixian ran into Eleven Niang at Xianling Pavilion, and Eleven Niang learned that Lin Shixian not only invested in Xian Ling Pavilion, but also a kind person who helped Amber buy rice.

Xu Lingyi brought back a child named Fengqing from outside. Amber and Dongqing came to take care of Fengqing under the order of the eleven mother. The eleven mother was ordered by Xu Lingyi, and she let the two of them silence the matter. There is no impermeable wall in Xu’s family. The Xu’s backyard knew about it the next day. Luo Zhenxing also heard about the illegitimate child in Beijing. He came to talk to the eleven mother about Fengqing.

He did not approve of ten. Yiniang adopts a child. This child will occupy the status of the eldest son of the eldest son of the eldest son of the eleventh mother, and the inability to tolerate this child will inevitably affect the relationship between the husband and the wife. Luo Zhenxing has always been thinking of Eleven Niang, and Eleven Niang thanked Luo Zhenxing from the bottom of his heart.

In the evening, Niang Niang talked with Xu Lingyi about Fengqing. She had guessed that this child was Xu Lingkuan’s illegitimate child, and that this child was a ridiculous matter between Xu Lingkuan and Danyang before they got married. This child involved a lot. Xu Lingyi had no choice but to hide from Danyang for the sake of the overall situation. He felt warmhearted about the faith of the eleven mother, and also took the initiative to explain to the eleven mother that she had been misunderstood in the room with Qiao Lian on that day. Regardless, he never touched Qiao Lian’s room from beginning to end.

The next day, Xu Lingyi asked Xu Lingkuan to talk to Mrs. Xu about the child, and decided to put the child in his own name and take care of her. Xu Lingkuan learned of the existence of the child, so he decided to visit the child without saying a word.

On the other side, Aunt Qin came to cry and begged Eleven Mother, hoping that Eleven Mother would let her adopt Feng Qing. She could no longer have children in this life. She only hoped that she could raise a child by herself. Eleven Mother knew Aunt Qin. In his mind, he only said that Xu Lingyi still needs to decide on this matter. It is not Aunt Qin who wants to adopt a child. Qiao Lianfang also wants to raise Fengqing, but Mrs. Xu thinks it is wrong.

Qiao Lianfang will have her own child sooner or later when she is young. It is better to seize Xu Lingyi’s energy if she has this energy. heart. Qiao Lianfang didn’t think so. Now Xu Lingyi has been reluctant to go to her room. Perhaps with Fengqing, Xu Lingyi will go to her courtyard a few more times. Fengqing has been too late to decide who should adopt it. Mrs. Xu is in charge. Between Aunt Qin and Qiao Lian, whoever can get along with Fengqing can adopt Fengqing.

Lin Shixian always missed the eleven mothers, but he didn’t know the identity of the eleven mothers, and only always had a heart of love. In the Xu’s backyard, Qiao Lianfang and Aunt Qin each showed their magical abilities to make Fengqing happy. The red tasseled gun brought by Qiao Lianfang made Fengqing very happy, but he almost hurt himself while playing. Fortunately, Aunt Qin stepped forward to protect him. Living in Fengqing, Xu Lingyi, who came to see this scene, couldn’t help but reprimanded Qiao Lian’s room.

Xu Lingyi returned to the room and found that the eleven mother was sleeping next to the bed because he was taking care of Fengqing. He stepped up to the eleven mother, hugged the eleven mother in his arms, and gently hugged her back to bed. Eleven Niang was awakened by Xu Lingyi, but she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep because of tension. Xu Lingyi saw through Eleven Niang’s careful thoughts and only smiled. Outside the room, Holly was guarding. Linbo came to see Xu Lingyi, but unexpectedly saw Holly. Holly gave Linbo the dessert she prepared for Eleven Niang to taste. Linbo looked at Holly’s beautiful eyebrows and was slightly stunned.

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