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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 17 Recap

It was getting late, and Dongqing and Amber were preparing to prepare soup for Xu Lingyi, but Eleven Niang did not respond. Xu Lingyi looked at Eleven Niang and couldn’t help getting up and leaving the hospital. The Eleven Niang immediately opened her mouth to send Xu Lingyi out of the hospital. Xu Lingyi was at a loss for this reason. Yue, suffocated and went back to the study to deal with the official documents.

The next day, as the steward of the eleven mothers, she found out the accounts of various places, distinguished rewards and punishments, and established a reputation in the Xu family. As everyone knows, the steward of Eleven Niang just wants to find someone who has received the same embroidered cloth in the account book. She found that Aunt Wen, Aunt Qiao and Danyang had received the same fabric before the Dragon Boat Festival. This fabric is more suitable. As a sachet, the Dragon Boat Festival is suitable for gifts, so she plans to start with the gifts given by a few people and follow the vine to find clues.

Xu Lingyi has been holding a sigh of breath since he came back from Xikuayuan, taking care of Xu Lingyi personally and thanking him. Linbo came to find Xu Lingyi, and told Linbo not to talk to Xu Lingyi for the time being. Xu Lingyi obviously ate at Shi Niang. After that, Holly and Amber fetched meals for Eleven Niang, but Amber forgot to order something. She turned and went back to the kitchen, leaving Holly in place to wait. During the blunder of circumstances, Holly had an encounter with Linbo, who was passing by. So get acquainted.

Qiao Lianfang came to deliver soup for Xu Lingyi. She talked to Xu Lingyi about the victims, thinking that the small victims could not be compared with Xu Lingyi’s future. Xu Lingyi was displeased by Qiao Lianfang’s words. He got up and prepared to visit Mrs. Xu, but Qiao Lianfang said that he had also made a pair of knee pads and was going to go together. The two of them went to visit Mrs. Xu. Mrs. Xu always praised Qiao Lian’s room in her words, and asked Xu Lingyi to love Qiao Lian’s room a lot, so that Qiao Lian’s room could open up the branches for Xu’s family.

The eleven mother inquired that Qiao Lian’s room and Xu Lingyi were with Mrs. Xu Lingyi. She was sure that the two would stay with Mrs. Xu for dinner, so she assumed that she wanted to make a new dress for Xu Lingyi and needed a sample dress. He went into Xu Lingyi’s room and searched for clothes. But he didn’t know that Xu Lingyi came out from Mrs. Xu early. He came to the room and saw Eleven Niang rummaging through clothes. After hearing Eleven Niang said that he wanted to make new clothes for him, he just stood in the room and let him Eleven Niang personally measured the size for him.

Shiyiniang asked about the victims, Xu Lingyi explained his method of resettlement of men, but he did not know how to resettle the women who were victims, and Shiyiniang thought Xu Lingyi could invite the women who were victims to the embroidery workshop, which resolved the resettlement. It can also teach people how to fish. Xu Lingyi praised the eleven mothers, thinking that if the eleven mothers were men, they would have done something big.

Aunt Wen brought a meeting gift from the Wen family to see Eleven. The sister-in-law of the Wen family wanted to see Eleven in private. Eleven declined. She raised the issue of mildew. She already knew that this was a deliberate reminder from Aunt Wen, and she Being a pragmatic person, Xujia Caimai has always adhered to the principle of good quality and low price. If someone breaks the family rules because of this, she will never be merciless. This matter reached Xu Lingyi’s ears. Xu Lingyi was surprised that Eleven Niang was not moved by money and rejected the big business of the Wen family. They were also from the Luo family, but Yuan Niang and Eleven Niang were not similar.

Xu Lingyi asked the housekeeper to pay a couple of silver dollars from the account room for the daily needs of the eleven mothers. Not only did he redeem the farmland that the eleven mothers sold for the moldy rice, but also bought a lot of farmland around the eleven mothers. Hopefully The farmland can bring a good harvest to the eleven mothers. The relationship between the husband and wife grew closer. Xu Lingyi stayed in the room for dinner in the room of the eleven mothers. He had never liked sweet and greasy dishes, but made an exception for the sake of the eleven mothers and tasted the sweet and greasy Yuhang dishes.

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