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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 18 Recap

Miao Lu didn’t understand what Miao Fei meant for not allowing herself to join the company, and she cried aggrievedly. She wanted to prove that Miao Huanyang was not a bad person, so she wanted to join Dinghua. Miao Fei went to the restaurant and said that he had an appointment with someone to discuss matters, and Zhou Lian arranged lunch for her. Miao Fei’s person is Ma Shang, and she has a personal matter and hopes Ma Shang can help.

Miao Fei, Ma Shang and Zhou Lian introduced each other, and then asked Ma Shang to recruit Miao Lu in. She didn’t want Miao Lu to come in and be bullied, but after thinking about it, she decided to respect her personal wishes. Ma Shang agreed. . Miao Fei asked Zhou Lian to sit down and eat together. Ma Shang asked how the two met, and added a WeChat account with Zhou Lian. After dinner, Miao Fei escorted Ma Shang home, and the horse mother was a little puzzled when she saw Miao Fei’s car leaving.

Ma Mu asked Ma Shang who sent him back. After learning that it was Miao Fei, she asked about the relationship between the two and asked him to pay more attention. Not long after Miao Fei’s fiance passed away, Ma Shang would gossip when he walked so close. Ma Shang quickly stated that they were only talking about some work matters, but the horse mother asked them to draw a clear line in their lives. Quiet worried that An’s mother came back to dine with her specially.

Ma Shang sent a message to Jing’s home address, saying that he wanted to buy some gifts for An’s mother to get well soon, quietly refused, and even complained about this with An’s mother. An’s mother said she would accept this gift, quiet and helpless. Du Meng called and said that he had collected some clues from ten years ago and sent it to Ma Shang, and asked him to take a quick look at the summary of doubts.

Miao Fei asked for some information and asked for verification. Miao Lu came for an interview. Miao Fei told her not to tell anyone about Miao Huanyang. Miao Lu has never stepped into society. Miao Fei hopes she understands that things in the workplace are not that simple. . Ma Shang brought Cheng Lei to Zhou Lian’s restaurant for dinner, and Cheng Lei guessed that he had something to look for himself.

Ma Shang was worried that Miao Lu would be squeezed out by Pang Yishan’s forces. Cheng Lei didn’t want to stand with Ma Shang. Ma Shang explained that he was just kindly helping. After all, a lot of things had happened to the Miao family recently. Zhou Lian said that he wanted to ask Ma Shang to help promote the restaurant, so Ma Shang introduced a friend who worked in the TV station.

Miao Lu officially entered the job, and Cheng Lei gave her a piece of data that needed to be calculated to familiarize her with the environment. At the regular meeting, Pang Yishan was talking about new projects with great fanfare. Miao Fei said that he could be responsible. Professor Zou and Lin Xiaolan had no objection. Professor Zou needed a special assistant, and Lin Xiaolan put Ma Shang in charge.

When Jing Jing came out of the supermarket, she met the horse mother. She thanked the horse mother for the last time and told her to invite her to dinner. The horse mother asked her to call her boyfriend and said quietly that she had no boyfriend. The horse mother was very happy.

After quietly dealing with the horse mother, he went to the yacht. Ma Shang said that Miao Fei might have doubted his identity. Jingan felt that it might be related to his work mistakes. Last time Miao Fei doubted Ma Shang, Du Meng said quickly that he didn’t need to doubt him, Miao Fei. Faey may be suspicious. Miao Fei quietly expressed understanding of Zhou Lian’s attitude, after all, the only person she could rely on was Miao Fei.

Du Meng blamed himself for talking about the leak, so he quietly said that he had to wait for him to think it through. After talking about the case, Jing Jing talked to Ma Shang about his encounter with the horse mother. Du Meng came to help Jing get a change of clothes. An mother asked if they had a new colleague recently.

An’s mother asked Du Meng if he had considered transferring posts, and also asked them about their recent case. She knew that she couldn’t ask, so she could only ask whether it was dangerous or not. Although Quiet is strong, she is also a girl. An’s mother hopes that someone will protect her. Du Meng thinks that An’s mother meant to entrust Quiet to himself. He was a little excited. He didn’t expect that An’s mother would ask him to help persuade Jinging to leave the reconnaissance. Branch.

Ma Shang felt that he shouldn’t be too anxious about recruiting an assistant to Professor Zou. He prefers to recruit from state agencies, so safety is also considered. The conversation between Ma Shang and Professor Zou was heard by Yu Haoran, so when he reported to Lin Xiaolan and Pang Yishan, Pang Yishan was dissatisfied. Pang Yishan felt that Ma Shang’s decision was too hasty. Lin Xiaolan also supported Pang Yishan’s views and campaigned internally. Yu Haoran was very happy to learn about this, and looked like he was determined to win.

Yang Xun asked him about Miao Lu’s performance at work. Yu Haoran heard that Miao Lu was rejected during the interview. Later, Ma Shang came in for a separate interview. Yu Haoran’s biggest competitor is Cheng Lei. Ma Shang is close to Cheng Lei and Miao Lu, and Yang Xun is worried that they will report to the group. When at work, Yu Haoran talked about Miao Lu’s life experience, which immediately aroused heated discussion among colleagues, and Cheng Lei opened his mouth to relieve the siege.

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