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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 17 Recap

Miao Fei suddenly came to Zhou Lian and said that he was hungry and had a meal with a strange attitude. Jing Jing and Du Meng were listening in the car. Zhou Lian made something for Miao Fei. Miao Fei said that when they met in the yoga class, Zhou Lian’s store had not yet opened. Miao Fei poured two glasses of wine for herself and Zhou Lian, saying that she was particularly envious of her, saying that Zhou Lian worked very hard in this city, and never relied on anyone, unlike she relied on either Miao Huanyang or Jia Changan, at least in The spirit has always depended on them.

Zhou Lian wondered why Miao Fei was so weird today. Miao Fei drank and said that when Jia Changan chased him, the three of them ate together. Jia Changan always looked at Zhou Lian. Would Jia Changan like her? Zhou Lian hurriedly denied, saying that he had been keeping a distance from Jia Changan.

Quietly understand that Miao Fei doubted Zhou Lian’s relationship with Jia Changan. They had already started a war, so they planned to wait for Zhou Lian to show his feet. Mashanyo Du Meng met and said that he needed him to cooperate with his investigation task. He had already applied for it with the Song Bureau, but she could not participate in this task quietly.

She wanted to avoid it. What Ma Shang wants to investigate is what happened ten years ago. Du Meng said that Jingjing has been unable to let go, and he was surprised that Jingjing would tell Ma Shang’s family in person. Ma Shang likes to be quiet, and he doesn’t want to see her cry again. If you find out the truth earlier, you can live happily in peace, Du Meng thinks so too.

Lin Xiaolan held a meeting. Pang Yishan said that the door of the archives room was not closed and the surveillance was breached. He also said that the last person who had the right to enter the archives room on the day of the incident was Miao Fei.

The spearhead pointed at Miao Fei, and Ma Shang spoke for Miao Fei. Lin Xiaolan couldn’t stand it and told everyone the truth. The person who stole the secrets was Wu Miao. Miao Fei returned to the office anxiously, thinking that Miao Huanyang had done such a thing, Miao Fei couldn’t help crying again.

Miao Fei ran to Yang Xun for the report, and lost his temper. Ma Shang then came to Yang Xun, and Yang Xun complained that Miao Fei was so angry. I heard that Cheng Lei was the first to find the problem in the R&D department. Ma Shang quickly went to him. Cheng Lei complained to Ma Shang depressedly because he was scolded by Professor Zou all day.

Miao Fei asked Miao Lu to go home for dinner, and decided to tell her the truth for a long time. Miao Fei said that Miao Huanyang had been arrested because she had done some illegal things before. Miao Lu was immediately anxious and asked if Miao Fei was also involved. Miao Fei denied it and comforted Miao Lu to finish her studies and work hard. , Don’t let Miao Huanyang worry. Cheng Lei told Ma Shang that Pang Yishan would definitely squeeze Miao Fei away.

Although Miao Fei was the only one in Dinghua, he had much more power. Cheng Lei had been observing Ma Shang for a long time, and he asked him if he was interested in Miao Fei, and he also asked him not to lose sight of him. Ma Shang denied it, but Cheng Lei didn’t believe it. After all, Ma Shang always helped Miao Fei get rid of the siege.

Ma Shang and Cheng Lei were drunk, and Cheng Lei carefully sent Ma Shang into a taxi. Ma Shang hurried to the dock, smelling of alcohol, but he was still sober. Ma Shang didn’t find any doubts about Cheng Lei, but if it was Cheng Lei, why would he get this matter out. Ma Shang said that Miao Fei might not be able to stay in Dinghua for long. After quietly interrogating Wu Miao twice, there was no gain. He did not lie. Ma Shang asked about An’s mother, An’s mother is recovering well, and it was difficult to investigate what happened back then.

As soon as Ma Shang went to work, he received a lot of resignation letters, and Miao Fei came to thank him for helping him out. Miao Lu came to Dinghua to apply for a technician. Miao Fei didn’t want her to join the company, so I asked Marshang for a favor.

Jing Jing and Du Meng once again came to Miao Fei to cooperate in the investigation, and asked her if she suspected that Zhou Lian had an affair with Jia Changan, but Miao Fei denied. Quietly understand Miao Fei’s mood, she is afraid that this friendship will be broken. Miao Fei was very emotional, although she did doubt Zhou Lian. Du Meng asked about Yang Xun again.

Miao Fei believed that he was not something that could pretend to be himself, but Yang Xun’s account contained a large amount of unidentified sources of funds. It would be much more convenient to investigate as Miao Fei. Quiet also told Miao Fei that Miao Huanyang was a witness to them and he was safe now. Miao Fei gave them a resignation report from Ma Shang. Maybe there are people like Wu Miao among these people. He doesn’t want Miao Huanyang’s efforts to be destroyed.

Du Meng complained that Ma Shang had no effect in Dinghua, but Jing said that everyone just had a different division of labor, and Ma Shang played a vital role in many cases. Miao Lu came to ask Miao Fei why her resume had been returned. Miao Fei said that she could not enter Dinghua now.

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