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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 14 Recap

Miao Huanyang never answered the phone. Miao Lu was worried about calling to ask Miao Fei. Miao Fei hurriedly entered the bathroom and opened the shower, saying that Miao Huanyang had gone to travel, saying that she wanted to be clean and clean, but Miao Lu was not suspicious. Zhou Lian and Qiao Xichuan have been watching.

As soon as Miao Fei came out, Zhou Lian called her and found many reasons to meet with Miao Fei. Miao Fei evaded that he was very busy recently. The next day, Miao Fei approached Ma Shang and asked him why he was often away from the company. Ma Shang said that he was visiting experienced sales staff who wanted to recruit. Miao Fei said that Dinghua is very important to him. He saw Ma Shang working so hard. Thank you for your work.

Yu Haoran instructed Wu Miao to run errands. Cheng Lei couldn’t stand it and said that he was a technical assistant, and there was no need to run errands. Wu Miao was collecting Dinghua’s intelligence for Tianxing Technology. Ma Shang said that he would vigorously promote in Dinghua to look at those little fish, whoever resigned, he would check whoever resigned. Quietly asked Ma Shang what Miao Fei said just now. Ma Shang felt that there was some meaning to explain the funeral.

Miao Fei said that the greater the desire, the greater the price to pay, and the final result will not be good. It is impossible for Miao Fei to see through the identity of Ma Shang. Ma Shang is very profound about what Miao Fei said today. Miao Fei said that Ma Shang and everyone are not far away, and she admires it very much. Quiet said that even if Miao Fei really had a problem, he couldn’t do anything, which made Ma Shang not think too deeply.

Tonight was when Miao Fei was about to steal the key, four teams were quietly arranged for deployment. In the heavy rain tonight, Yu Haoran and Cheng Lei both stayed to work overtime. When Miao Fei was at a loss, Yang Xun came to Yu Haoran to eat, and Yu Haoran asked Wu Miao to help him with the work. Cheng Lei was a little angry when he saw this, and felt that he shouldn’t work overtime for Yu Haoran and immediately got off work. Upon seeing this, Wu Miao immediately collected some information and left quietly.

As soon as Wu Miao left, Miao Fei came out of the stairwell to continue his action. After getting the key, Miao Fei copied the key with the duplicator given by Xu He. At the critical moment, there was a harsh sound from Jing Jing and Du Meng’s monitors, and they could no longer monitor. Quiet and let Miao Fei go home normally, and they will follow her.

As soon as Miao Fei left, someone entered the research room again, took out the key and copied it again. Qiao Xichuan called again to let Miao Fei rush to the mall within an hour. Zhou Lian seemed unwilling to let Qiao Xichuan go. Qiao Xichuan did not use Xu He’s identity this time because he did not plan to meet Miao Fei.

Miao Fei knocked on the door as soon as he was about to leave Miao Lu. Miao Fei hurriedly put the phone in the bathroom before opening the door. Miao Lu asked Miao Fei what happened to Miao Huanyang. He hadn’t reported peace for so many days, how could he disappear for so many days. Miao Lu accidentally told Guoan, Qiao Xichuan and Zhou Lian realized that this must be a trap. Qiao Xichuan quickly asked Zhou Lian to interfere with Miao Fei’s signal and erase the traces.

Miao Fei sent a text message to Jingan just now, saying that he was worried that Miao Lu said that he had put the cell phone given by Xu He in the bathroom beforehand. Whether it was exposed or not, this was their only chance, and Ma Shang became excited again.

Miao Lu went to the mall, but Xu He never showed up. He Zixuan and Ma Shang quickly contacted Quiet. The mobile phone monitoring range is limited. The problem should still arise in the conversation between Miao Fei and Miao Lu. Jing Jing and Ma Shang realized that Miao Fei’s house had been monitored, and the other party would erase the traces immediately.

Jing Jing hurriedly began to deploy the next move. She and Du Meng went to Miao Fei’s house, but Zhou Lian had erased the traces and left. Quietly asked Du Meng to adjust the community monitoring, and then called Section Chief Chen to ask for a technician, but no abnormal signal was found. Xu He did not appear, and Miao Fei was escorted back home.

Qiao Xichuan threw away Xu He’s human skin mask. Miao Fei’s mood was a little depressed, asking Jingjing if he had no use value anymore. Quiet said that she had never used her before, and she cooperated very well, but today’s results were somewhat unsatisfactory. Before things become clear, Jing Jing will send someone to secretly protect Miao Fei.

The technicians will come to investigate and Miao Fei will live in Miao Huanyang. Miao Fei asks if she has to leave Dinghua after the quiet cooperation is over. The task force was not in a high mood. Quiet still believed that Miao Fei’s house might have been monitored, but it was difficult to leave doubts in dismantling, nor could it be confirmed.

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