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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 13 Recap

Miao Huanyang said that he and Xu He had met ten years ago. Du Meng knew that Jing Jing must have thought of her father. Jing said that she had checked the data of the year. The person her father followed was not Xu He, it may be just a coincidence. Miao Fei gave the two mobile phones to Guoan. Xu He gave her no news about the mobile phone. Quiet and let Miao Fei prepare mentally. Jia Changan may have other women. Miao Fei denied that she and Jia Changan had a good relationship. Facing the evidence, Miao Fei was a little unacceptable.

Miao Fei and Du Meng arrived at the dock, He Zixuan and Ma Shang prepared hot dishes, and they discussed the case while eating. Xu He may have other eyes in Dinghua, and his goal this time may not necessarily be Dinghua’s core technology. He hopes to take a cover action against Miao Fei. Ma Shang has prepared Wu Miao’s information. Let Jingping go to catch people with great fanfare tomorrow and announce to everyone that Guoan is staring at him. There are two bedrooms on the boat. Jingjing and Du Meng decide to stay on the boat for one night and get up tomorrow morning and head straight for Dinghua.

When Miao Fei returned home, he smashed a lot of things to vent his emotions. Zhou Lian persuaded Qiao Xichuan to postpone the action first. After all, Miao Fei would not lose control of his emotions for no reason, but Qiao Xichuan decided to continue his action tomorrow. Ma Shang couldn’t sleep and came out to blow the air, and came out after taking a quiet bath.

Ma Shang said that one thing might have something to do with Xu He. They couldn’t find out Xu He’s information. It’s too abnormal. The Miao father and daughter also said that Xu He was a man of agility, not like an old man. The mask is probably used. Quiet began to remain silent, telling Ma Shang that her father was also employed in the Shuangqing Reconnaissance Division during her lifetime. The day before she disappeared, her father was killed in a car accident while performing a mission.

The driver in the accident had no doubts and was finally judged to be drunk driving. Jing Jing and Ma Shang completely broke contact, which is only part of it, but the reason she said this thing today is because Miao Huanyang said that Xu He never appeared after disappearing ten years ago, just like An’s father tracked it back then. Like other people, disappeared completely. If Xu He is a fake identity, will he be the same person back then?

Ma Shang replied that this probability is too low, but whether it is Xu He or the spy of the year, they can not escape the sanction of the law. He will accompany quietly to complete the case, and then find out the fish that slipped through the net and make him pay the price. .

The next day, Jing Jing and Du Meng came to Wu Miao for questioning. Wu Miao’s attitude was very cooperative, but also a little anxious. Wu Miao used to be a researcher at Tianxing Technology, but he came here as an assistant researcher. When Wu Miao left Tianxing Technology, someone reported embezzlement of funds. Wu Miao killed him and refused to admit the betrayal of intelligence. After the questioning, everyone’s eyes were weird, and Yu Haoran specially asked him what Guoan had asked.

When Jing Jing and Du Meng left, they got news that Miao Fei was talking with Xu He. Xu He about Miao Fei met in the supermarket last time. Ma Shang had to be quiet and not enter the supermarket, otherwise he might be noticed. Quiet called up all the monitoring screens and told Miao Fei not to worry. They had been monitoring the whole process. However, Miao Fei followed Xu He’s instructions and entered the blind spot for monitoring, calmly handling, and raising the monitoring volume near this location. Xu He was not in the supermarket, but asked Miao Fei to take a copy of what was left for her.

Quiet and Ma Shang are a bit depressed, but from another perspective, at least Miao Fei is safe. Miao Fei met Yang Xun and Wu Miao when she got off work late at night. They said they were talking about work, but they were mysterious. Miao Fei went to the restaurant to order something to eat. Zhou Lian and Qiao Xichuan had been monitoring her, and Jeffrey had agreed to Qiao Xichuan’s plan.

According to the quiet words, Miao Fei left the phone in the restaurant, and then got into the reconnaissance car. Wu Miao asked Yang Xun to find a way to help him, and must not let the leak of secrets leak out, otherwise he would really be over. Yang Xun thought that what Guoan wanted to investigate was the person who implanted the virus, not the person who leaked the secret.

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