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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 12 Recap

Ma Shang came to Cheng Lei and asked him to give him some advice. Cheng Lei said that their recruitment conditions are very simple, except for the project leader, no one can get the core data. Ma Shang is very concerned about corporate security issues. Ma Shang said that he was a headhunter before, so he was very concerned about this matter. Ma Shang asked Cheng Lei to go to the rooftop with himself, and asked him how the relationship with Yu Haoran was and whether his relationship with Yang Xun was particularly good.

Cheng Lei didn’t like to stand in line, so Ma Shang had something to say. Ma Shang said truthfully, he just went to Yang Xun to ask about the specific recruitment criteria, but Yang Xun said he wanted to spread more people. Cheng Lei said that he was stubborn and persuaded Ma Shangshao to mix with them, or something big would happen sooner or later.

Suddenly, Miao Fei’s phone could not be monitored, and He Zixuan quickly contacted Ma Shang. Miao Fei received a call from Qiao Xichuan, asking her to obtain core data. Miao Fei was absent-minded all the time. He left the office after leaving the phone in the office without knowing that everything was being monitored. After Miao Fei left the company, he quietly left and sent someone to follow up. Ma Shang has been following Miao Fei, but she has been in circles, and he can no longer follow. Be quiet and let Ma Shang withdraw. Ma Shang reminded Miao Fei to have anti-tracking experience and be careful. Miao Fei got off the bus and got on the bus, quietly letting people stand by, and let the youngest go to the next station to stand by.

Miao Fei went to the subway station again, and quietly continued to send Du Meng to follow up the deployment. Miao Fei got into a taxi and quietly asked the sixth child to follow up. Unexpectedly, Miao Fei went to the National Security Bureau. She hoped to ensure her safety. The fact that she came here cannot be known by others. Miao Fei and Jing Jing explained that Dinghua’s internal virus was implanted by her, but she was forced to come here today to ask for help.

As for those anti-investigation methods, Miao Fei learned it from movies, not to prevent them. Miao Fei suspected that Xu He had killed Jia Changan and confessed to Jing Jing that Xu He wanted Dinghua’s core data. Today Xu He asked her to steal the key. Miao Fei knew that the only way out was to ask them for help.

Quiet caught the important point, what did Xu He threaten to Miao Fei? Miao Fei was silent, and quietly took her to see some things. The wine cabinet was full of bank cards issued with fake identities. The amount of each card was small, but the total amount was very scary. Miao Fei is most familiar with this wine cabinet, but it belongs to Miao Huanyang. Quiet hope that Miao Fei understands that preventing family members from making mistakes is the best protection for them.

Miao Huanyang had already noticed something and hurriedly packed his luggage and prepared to leave, but he didn’t expect Quiet and Du Meng to appear before he got out of the elevator. Miao Huanyang said that he just wanted to relax and didn’t mean to escape. Du Meng took out the photo of the wine cabinet, and Miao Huanyang called the porter to move things, who was actually their investigator.

At the same time, Miao Fei was also being interrogated, but she hesitated to see that Quiet was not there. Miao Fei truthfully confessed that Xu He and Miao Huanyang partnered in insider trading back then. Miao Huanyang said that he was ignorant back then, but the money has not been used until today. But when asked who the partner was, Miao Huanyang still refused to tell the truth, saying that his contribution to the company far outweighed his mistakes. Speaking of Miao Fei quietly, Miao Huanyang suddenly became confused. He did not expect that Miao Fei had been threatened. Saying Xu He’s name quietly, Miao Huanyang couldn’t believe it or not.

Quietly showed Miao Huanyang Miao Fei and confessed that Xu He threatened his surveillance, Miao Huanyang was very angry. Facing the interrogation, Miao Fei was a little excited, and Miao Huanyang had no reason to carry it anymore, confessing that Xu He met in an underground casino ten years ago. At that time, Dinghua had just gone public, and Miao Huanyang’s greed was getting bigger and bigger. He moved the company’s money and ran to bet and lost tens of millions. When desperate, Xu He said that he could pay him back, but the condition was DS ore. . Miao Huanyang later realized that the gambling game was a trap set by Xu He. The quiet mood became more and more excited, Du Meng quickly reminded.

Miao Fei and Miao Huanyang respectively explained Xu He’s appearance and characteristics, which sounded very mysterious. Quietly let Miao Fei and Miao Huanyang meet, but according to the regulations, no physical contact is allowed. Miao Huanyang blamed himself very much, he fell into their trap, one step wrong, wrong step, but at the beginning he was also to let his daughter live a better life. Miao Fei has agreed to cooperate with Guoan to catch Xu He.

Miao Huanyang is very worried about her safety, but this is Miao Fei’s own decision. Miao Huanyang asked for silence, no matter how to ensure Miao Fei’s safety, Miao Fei was already crying into tears. Jing Jing thinks Xu He is very likely to be a fake identity, and continuing to stare at it is a dead end. Quiet thinks that the line of the father and daughter of the Miao family has been a side branch from the beginning. Before the action today, she was prepared for nothing. The Song Bureau also encourages everyone to have Miao Huanyang and Miao Fei despite the fact that today’s harvest is lower than expected. , They can definitely investigate more clues, I believe they can already find the sleeper and complete the task!

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