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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 11 Recap

Ma Mu always finds Quiet very familiar, she rummaged through boxes and cabinets looking for things in Ma Shang’s room. She remembered Ma Shang’s girlfriend was called Jingjing, and finally found a photo of Ma Shang and Jingjing back then. Ma’s father said that she would do something extra, but Ma mother remembered that Ma Shang had always missed quiet, and she never fell in love after talking about that period of love. Quietly, he was going to Ma Shang’s house to inform the end of the investigation. Du Meng wanted to go by himself. Ma Shang met Wu Miao in the underground parking lot, and quietly asked him if anyone from Guoan had been there. That day, he took sick leave and was suspicious, and he was stunned.

Jing Jing came to inform Father Ma that the investigation was over. Ma mother saw Jing Jing very enthusiastically holding her hand to let her stay for dinner, saying that she and Ma Shang were former classmates of Beijing Normal University. Quiet can only enter the house, and hastened to send a message to Ma Shang not to go home.

Unexpectedly, he was still a step late. Ma Shang saw Jing Jing pretending to be surprised. Quiet and hospitable, but was left to eat. The mother Ma said at the dinner table that Ma Shang went crazy when she dropped out of school. She still cried with her mobile phone all day. She had never seen Ma Shang caring so much. Ma Shang was embarrassed. Extremely. Ma Mu went on to match up, saying that Ma Shang and Jing’s fate were unbroken, and Ma Shang asked Jing’an how to go to Guoan, which was very embarrassing for a while.

After eating, Ma Shang sent away quietly. He said that what he likes is the quietness now, smart and decent and beautiful, and it has nothing to do with the previous ones. Jing said that this is a special time, and Ma Shang said that he knew it, and it was because of this that he was entangled. But there is no need to be quiet to give him an answer now, and it will not be too late to give an answer when the task force is disbanded. After Ma Shang left, the quiet smile couldn’t stop.

After returning home, the horse mother chased Ma Shang to ask about the situation. Ma Shang said that he had a boyfriend. The horse mother froze and said that she was not married. In short, she still had a chance. Ma Shang went back to the room to send a message to Jingan, saying that he wanted to say something to her, and Jing said that he could not give Ma Shang a reply. She had experienced a nightmare and didn’t want to recall what happened. Before Ma Shang’s thoughts could be heard, he was interrupted by a quiet mission first.

Miao Huanyang was not innocent, and the Song Bureau asked Ma Shang to beat Miao Fei. Ma Shang has been in a trance. Song Ju asked Jing Jing to bring Miao Huanyang back for interrogation. Ma Shang told her that it was still impossible to rule out the possibility of Miao Fei being threatened. Quiet let him rest assured. Miao Huanyang, Miao Fei, and Miao Lu were eating together, and then quietly and Du Meng came, making Miao Lu a little angry. He said quietly that something was found and asked Miao Huanyang to go back to cooperate with the inquiry, and Miao Huanyang quickly agreed. Miao Fei and Miao Lu were very worried. Seeing Miao Huanyang being taken away, they were helpless.

Miao Huanyang was a little worried when he saw that the battle was going to be great, so Quiet and Du Meng said that it was to protect him. Miao Huanyang was a little guilty when he saw the information obtained by Jing Jing and Du Meng, but said that he had never done such a thing. When asked why he suddenly resigned, Miao Huanyang said that it was due to physical reasons. Jia Changan’s death could not be separated from his ore smuggling. Miao Huanyang did not speak. Miao Huanyang was worried when he heard that he might be available on call in the future. Quiet said that he is completely free, but he needs to keep his mobile phone open as much as possible.

Miao Huanyang was beaten to death and refused to admit it, but the purpose of Jingjing has been achieved, and the monitoring files have been down. Song Bureau made Jingjing take full responsibility. Miao Huanyang came back, Miao Fei and Miao Lu breathed a sigh of relief. Miao Huanyang was monitored, but he didn’t know it, and he comforted Miao Fei and Miao Lu that their house had passed by. However, Miao Fei knew that this matter was not simple. Jing Jing and Ma Shang decided to take Miao Huanyang, and Miao Fei’s line was pulled out. Ma Shang told Quiet that Wu Miao did have a problem, but Wu Miao was probably not the spy they were looking for. In other words, the Miao father and daughter might indeed be involved in smuggling, but it had nothing to do with Jia Changan’s death.

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