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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 10 Recap

He Zixuan was too late to eat, and Ma Shang was rushed to check Xu He’s identity. Jing Jing and Du Meng felt that Miao Fei had something to conceal. During the entire inquiry process, she kept talking and stopped. Ma Shang said that she would focus on the company’s observation. Miao Fei asked Ma Shang to start working on the safety net today, Ma Shang was a little surprised, she was really quick and resolute.

Jing Jing and Du Meng went to investigate the hotel’s check-in records, but they did not have Jia Changan’s, but found Yu Haoran’s. Jingjing and Du Meng asked a waiter if they had seen Jia Changan. The two had a quarrel that day, saying that he was looking for a friend that day. The other party was a girl, but he couldn’t see anything in his hat.

Quiet ruled out the possibility of Miao Fei and the trading joint, and finally determined that they might be lovers. The room was opened with a fake identity, and the phone call Jia Changan made before his death was also a fake identity. It is really hard not to make people doubt. The network has been rectified and Miao Fei will hold a meeting to ask attention. Professor Zou received the call and was about to go to the meeting, but Miao Fei entered the office after they left, plugged the things Xu He had given her into Professor Zou’s computer, and happened to ran into Ma Shang when they left. Ma Shang said to come to Professor Zou, Miao Fei left in a panic expression.

Ma Shang naturally discovered Miao Fei’s abnormality and judged that she entered Professor Zou’s office and turned on the computer, but he could not judge what happened. Quietly tell Ma Shang that the news given by Yu Haoran is true. Jia Changan has indeed been to a hotel with an unidentified woman. The Song Bureau erased the fact that Miao Fei and Ma Shang had entered the office. Professor Zou and Lin Xiaolan also cooperated very well and successfully obtained Professor Zou’s computer.

Miao Fei asked Miao Huanyang what would happen if Jia Changan was involved in smuggling. Miao Huanyang became excited. Miao Fei said that this was just a hypothesis. She wanted to know if Miao Huanyang would tell herself. Miao Huanyang certainly wouldn’t watch Miao Fei go to jail, but she was her own daughter. Zhou Lian went to see Qiao Xichuan, this time he didn’t even cover up, and was drunk. Zhou Lian drank with Yang Xun. Qiao Xichuan wanted her to get the ore quota through Yang Xun. Zhou Lian was a little bit chilly. Is she just a tool? The information that Miao Fei passed over today was basically useless, and Qiao Xichuan was a little depressed.

Miao Fei made quiet empathy, and Ma Shang rarely saw her tender side. He Zixuan found that a Trojan horse virus had been implanted in the computer, but it would take at least one year to find out that the recipient had to crack the code. Miao Fei was already involved, and the Song Bureau decided to investigate Miao Huanyang thoroughly and let Ma Shang beat Miao Fei to see if she could say anything. Be quiet and ask Ma Shang to send himself away, and have something to say. Before Jing Jing spoke, Ma Shang first said that he blamed himself when he thought of Jing during the past ten years. He didn’t know where Jing was, or even if he was still alive.

Professor Zou held a meeting about data and asked them to explain to themselves that if it were not for strengthening security measures, the core data had already flowed out. Pang Yishan thinks that some people take advantage of the opportunity of rectification, otherwise the time will be too accurate. Pointing at Miao Fei, Ma Shang quickly stated that he was responsible for network rectification. After the meeting, Ma Shang came to Miao Fei specially and said something to the bridge.

Dinghua upgraded the safety measures, and Jeffrey was worried that it would attract investigations by relevant departments, so he asked Qiao Xichuan to withdraw. Qiao Xichuan said that he did this not for money, but for promises, and he was very excited.

Xu He reappeared when Miao Fei was visiting the supermarket. He knew that Miao Fei was playing tricks, and he warned Miao Fei to stop doing tricks if he wanted to get back the evidence of Miao Huanyang. Du Meng received a call from her mother. She was not in good health, so quietly asked him to pick Du’s mother to Shuangqing.

Du Meng did not answer. There was nothing unusual about Junhai Logistics, and the books were very clean, but Ma’s father was upright and contradictory to the behavior of taking his son into Dinghua through the back door. Quiet and Du Meng froze for a while and didn’t know how to tell his colleagues.

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