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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 30 Recap

The thief went to the cloth shop, and everyone was waiting, but they did not expect that they were all brought by Lou Shuwan. Su Tan’er was shocked by Lou Shuwan’s appearance. She did not expect Lou Shuwan’s so-called good life to be like this. She felt very sorry for Lou Shuwan like this. The two of them had a common dream, and now, Lou Shuwan passed her dream to Su Tan’er, and even took out her own weaving machine to help Su Tan’er better manage Lou’s cloth shop.

Liu Watermelon came to Ning Yi and wanted to secretly send him and his family out of the city, but Ning Yi tried to stay behind. Faced with Liu Watermelon’s questioning, Ning Yi couldn’t think of a reason. It happened that Lu Hongti came to him and told him that there was something going on. He left in a hurry. Ning Yi came to Buxing to meet with the brothers. To his surprise, General Yuan did not die. At that moment, Ning Yi breathed a sigh of relief. He discussed with everyone that he would take down the gunpowder depot within an hour and talk to the outsiders. General Dong should unite inside and outside.

Liu Huagua began to doubt Ning Yi. I don’t know what his calculations are. She called the four brothers of the Men’s Ethics College and asked them what Ning Yi had. The four brothers were almost pushed into prison. One of them had an idea and said that it was Ning. Calculated by the expert divination. The image of Ning Gao had already been established in Liu Watermelon’s heart. Liu Watermelon didn’t dare to ask more, and the four of them were able to do nothing. At this time, Ning Yi was discussing the evening’s activities with Lu Hongti. He heard what Qian Lao said. Intend to act with them.

At night, Ning Yi quietly returned to the room. Su Tan’er talked to him in a dazed manner, but in fact she did not really fall asleep. She overheard the conversation between Ning Yi and Geng Huyuan and guessed that she was going. What major things do, the heart loves him but can’t stop him. Su Tan’er made a large table of food for Ning Yi early in the morning. Her craftsmanship was not good, but Ning Yi ate everything clean in the end, as if it was the last goodbye. After the meal, Ning Yi left the house.

At midnight, they were about to seize the gunpowder depot to create opportunities for General Dong. At night, they waited for the opportunity and found out that they were caught in the gunpowder depot. Sure enough, they guarded Bowenhan and others outside the door. Ning Yi used the fire gun to be abalone. Wenhan recognized it. Lu Hongti asked Ning Yi to leave first, but Bao Wenhan had long hated Ning Yi, and he chased after him right away.

He went to the door of Badaoying. After seeing it, Geng Huyuan desperately stepped forward to protect Ning Yi. They used force. Lost to Bao Wenhan, Geng Nursing Hospital was directly killed, Ning Yi picked up the firecrackers, hurriedly stuffed ammunition, and killed Bao Wenhan with one shot, but he could never return to Geng Nursing Hospital.

When Liu Watermelon and others rushed to hear the sound, Ning Yi sat down beside Geng Huyuan in despair. He told Liu Watermelon that Bao Wenhan had come to seek his revenge. In front of Fang Tianlei, Liu Watermelon also continued to protect Ning Yi and attracted him. Bowenhan’s original men were very dissatisfied. The people at Xuanweiying refused to let Ning Yi go. Fang Tianlei was about to kill Ning Yi. But Liu Xuanhua actually said that she liked Ning Yi, and Fang Tianlei hesitated to let Ning Yi go.

Bao Wenhan is dead, Lou Shuwan has bought out the thieves in Xuanwei Camp long ago, and everyone is loyal to her. Now she is the one who can talk about Xuanwei Camp. Ning Yi was rescued by Liu Huagua, still half-dead. She returned to the house and even ignored Su Tan’er. Everyone was very sad when they knew the death of Geng Huyuan. Always keep Geng Huyuan in my heart.

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