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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 29 Recap

Ning Yi was summoned by Fang Tianlei and walked to him tremblingly. Fang Tianlei was willing to let his family out of the city, but asked him to help him. If Ning Yi couldn’t do it, he would kill Ning Yi’s family. Ning Yi could only agree. Ning Yi was sent to Qian Lao. Fang Tianlei wanted Ning Yi to persuade Qian Lao. Ning Yi made a gesture to give him psychological counseling, but after sitting down on the table, he wrote the words “there are ears in the wall” and Qian Lao squinted. Opened his eyes, he was a little curious about what he wanted to do.

On the surface, Ning Yi gave Lao Qian a psychological counseling. In fact, Ning Yi told Lao Qian about the current situation in the city. Lao Qian admired Ning Yi’s talents very much. Seeing Lin An’s recovery is expected, Qian Lao decided to take a gamble with Ning Yi. , Pretending to be submissive and Fang Tianlei. Ning Yi told Fang Tianlei that the method he used was meditation, and Qian Lao figured it out before persuading him, but Ning Yi refused to come to Fang Tianlei as a military adviser, and said that he would repay Liu Watermelon. Fang Tianlei agreed.

Fang Tianlei also agreed to let Ning Yi’s family leave. Before Ning Yi left, Fang Tianlei stopped him and asked him how he had raised five hundred shi of grain overnight. Ning Yi smiled and said generously as his son-in-law. , Said that the food was bought with money. Ning Yi managed to escape, and Qian Lao was brought to the people the next day. He did not expect that he still stood firm. The people were filled with indignation. Qian Lao also angered the bandits and was killed on the spot.

Qian Lao Ning would be unyielding. He deeply affected Ning Yi. When Ning Yi and Su Tan’er went out of the city, they saw many refugees, and none of them felt very well. Erfang and his son set off first, but they encountered a thousand arrows. , Almost killing them, the two climbed back to the city gate. The flames of war were on the verge of breaking out. At the back mountain of Lin’an City Gate, General Lin had led people to the secret passage of the gunpowder depot, ready to sneak into Lin’an City, and General Dong Daofu had already pressed down under the city gate and was about to attack the city.

Ning Yi and others were forced to return to the Badao Camp. Fang Tianlei went out of the city alone and came to Dong Daofu’s camp. He sent the heads of a few people. Fang Tianlei threatened General Dong with the entire Lin’an City and the gunpowder depot. Hao Jinhan carried Qin You and others on his back. The secret passage of the gunpowder depot made them passive. Taishi He calculated every step. Not only was the south unable to regain it, but the troops going north were also hit hard. Li Zuoxiang was furious and rushed directly to the house of Taishi He, scolding him for collaborating with the enemy and treason. Pressed into the prison.

Qin Youxiang went to see Li Zuoxiang in the prison, and discussed with him that he planned to use Ning Yi, let him cooperate inside and outside, and work with Dong Daofu to suppress the thief. Ning Yi received the letter from the carrier pigeon and was very negative. He just wanted to bring his family back to Jiangning. Live, but now it’s not peaceful.

Ning Yi threw away the dagger Qin Youxiang gave, and angrily stewed the pigeon in the soup. Su Tan’er saw that Ning Yi was so distressed, she took the dagger that Lu Hongti picked up to enlighten Ning Yi, and the fighting continued. If they don’t get a solution, they will also become the second house. After listening to her words, Ning Yi was silent.

Ning Yi actually understood that he didn’t really stew the pigeons. The bowl was actually chicken soup. He gave Genghuyuan and Xiaochan a bit for everyone to make supplements. Geng Nursing House suddenly mentioned the second room, and now the war is about to start, they are willing to stay, the two father and son of the Su’s second room are not necessarily the same, so Ning Yi came to them and served them with delicious food and drink. They did not expect that they had been frightened. Before the war subsided, they didn’t dare to leave after killing them, and Ning Yi, who was also saving, would persuade them again.

Qin Youxiang asked Ning Yi to capture Lin’an with General Dong within seven days and regain the gunpowder depot. Otherwise, the hope of the Northern Expedition would be diminished, but he and Lu Hongti alone could not do this. Right now they can only rely on a dagger.

The emblem of the Secret Investigation Division and Wu Deying’s men were found. Ning Yi and Su Tan’er reopened the Lou’s cloth shop, intending to borrow the cloth shop to spread the emblem. For this reason, Chen Fan was very puzzled. Ning Yi explained that the people should ensure food, clothing, shelter and transportation so that they can buy people’s hearts. The emblem is their trade emblem.

Ning Yi’s move really found a lot of secret investigators buried in Lin’an City, and Yuan Dingqi, the commander-in-chief of the second department, also rushed to the news. At the same time, Lou Shuwan gave food to the lingering women who survived in the hands of Bowenhan, so that they could survive and become her subordinates. In addition, she also discovered Ning Yi’s hands and feet on the cloth. Soon he brought people to the cloth shop.

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