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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 28 Recap

Fang Tianlei asked people to check the account book in front of Bao Wenhan, but the result was different from that reported by others. There was no way out between Bao Wenhan’s account book and Fang Tianlei’s account book. Bao Wenhan was slightly relieved. Fang Tianlei called the person who reported and killed the person in person.

Fang Tianlei trusted Bao Wenhan again and gave him two major things. Bao Wenhan returned to Xuanwei Camp. After inquiry, he actually learned that Lou Shuwan had passed his room in the search book, so he went directly to Lou Shuwan’s room.

Lou Shuwan helped him through the disaster. Bao Wenhan did not want to punish her, but just wanted to spy on why she did it. Lou Shuwan hesitated for a while and told Bao Wenhan that he had revised his accounts that night, and was also worried that he would be punished by the Anglican.

Bao Wenhan rarely failed, so he went up and hugged Lou Shuwan. Lou Shuwan made great contributions. Bao Wenhan generously handed over all the accounts in Xuanwei camp to Lou Shuwan for care.

Liu Xigua asked the holy prince for Ning Yi, but at this time, the whole city was on guard. The holy prince could not open his hand at this time. Liu Xigua was used to it willfulness, and the holy prince refused to help, and Xigua also wanted to send these people out of the city. Ning Yi and Su Daner were walking in the knife camp when they suddenly heard two familiar voices. Geng Huyuan remembered that he forgot the father and son of Su’s second house and quickly went up to rescue the two people misunderstood by Chen Fan.

After so many days of displacement, the father and son of the second house finally had a full meal. They and Ning Yi cried that they had met a female thief and robbed their carriage and money, otherwise they would not have fallen into this field.

Lu Hong in their mouth brought them tea. Su Wenxing immediately recognized her and stood up in horror. Ning Yi neatly stopped the two, saying that the man was his sister. Su Wenxing still stared at Lu Hongti who left. Lu Hongti turned around and smiled and deliberately flashed away in front of Su Wenxing.

Ning Yi suddenly had more than a dozen more relatives and friends, which shocked Chen Fan. Among them, he saw Lu Hongti, who was like a beautiful girl. Under Ning Yi’s reminder, Lu Hongti was kind to talk to each other. Chen Fan thought that she was his destiny. Fortunately, he believed Ning Gaoren’s words more. Ning Yi said no, no, so he no longer entangled. Liu Xigua was very jealous and unhappy when she saw Ning Yi’s kindness to Su Daner, but she didn’t realize it herself.

Ning Yi proposed to play the truth adventure at the dinner table, deliberately created an opportunity for Chen Fan, and transferred the dagger to Chen Fan, but Chen Fan’s male chauvinism was unwilling to be frank and desirable. Then Liu Xigua’s game did not cooperate with the truth, and the two took a big risk and chose to fight at night. Unexpectedly, Chen Fan unexpectedly came to fight with Liu Xigua.

Neither of them obeyed each other. Ning Yi stepped forward to stop them and continued the game. The next one is Geng Huyuan. Before Liu Xigua asked questions, Geng Huyuan said his favorite person. Next, it should have been Geng Huyuan’s turn to point to people. Who knows that Geng Huyuan is a game black hole. Next time, he turned to himself and began to talk about his favorite person to everyone. By the time Geng Huyuan recovered, the rest of the people had dispersed.

At this time, some people said that Bao Wenhan’s people came. They raised their eyes and turned out that it was Lou Shuwan. Ning Yi took the initiative to come forward and took the initiative to mention the Lou family’s father and son to her, but Lou Shuwan did not mean to blame him and let him take good care of Su Daner. Su Daner rushed out to catch up with Lou Shuwan, hoping that she would go back to Jiangning with her and start life again, but Lou Shuwan knew what she wanted. She was not like Su Daner. If she left Lin’an, she would run away. She had to face all this.

Ning Yi encouraged Geng Huyuan, who had nowhere to tell, and wrote his love story into the novel. At this time, the Anglican sent someone to summon Ning Yi. Ning Yi was a little confused, but calmly followed. The Anglican seized Ning Yi’s handle and knew that he was going to send his family out of the city. He asked him to do something for himself. If he succeed, he became his military advisor. If he failed, all his family suffered.

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