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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 27 Recap

Waiting for the second room of the Su clan at the door to be found by the thief, he was taken away directly. Ning Yi caught the gangster, and Geng Huyuan also forgot the two of them. They went to find this person together to settle the account. Lu Hongti took the person and took him away from the population. , Only to learn that he sold the man to a rich man. After that, they couldn’t ask any questions. Geng Huyuan was so angry that he directly killed the dying gangster, but still did not ask the whereabouts of Su Tan’er.

Ning Yi walked down the street desperately, and the falling rain hit him. Ning Yi seemed to be unconscious. Suddenly Ning Yi noticed the rain on his body and hit his clothes. It was not soaked. He suddenly realized The clothes on her body were actually tarps that only she and Su Tan’er knew. Ning Yi seemed to see hope and laughed at Yu. He rushed to Liu Watermelon’s room and asked her where the tarp was obtained.

At this time, Su Tan’er was imprisoned by Lou’s father and son to make clothes. Because of her unique tarpaulin, Lou’s master did not embarrass him, but this does not mean that Lou Shuheng will not embarrass Su Tan’er. He is drunk and drunk. I went to Su Tan’er and told him to teach Su Tan’er the rules. Lou Shu Heng was planning to insult Su Tan’er, and Su Tan’er thought he was going to suffer humiliation. At this moment, Ning Yi and Lu Hongti arrived, Lu Hongti covered Su Tan’er’s ears, Ning Yi was full of anger. , Took out a firecracker and aimed at Lou Shuheng with two shots in his leg. He casually broke Lou Shuheng’s limbs, and finally killed Lou Shuheng.

Su Tan’er was insulted, and her whole person was devilish. She even resisted Ning Yi’s touch. Ning Yi held Su Tan’er tightly and backed her back to the Tyrant Sword Camp. Su Tan’er finally broke out on the way. Screamed to vent himself. When she returned to Badao Camp, Su Tan’er had already recovered, and Ning Yi was healing her injuries. After Ning Yi and the others left, Lou Shuwan came to Lou’s house. She walked slowly to the side of her father who still had a hint of breath. In his doubtful eyes, she told him that she had taken all the guards away. Reported, and finally was pissed alive.

Liu Watermelon came to Ning Yi’s room with some supplies. Ning Yi introduced Su Tan’er to her. Watermelon was not angry and he concealed something. She even regretted that Ning Yi did not ask Ning Yi to find Su Tan’er sooner. . Ning Yi killed the Lou family and his son, the cloth business was unable to proceed, and he was not sure whether Lou Shuwan would seek revenge. At this time, Chen Fan walked in and said the same thing as Liu Xuanhua, so that Su Tan’er would be in the future. Just report your name in the city.

Lou Shuwan didn’t let Lou’s father and son leave the house alone. She moved their bodies to the outskirts and buried them in the soil. She did it alone when they went to the grave. She only had hatred for the two fathers and sons. From now on, she will be the brand new Lou Shuwan. The thieves set new rules and began to impose a curfew, which aroused the anger of the people. General Dong had already taken the men and horses to Lin’an. After receiving the news, Ning Yi warned them that the gunpowder depot was heavily guarded by Fang Tianlei, and it would certainly not be so easy to recapture.

Ning Yi gave the dagger Qin Youxiang gave to Lu Hongti to take this member of the Secret Investigative Division. Ning Yi wanted to hand over the dagger. He just wanted to bring Su Taner back to Jiangning to live a stable life, no Would like to stay again, Lu Hongti did not force to stay, but did not take away the dagger. Ning Yi asked Liu Watermelon to intercede, and wanted Liu Watermelon to send his wife and friends out of the city. Liu Watermelon was very loyal and actually agreed to his request, but his expression was dim and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

On this day, Lou Shuwan was walking alone in Bowenhan’s mansion, and she accidentally saw someone sneak in. She hid in the dark and witnessed it all. At this time, Bao Wenhan was being recruited by Fang Tianlei. Fang Tianlei was straight to the point. For so many years, Bao Wenhan had been cheating for personal purposes. Some of his men had betrayed Bao Wenhan and stole the books and handed them to Fang Tianlei.

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