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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 26 Recap

It’s no secret that Bowen Han’s lust is long ago. It is very likely that he was taken away by others. Ning Yi planned to go to Xuanwei Camp to find out. Ning Yi disguised himself and entered Xuanwei Camp as a food delivery person. Looking for Su Tan’er in the camp, he was seen by the bandits. In a hurry, Ning Yi hid in Lou Shuwan’s room. He didn’t expect Lou Shuwan to enter Xuanwei Camp. Ning Yi wanted to take her away, but in Xuanwei Camp, Lou Shuwan had to take him away.

Ning Yi returned to the camp and saw a pigeon flying by, reminding him of Master Lu Hongti, and this pigeon was indeed Lu Hongti’s. She received a secret letter asking her to find Ning Yi’s whereabouts. . Lu Hongti infiltrated the Tyrant Blade Camp and came to Ning Yi’s room. Ning Yi was not surprised to see her. He took out the dagger. Since that time, Lu Hongti appeared in Lin’an, and Ning Yi guessed Lu Hongti is also a member of the Secret Investigation Department.

Ning Yi had no other ideas, so she wanted her to help find Su Tan’er. Seeing that Ning Yi was so affectionate, Su Tan’er was also a little moved. She had met Su Tan’er before and was willing to help find Su Tan’er. Lu Hongti looked around for Su Tan’er and rescued the old, weak, sick and disabled who were captured by the traffickers, but there was no Su Tan’er. They probably guessed that Su Tan’er should be in the thieves’ den. Lu Hongti changed into women’s clothing. , Let her pretend to be her own sister and stay in the camp to find Su Tan’er together.

When Chen Fan was talking to Liu Watermelon, he accidentally missed his mouth and told her about Ning Yi’s loss of his wife. Liu Watermelon was very unhappy. He could also help Ning Yi find his wife. Chen Fan stopped. With her, he is patrolling the city, so it must be better to find someone. Liu Huagua’s heart was in confusion, and he swung his sword and began to vent his anger.

At this time, Ning Yi suddenly appeared. He asked Liu Huagua to help him organize a banquet for a hundred officials. Liu Huagua was not happy at all, and even Bowenhan’s people would invite him. Even more unhappy, but for Ning Yi’s first pleading with her, Liu Watermelon still agreed. She also knew that Ning Yi hosted this banquet to find his wife.

Bao Wenhan was unwilling. With Liu Huagua’s radical method and Sheng Gong’s rhetoric, Bao Wenhan finally agreed to come to this banquet for hundreds of officials, and his subordinates told Bao Wenhan in front of Lou Shuwan that it was Ning Yi’s idea. So Bowenham agreed on the face, but actually didn’t go. Lou Shuwan stopped him and said courageously. She is also a smart person. After telling the pros and cons, she actually persuaded Bowenhan to go to the banquet. Bowenhan was extremely satisfied with such a smart beauty.

In the evening, it was going to be a banquet for hundreds of officials. Liu Watermelon prepared a dress for him. When she turned around with the kettle, she accidentally spilled water on Ning Yi’s body. Ning Yi suddenly remembered Su Tan’er. She would put on her clothes every time. Su Tan’er appeared in Ning Yi’s mind when it was wet, but Su Tan’er did not appear this time. Ning Yi thought of a way to check people with injuries on their right hands at the Baiguan Banquet, and used the method of writing with a pen. By the way, everyone shook hands. If there was an injury, they would definitely respond.

Occasionally, Geng Nursing Hospital found the second room of the Su clan who was working. He walked up to confirm. He didn’t expect it to be them, so he took the two to the back door and asked them to wait here. Bao Wenhan and the others broke the rules as soon as they arrived. Ning Yi refused to let any of them go and confronted them in the temple, and forced them to sign. Bao Wenhan refused and simply resigned with the Holy Father. Fang Tianlei’s persuasion was useless, Ning Yi said, sincerely inviting people from Xuanwei Camp to the table, and no longer signed.

Bowen Han did not intend to let Ning Yi go. He wanted him to drink alcohol for all the people in Xuanwei Camp. Ning Yi did his best and took two shots on everyone’s right arm. No one noticed his small movements and saw him so bold. Drinking, even Fang Tianlei looked at Ning Yi differently. Ning Yi was so drunk and vomited several times, but still did not give up the investigation. Those who came were not rejected. After drinking the wine that everyone handed over, at the last moment, he caught the gangster named Wang Jin. Ning Yi happily Smiled, everyone thought he was drunk.

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