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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 25 Recap

Lou Shuwan dedicated herself to Bao Wenhan, and Lou’s father and son were ecstatic and wanted to take the opportunity to make a living for themselves. At this time, the second room of the Su clan was also climbing and wading, and came to the gate of Lin’an City without food, but the gate was closed tightly. They couldn’t think of a way to get in, so they could only stay at the gate first. The gate of the city opened wide, and they met a kind man on duty who not only let them enter the city, but also gave them two white steamed buns.

The guards heard that they were here to find their relatives, but the merchants had been killed. There are more ills than good luck. Hearing that the person looking for was named Ning Yi, the guards said that this person was an army master of the Badaoying camp. The two did not believe that Ning Yi would become an army master, so they thought he was dead, and they cried with joy.

Liu Watermelon thought that Ning Yi was asking herself to eat alone, and her heart was very tangled, so she asked her aunt Fang Qiong for questioning. Fang Qiong immediately took Liu Watermelon to dress her up, but Liu Watermelon found out only after he arrived. , There are other boys here. The second room of Su’s family wandered in front of the restaurant. He wanted to go in to stutter, but he was driven out as a beggar. Ning Yi seemed to hear the sound, but because he was drinking with Chen Fan, he didn’t bother.

The second room of the Su clan was squatting on the street, and just saw Lu Hongti escaping for his life. He spotted his carriage sharply and rushed up, but they had just found the carriage and silver when they were caught by the thief as an assassin by mistake. Except for Ning Yi and Liu Watermelon, everyone else in the restaurant was already drunk. At this time, Liu Watermelon’s aunt Shao Xianying brought a new blind date. Liu Watermelon was helpless, and Chen Fan rushed forward to help him refuse. Pulled upstairs, and after seeing Shao Xianying, the four brothers immediately soaked up from the wine, shrank their heads and left secretly.

Ning Yi and the four brothers specially ate with Liu Watermelon and Chen Fan, and planned to escape. It happened that Chen Fan and Liu Watermelon were entangled in the matter, and they were able to escape. Shao Xianying was unclear. Therefore, it was Ning Yi who asked her to bring someone to Liu Watermelon’s blind date. Yes, Liu Huagua knew something was wrong when he heard it. But when they found out, Ning Yi was nowhere to be seen.

Liu Watermelon was furious and immediately chased after him. Ning Yi and the four brothers had planned. He suddenly caught a glimpse of Xiaochan who was walking in a hurry, and he could not leave Lin’an right now. After chasing up, the four brothers also followed after seeing this.

Only then did Ning Yi learn about Su Tan’er’s disappearance. He walked into the house, and Geng Nursing Hospital knelt on the ground at first sight when he saw him. Ning Yi didn’t blame them. The most important thing right now was to find Su Tan’er. Geng Nursing Institute talked about their actions these days.

That time Ning Yi sent them to the boat that left, but Tan’er was worried about his safety and returned to look for Ning Yi. Since then, they have been looking for it. Once they saw it on the street. After passing Ning Yi, they felt relieved that they knew that Ning Yi was safe and sound. They also went to Ning Yi when they left the city, but they could not stop Ning Yi.

That day, Genghuyuan saw Ning Yi selling food on the street, so he wanted to take Su Tan’er to find Ning Yi. Who knew that Su Taner was kidnapped at this juncture. Genghuyuan regretted it. The four brothers saw Ning. Yi was in trouble, took the initiative to help, and took them back to the Tyrant Camp, looking for Su Tan’er. At the same time, Qin Youxiangzheng and Zuoxiang were drinking preserved egg porridge. He had just received news that he knew that only Ning Yi could use his power to raise food, and he immediately gained confidence.

Ning Yi and the four brothers returned to the camp, sat in the pavilion and drank tea peacefully. Liu watermelon walked over angrily. Seeing this appearance, there was no sound. He thought he had misunderstood Ning Yi, so he left with someone. Up. After that, Ning Yi took Geng Huyuan to the dungeon to find Su Tan’er. He only had Su Tan’er in his mind, and he did not find the second room of the Su clan being imprisoned.

On the other side, Bao Wenhan turned over fifty thousand taels of gold, but confiscated Lin Ancheng. With so many wealthy businessmen’s properties, he must have some private possession. Fang Tianlei had already seen that Bowenhan was full of ambitions and comforted his wife. He had already taken measures. Ning Yi told Chen Fan that his wife had been lost. He searched for those who had been injured by the Geng Nursing Home in the Tyrant Sword Camp, but found nothing. Chen Fan suspected that Bao Wenhan had taken him abducted, so Ning Yi narrowed his eyes.

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