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Time and You Are Sweet (2021) 時光和你都很甜

Time and You Are Sweet
Other Title: Sweet time and you are, 時光和你都很甜, Beautiful Time With You

Genres: drama
 Yi Zi
web drama online
Release Date: 
February 28, 2021
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  • Hu Qicheng
  • Zhao Yi
  • Jing Yu
  • Lu Jie

“Time and You Are Sweet” tells the story of five young people with Ecistaro cards who miraculously came to a parallel world with completely different lives, and were able to re-examine the past from a different perspective, and through wisdom and emotion. In the game, the decision is to stay or go. The web drama is about the proposition of “life choices”.

Every character in the drama has no major right and wrong. Everyone has different positions, angles, and dimensions, and the choices they make are different. And behind each choice, there is a correspondence. Another state of life. If you know the tarot cards, then you must know that drawing a “death card” does not mean literally death, but change, which is also one of the key points of the film. Choosing to be good, to be beautiful, life will also undergo a beautiful transformation.

“Time and You Are Sweet” is a relatively typified story. It is told to the audience in a way of telling a story, and at the same time it implies some truths of life and the good and evil of human nature. The five protagonists have the opportunity to weigh the weight of family affection, friendship, love, money, career, and status in their hearts due to a peculiar experience. After wandering in confusion, conspiracy, and unity, they finally defeated hatred with love and found their original intention. .

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