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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 9 Recap

Eleven Niang was careful in bed. Xu Lingyi made a slightest movement and she was nervous like a thorn. Xu Lingyi asked Eleven Niang why she didn’t rest. Eleven Niang only said that she couldn’t sleep a little and was going to read the meeting. Xu Lingyi knew the care of Eleven Niang, and only let Eleven Niang go to the Warm Pavilion to rest.

Eleven Niang was relieved and quickly went to the Warm Pavilion to sleep with her quilt in her arms. The next day, Xu Lingyi woke up and found that Eleven Niang kicked the quilt and slept on the warm pavilion. A helpless smile floated at the corners of his mouth and carefully stepped forward to cover the quilt for Eleven Niang.

Xu Lingyi took the initiative to approach Lord Guo. He mentioned Xia Miao’s archery competition, but Duke Wei still cherished the death of Lord Hu. In the past, Xia Miao was competing with Lord Hu. Now what’s the point of shooting alone? Xu Lingyi looked at the back of Duke Wei and was ready to take advantage of Xia Miao’s opportunity to openly and sincerely talk to Wei Guo.

Xu Lingyi returned to his house. Today is the day when Eleven Niang returned to the door. The young master of the Luo family brought a gift to meet Mrs. Xu Lingyi set out to Luofu with Eleven Niang. After the two worshipped the high hall, Mrs. Luo asked Eleven Niang to go back to her room with her to say something about herself.

After hearing that Eleven Niang had been taken over the house by Qiao Lianfang, she couldn’t help but be furious. She did not expect Eleven Niang to be so useless. Mrs. Luo speaks for the eleventh mother. After the eleventh mother is asked by the eleventh mother, she must listen to Tao’s mother more. The dispute over the house will preemptively. If the eleventh mother allows Qiaolian’s house to be presumptuous, don’t talk about the power of the master and mother in the future, even the name of the master and mother will be taken away.

Wuniang and Erniang returned to Luofu. Wuniang saw that her face was radiant and was happy for Eleven Niang from the bottom of her heart. Erniang disdained from the bottom of her heart, but only covered the bruises on her hand. On the family banquet, Erniang watched Eleven Niang pick up vegetables for Xu Lingyi. She deliberately mentioned Yuan Niang, which caused an abnormal atmosphere at the banquet, and even mentioned that Lv Yiniang stimulated Eleven Niang.

Eleven Niang accidentally spilled soup on Xu Lingyi. The recklessness of Eleven Niang made the lady unhappy. She made a speech to scold Eleven Niang. In her words, she deliberately mentioned the matter of Qiao Lianfang’s holding the gift. Xu Lingyi opened her mouth to speak for Eleven Niang. In addition, Master Luo was nearby to ease the atmosphere at the banquet, so that a family banquet was spent peacefully.

On the way back to the house, Xu Lingyi thought that the eleventh mother must have said something to the lady, and the first lady would bring up the matter of taking charge of the family. If the eleventh mother Jiehuaida could directly discuss it back, why did she prefer to act secretly? Eleven Niang knew that Xu Lingyi was alluding to her and Yuan Niang.

Now that Yuan Niang has been away for a long time, she did not want to hear Xu Lingyi say anything wrong with Yuan Niang. After that, Xu Lingyi extended her hand to Eleven Niang when she got out of the car, but Eleven Niang was angry and refused to help Xu Lingyi. She got out of the carriage by herself. Xu Lingyi ate it. He asked Eleven Niang to go back to her home by herself. Even if Xiao Niang said that she had no official business, he also said that he wanted to go back to the government office. Eleven Niang asked Xu Lingyi to ask for help herself. She was not ordering Xu Lingyi at all.

Xu Lingyi returned to the government office and kept a breath in his heart. Linbo asked Xu Lingyi about his abnormality. Xu Lingyi did not mention much. He only said that the continuation of the string was not what he wanted. He was just a wish of Yuanniang. In the future, he only hoped that the two could get along well with each other. That night, Xu Lingyi did not rest in the west cross-court. While eating cakes, Aunt Wen gossiped with Qin Yinniang about the cross-court in the west, believing that Eleven Niang lost to Yuanniang at most, and the two have been cold since returning home.

Xu Lingyi came to see Mrs. Xu, but Mrs. Xu asked Xu Lingyi to see the woman in the backyard more, and she couldn’t keep a few people cold. Xu Lingyi listened to this, and then moved to the backyard. He came to see Qiao Lianfang. The lotus room was playing a high mountain flowing water in the courtyard. She knew that Xu Lingyi was proficient in piano skills, so she wanted to play high mountains and flowing water with Xu Lingyi.

Xu Lingyi gently stroked the strings and remembered the court. He thanked the lotus room for taking care of his wife when he went on the expedition, and promised to give more guidance to the lotus room piano skills in his spare time. After saying that, Xu Lingyi turned around and left, only ordered the photo to find out a red music score in the study and send it to the lotus room. When the lotus room saw the music score, it was disappointed.

The next day, Xu Lingyi went to Aunt Wen’s room for dinner. Aunt Wen specially prepared a large table of dishes for Xu Lingyi to enjoy. She served Xu Lingyi with a bowl of ginseng chicken soup, which was worth more than 20 taels of silver. Xu Lingyi did not expect that Aunt Wen would be so profligence. He has always been diligent and thrifty. After hearing the value of chicken soup, he only put down the soup bowl. Leave first. After that, Xu Lingyi came to Qin’s aunt.

Qin’s aunt made tea for Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi appreciated the scenery in Qin’s room, but Qin’s aunt did not know this elegant thing. She had been in her mind that she had lost her child and could no longer have her own children. Xu Lingyi only let Qin aunt look away and left the room.

At night, Xu Lingyi rested in the room. He dreamed of the chaos of the Xu family and couldn’t help but wake up in his dream. When he came to the hospital, he accidentally saw the figure of Eleven Niang. The two talked a few words. Eleven Niang clearly told Xu Lingyi that she did not intend to fight for the power of the family, and she also knew Xu Lingyi’s troubles. She thought too much, but could not change.

Eleven niang came to Danyang’s room. She asked Danyang to check her her favorite embroidery on the grounds of fan embroidery samples. Danyang looked down on Eleven Niang. She wanted to taunt it, but she didn’t expect that Eleven Niang knew where the fan in her hand came from. Eleven Niang could not find the embroidery clue of that cloth here in Danyang, so she had to leave first. After that, Eleven Niang came to the second lady’s room and also checked the second lady’s embroidery one by one.

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