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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 16 Recap

The disaster relief plaque was about to hit the eleven mothers, and a flying arrow rescued the eleven mothers. Xu Lingyi returned with a horse. He protected the eleven mothers and his men also stopped the victims of the riots, and followed Xu Lingyi’s words. Several people who took the lead in making trouble caught them and sent them to Shuntian Mansion for investigation.

Seeing the mess in the porridge shed, the victims knew their behavior conflicts. They took the initiative to help Xu’s family tidy up the porridge shed, and Xu Lingyi also assured everyone that as long as the Xu family had a bite of rice to eat, the donation of porridge would not stop. .

To comfort the victims, Xu Lingyi learned that Shiyiniang’s leg was injured under Dongqing’s greetings. Seeing that Shiyiniang’s leg was still bleeding, he held Shiyiniang back home without saying a word, and Amber also took it with him. Xinmi rushed to the porridge shed.

Xu Lingyi personally took the eleven mother back to the mansion. Eleven mother was afraid that the people in the mansion would see that the influence would not be good, but Xu Lingyi didn’t care about it. They are a husband and wife, so what are they afraid of! Subsequently, Xu Lingyi personally applied medicine to the eleven mothers. The eleven mothers were a little unnatural, and only handed over the dressing to Dongqing. For the first time, when Dongqing saw the shy appearance of the eleven mothers, she couldn’t help but teased her.

After Xu Lingyi came out of the Xikuayuan, he asked the people in his house to help Eleven Niang deal with the exchange of farmland for grain. He was reluctant to let Eleven Niang use the dowry. Then, there was a sound of opera. Xu Lingyi learned that Xu Lingkuan was still singing in the courtyard. He couldn’t help being angry and came to the courtyard. He sneered and taught Xu Lingkuan. Danyang and Xu Lingkuan didn’t know about the bad rice.

Danyang couldn’t bear Xu Lingyi’s treatment of Xu Lingkuan. The yin and yang were strange, Xu Lingkuan was afraid of Xu Lingyi since he was a child, and now only let Danyang go back to the room to rest. Xu Lingyi told Xu Lingkuan about the moldy rice, and the Xu family almost disappeared. It happened that Mrs. Xu and his second wife returned home, and both of them also learned about the moldy rice in the porridge shed from Xu Lingyi’s mouth.

Qiao Lianfang knelt down and pleaded guilty to Mrs. Xu. The matter was that Qiao Lianfang’s employment was unknown. Xu Lingyi ruled Zhang’s mother for twenty and expelled from Xu’s house. In his opinion, Qiao Lianfang couldn’t afford to pay for it. Responsibility. Seeing that Xu Lingyi was about to seize the responsibility of Qiao Lian’s house, Mrs. Xu only quickly stopped Xu Lingyi and told Qiao Lianfang to leave the house alone and go back to the courtyard to reflect on herself.

After Qiao Lian’s room left, Xu Lingyi once again raised the issue of Eleven Niang’s danger and thought that the responsibility of Zhongguo should be returned to Eleven Niang. Mrs. Xu asked about the second wife’s thoughts, and the second wife, like Xu Lingyi, believed that China Feeding should be in charge of the eleven mothers.

Mrs. Xu gave an order to return the responsibility of Zhongcui to Xiniang. Qiao Lian’s room handed over the account book and keys to the hand of Xiniang, and Dafang received the account book and keys. Afterwards, Eleven Niang came to visit Aunt Qin with medicine for her injuries. Aunt Qin was injured in the congee shed. Xu Lingyi came to visit Aunt Qin during their conversation. Eleven Mother wanted to leave, but Xu Lingyi asked her to leave.

Staying here for dinner together, a meal was extremely embarrassing, Xi Niang offered to leave first, Xu Lingyi got up and sent Xi Niang back without saying a word. When I went back, the eleven mother asked about the grievances of the Xu family from the ward family, Xu Lingyi 151 told the ward family’s frame of the Xu family, and the eleven mother believed that in the future the family would reap the consequences for herself.

Xu Lingyi sent the eleven mother back to the Xikuayuan, and he also wanted to stay in the Xikuayuan together, but the eleven mother wanted to leave Xu Lingyi, for fear of what might happen to Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi stayed in the Xikuayuan to drink tea by himself, and Dongqing and Amber stayed outside the courtyard. The two finally saw Xu Lingyi stay overnight and decided to do everything they could to keep Xu Lingyi behind.

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